Buffet food and party nibbles have a reputation for being high in calories, fat, salt and sugar, so if you're watching your waistline or eating for a particular dietary condition, it can seem like there are very few suitable options. We've put together some delicious canapé ideas that use nutritious ingredients, so you can offer your guests a lighter party snack or pre-dinner appetiser. The best bit? They're all so tasty, no one will ever guess they're good for you as well!


1. Grilled aubergine stacks

Aubergine slices topped with tomatoes and pomegranates

These aubergine bites are gorgeously charred from being cooked in a griddle pan. Finish them with two different toppings, either hummus and pomegranate seeds or tomato and basil. Aubergine is a good source of fibre, helping to keep you fuller for longer, so guests will have plenty of energy to party late into the evening.

Get the recipe for grilled aubergine stacks.

2. Steak lettuce cups

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Oval serving dish of steak pieces in lettuce cups

Serve pieces of high-protein, lean steak wrapped in fresh lettuce for a tasty, low-carb party snack. Again, guests can choose from two delicious toppings options – zingy chilli & lime or herby chimichurri.

Get the recipe for steak lettuce cups.

3. Mini avo toasts

Mini avocado on tortilla triangles on a place

These dainty little triangles will be snapped up quickly. Rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and protective vitamin E, the mashed avocado topping is both delicious and nutritious. Serve with lemony crabmeat and radishes, or a veggie option of quail's eggs with a hint of smoked paprika.

Get the recipe for mini avo toasts.

4. Sesame chicken & prawn skewers

Sesame chicken, prawn and broccoli cocktail stick skewers on a plate

With a mouth-watering marinade of soy, honey and spices, these chicken, prawn and broccoli skewers pack a hefty flavour punch. Broccoli is rich in vitamin C, which plays an important role in the breakdown of alcohol, so they're the perfect antidote if you've had a few drinks!Get the recipe for sesame chicken & prawn skewers.

5. Roasted salmon rye toasts

Rye toast squares topped with roast salmon and cucumber

Serve these rye bread toast squares for an elegant dinner party canapé. Wholegrain rye triggers a lower insulin response, making it a good choice for balancing blood sugar, so guests won't be left craving the next course. Top with low-fat crème fraîche and roast salmon, then finish with a choice of refreshing pickled cucumber or tangy apple & chilli salsa.

Get the recipe for roasted salmon rye toasts.

6. Curried parsnip soup shots

Pots of parsnip soup topped with kale and bacon

Take your canapés to the next level with these stylish, spiced soup shots. In one version, crispy prosciutto adds flavour and texture without too many calories whilst the crispy kale-topped pots are a light vegan option.

Curried parsnip soup shots

7. Avocado canapés

Two layered avocado canapés in small glasses

Creamy avocado makes a great base for a layered verrine, and we’ve created two tasty flavour combinations for easy party prep – choose from crab or Mexican kidney bean. Avocados are high in healthy monounsaturated fats, which makes them very satisfying, so you’re less likely to overeat later on.

Get the recipe for avocado canapés.

8. Stuffed cocktail eggs

A selection of stuffed cocktail eggs with smoked salmon and chorizo toppings

Stuffed cocktail eggs are a classic party pick, but did you know that eggs have some seriously impressive health benefits too? They have a high choline content, which helps them to support the liver – valuable if you've had one glass too many! They're also protein-rich to keep you feeling fuller for longer. We've topped ours with small amounts of smoked salmon and chorizo, adding plenty of flavour without piling on too many calories.

Get the recipe for stuffed cocktail eggs.

9. Cucumber & blue cheese canapés

Slices of cucumber topped with blue cheese, pomegranate seeds and grapes

Crunchy cucumber, salty blue cheese and sweet fruit – this canapé really has it all. Not only are these moreish nibbles gluten-free, low-calorie and low-fat, cucumber is also very hydrating and offers some vitamins and minerals, including heart-friendly potassium.

Get the recipe for cucumber & blue cheese canapés.

10. Chicken & basil meatballs

A selection of party nibbles made with chicken and basil meatballs, roasted peppers and chicory cups

Meatballs are the perfect shape for canapés and, of course, we serve ours two ways – on cocktail sticks with roasted peppers and nestled in crisp chicory cups. They are made with lean chicken breast meat, resulting in a low-calorie, healthy canapé. To make it even healthier, roast your own peppers rather than using those from a jar in order to reduce the amount of added salt.

Get the recipe for chicken & basil meatballs.

11. Curried fishcake bites

Curried fish cake bites on skewers with mango and tomatoes

Healthy, low-calorie and low-fat, these canapés are still packed with flavour. Many canapés are carb-heavy, but these use lean cod along with sweet mango, crunchy cucumber and juicy tomatoes to add plenty of texture and colour to each bite.

Get the recipe for curried fishcake bites.

12. Beetroot & rye tartines

A selection of open sandwiches topped with beetroot, smoked mackerel, pastrami and gherkins

These tasty, mini open sandwiches are perfect finger food for a party. Low-calorie and healthy, they use high-fibre rye bread as a base, which helps keep you more satisfied than refined white bread. We’ve included two toppings – pastrami and smoked mackerel – to pack a flavour punch, and they’re super simple to make. Party nibbles sorted!

Get the recipe for beetroot & rye tartines.

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