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Chocolate-filled thumbprint cookies on a tray

Father’s Day baking for kids


Help the kids make Dad something extra special this Father's Day. Our easy cakes, cookies and other bakes will be the perfect treat to enjoy with a cuppa.

Dads might be notoriously hard to buy for but you can't go wrong with something homemade, especially if it's also edible. We've put together our top ten favourite Father's Day baking recipes that are perfect for making with kids young and old...


1. Lemon sponge cake

A refreshing slice of this zesty sponge cake is enough to make anyone's day that bit brighter. The lusciously light sponge is topped with a smooth drizzle coating of zingy lemon icing and decorative peel to make a simple yet stunning centerpiece for Father's Day. Teach kids the basics of creating a sponge mixture, beginning with beating together sugar and butter until fluffy. If you prefer them not to use an electric whisk, then a wooden spoon will do the trick.

Lemon sponge cake

2. Giant cookie cake

Bring out Dad's inner cookie monster with this creative mashup of two popular bakes. Kids can help mix the dough and throw in a generous helping of chocolate chips. The resulting cake is especially gooey and indulgent when served warm with a dollop of ice cream.

Giant cookie cake

3. Medal cookies

Every hero deserves an iced medal cookie, and there is no better way to salute the dad in your life than with a bit of homemade arts and crafts. Little hands will love getting stuck into this creative project, just prepare yourself for a bit of a glitter explosion.

Medal cookies

4. Mixed fruit tart

This is the perfect recipe for introducing children and teens to the art of making pastry. You'll need to be a little more hands-on for this one, but if you're cooking with young children they'll gladly take credit for your pastry prowess. Let little ones get creative with fruity patterns or encourage them to simply pile the berries high at the end.

Mixed fruit tart

5. Milk chocolate pots with citrus shortbread

If Dad has a sweet tooth, then these shortbread fingers and silky chocolate pots could be the dessert of dreams. The zingy biscuit sticks are delightfully dunkable and balance well with rich and creamy mousse. Kids can help prepare this super simple pud, but be careful to keep younger ones away from the heat when melting chocolate.

Milk chocolate pots with citrus shortbread

6. Sticky upside-down banana cake

This stunning cake takes just 15 minutes of preparation, which should allow you to hold the attention of even the youngest of children. They'll love the excitement of turning the cake out onto a plate and seeing the finished results. It's best served warm, so if you want to give their father a rest, carry on clearing up in the kitchen while it cooks - little'uns love a bit of soapy fun at the sink.

Sticky upside-down banana cake

7. Jammy heart drops

No special cutter is needed for these beautiful biscuits, and there are plenty of little jobs for young cooks to help out with. Let the kids get busy piping jam and drizzling icing, they might not look perfect but they will be made with lots of love.

Jammy heart drops

8. Blueberry scones

These scones are as easy as pie to make but Dad is still sure to be impressed. You don't need to stick to traditional triangles – children can shape these whichever way they like! Serve with butter, cream, jam and a selection of summer sandwiches. They're perfect for a surprise picnic too.

Blueberry scones

9. Chocolate & hazelnut thumbprint cookies

This a great recipe to make with kids because the food processor does most of the work. Younger children will enjoy rolling the dough into balls and marking their thumbprint before spooning the melted chocolate into the holes. Older kids can also do most of this recipe by themselves, so you can enjoy a coffee and watch all the hard work unfold...

Chocolate & hazelnut thumbprint cookies

10. Dad’s chocolate drop cakes

This five-star rated recipe is pretty much a guaranteed hit for any chocolate fan. Let the children decorate these chocolate treats with Dad’s favourite sweets or nuts for a personal touch. There should be plenty to go round, so the kids will just have to hope he’s the sharing kind.

Dad's chocolate drop cakes


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