Father’s Day is the perfect excuse to dig out the craft supplies, cover the table in newspaper and get messy with the kids. Here are five thoughtful cards to choose from with step-by-step instructions – they’re all easy to make, though a little adult supervision might be required.


What card making equipment do I need?

You’ll need scissors, a ruler, coloured pens, a pencil, PVA glue and a glue stick to make these projects. The extra materials you need for each card are listed under the design. Have fun!

Homemade father's day card ideas

Rosette card


This dynamic 3D card is simple to make and sure to brighten up the mantlepiece on Father’s Day. Younger ones will need a helping hand with assembly, but ages eight and over should be able to make the rosette themselves.

Prep 30 mins + drying time

You will need

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  • A single-fold A6 card (or a sheet of card folded in half)
  • Coloured paper, for the rosette
  • Coloured card
  • Ribbon
  • Double-sided tape


  1. Cut out a strip of coloured paper that measures around 3cm wide by 45cm long. You might need to stick two pieces of paper together to get this length.
  2. Fold the strip back and forth at regular intervals to create a zig-zag concertina shape. When it’s all folded, stick the ends together to make the rosette.
  3. Draw around a round object (ours was 4cm in diameter) to make 2 circles of coloured card – one for the front and one for the back of the rosette. Decorate the front circle with your message, then apply double-sided tape to the back of both circles.
  4. Pinch the centre of the concertina shape together and flatten slightly. Press each circle onto either side of the rosette. You can put a book on top to help press it down.
  5. Cut two pieces of ribbon (ours was 10cm in length) and snip a triangle out of the ends. Use PVA glue to stick these to the bottom of the rosette and allow to dry. Finally, stick the rosette onto the card.

Pop-up trophy card


Surprise dad with this pop-up card – you only need a few basic craft supplies to get started. Customise it with star stickers or cut them out from pieces of yellow paper.

Prep 30 mins

You will need

  • Yellow coloured paper
  • 2 sheets of A4 blue card, one folded in half


  1. Fold the yellow coloured paper in half, then use a pencil to lightly draw half a trophy – the centre should line up with the crease. Cut around the outline so that the unfolded paper creates a full trophy.
  2. Cut out two shapes from the spare piece of blue card to make the handle ‘holes’ and stick these on either side of the trophy.
  3. Use a black pen to outline the trophy, then fold the handles forward. The handle creases should be parallel to the centre crease but folding in the opposite direction.
  4. Apply glue to the back of the handles, then stick to the inside of the folded blue card.
  5. Once dry, you can close the card and put under a book to reinforce the creases. Write your chosen message inside and decorate with stars.

Handprint rocket card


Toddlers can help make this card by stamping their hands in paint to make the rocket flames – if you have more than one child who wants to get involved, simply layer the hand shapes to make it bigger.

Prep 1 hour + drying time

You will need

  • 1 sheet of dark blue card, folded in half
  • A selection of coloured paper for the rocket and moon (we used grey, red, light blue, and white)
  • Child-safe poster paint
  • Silver pen


  1. Get the kids to use yellow and orange poster paint to stamp their handprints onto a piece of paper. Allow the paint to dry, then cut around each one.
  2. Draw a rocket shape onto the grey paper and cut it out. Use this as a template to make a red nose cone and then cut two symmetrical rocket wings from red paper. Cut these out and glue onto the rocket.
  3. To make the porthole, draw around a small circular object onto red paper (the lid of a glue stick works well) and cut out. Cut out a smaller circle from blue paper and glue on top of the red circle. Glue two thin strips of white paper on top to make shine lines. Glue the porthole to the side of the rocket.
  4. Glue the handprint flame to the card then glue the rocket on top. Use a black pen to decorate the rocket as shown. Add a silver moon to the top left corner, if you like.
  5. Finally, use a silver pen to draw a few stars and write your chosen message.

Bow tie pasta card


Raid the kitchen for some pasta bow ties (farfalle) and use them to make this clever Father’s Day card.

Prep 40 mins

You will need

  • Single-fold A6 card blank (or a sheet of card folded in half)
  • Coloured paper
  • Poster or acrylic paints
  • Buttons
  • A piece of dried farfalle pasta


  1. Paint the bumpiest side of the pasta in your chosen colour (leaving the flatter side unpainted). Once dry, add blobs of white paint to create a polka dot pattern. Allow to dry.
  2. Glue a sheet of coloured paper to the folded card, covering about three-quarters of the front. Trim away the excess from the sides.
  3. Create two collar pieces from coloured paper by cutting out rectangle shapes and then snipping the ends diagonally – they should look symmetrical.
  4. Glue them to the card so they look like a shirt collar. Use a black pen to draw along the bottom edges of the collar pieces.
  5. Stick the bow tie between the collar pieces using PVA glue and allow to dry. Finally, use more PVA to stick three buttons down the centre of the shirt and allow to dry.

Papa bear card


If you can’t resist a cute card, you’ll love these little bears with fluffy pom-pom noses. Make one of these mini cards for Father’s Day and deliver alongside a big bear hug!

Prep 45 mins

You will need

  • A blank square single-fold card, measuring at least 10.5 x 10.5cm
  • Selection of coloured paper:
    For a brown bear – brown, light brown and light pink
    For a koala bear – grey, light grey and light pink
  • A pom-pom in brown or black
  1. Glue your chosen coloured paper to the square card. Turn over the card and, making sure the fold is at the top, use a circular object approximately 10cm in diameter to draw a circle for the main face – a roll of sticky tape is about the right size. Make sure the object overlaps the top fold of the card by about 1cm, so that you can still open the card. Cut out the shape.
  2. Using the same coloured paper, cut out two ear shapes. Use a lighter coloured paper to cut out two smaller shapes and add some spikes to make it look fluffy. Stick the two together.
  3. Cut out a circle approximately 5cm for the muzzle – an egg cup is about the right size – then stick to the centre of the card. Cut out two cheek shapes in light pink and stick either side of the muzzle.
  4. Stick the ears to the back of the card. Stick the pom-pom nose to the top centre of the muzzle with PVA glue.
  5. Draw on a mouth and eyes with a black pen. Finish by cutting a straight line along the very bottom of the card, so it can stand up.

You can customise these mini bears into any fluffy animal you want! Change the ear shape and adjust the face to make your own. To make a cat, try pointy ears and add whiskers. To make a dog, add long floppy ears and a tongue. Have fun creating your own!

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Have you made your own card for Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments below…

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