Easiest ever chocolate truffles

These super-easy chocolate truffles make a great homemade gift and take just minutes in the kitchen. Perfect for the chocoholic in your life

Looking for a homemade gift for the cocoa-obsessed? Delicate truffles might look fiddly and time-consuming but they’re simpler than you think. The bulk of the time is spent cooling and setting, so you don’t need to worry about slaving away for hours. It’s a simple melt-and-assemble job, adding the flavourings you’re craving.


We have a whole host of chocolatey truffles, with melting middles, cocktail infusions, secret spices and a biscuit crunch. Whatever your preference, we’ve got a truffle for you. 

Cocktail truffle selection

An irresistible boozy tidbit in truffle form. Whether your tipple is a Pisco sour, Martini or Cosmopolitan, you’re in luck. With this professional finish you’ll impress everyone, including yourself!

Mint chocolate truffles

These mint chocolate truffles have a fresh flavour thanks to a dash of festive peppermint essence. Roll in icing sugar and package up with a ribbon for a sweet secret Santa. 

Melting middle truffles

You can make these truffles and freeze them for up to a month before to help you get ahead. What makes them special is their oozy dulce de leche caramel centres.

Chocolate biscuit truffles

These truffles go the extra mile and pack in flavour and texture. Creamy and crunchy, you might not want to share them once they’re made! Use crumbled shortbread, dried fruit, orange zest and a mix of white and dark chocolate for a variety box of truffle treats. 

Snowball truffles

If you’ve got busy little hands to keep occupied, these snowball truffles are easy for kids to make. Serve them up as a quick party piece.

Chocolate, mint and chilli truffles

Add a little heat to your sweet with these chocolate, mint and chilli truffles. The balance of cooling mint and a subtle chilli heat blends well with the milk and dark chocolate. Prepped in 20 minutes, these adventurous treats won’t tie you up for long. 

Coconut bauble truffles

For a lighter result, try these colourful festive truffles, made with Madeira cake and dried fruit. Creamy condensed milk pulls the squidgy treats together and keeps the truffles moist. Colour them however you like, kids will love the creativity.

Choc hazelnut truffles

These after-dinner treats have just four ingredients and it’s just a matter of melting, mixing and chilling. Combine your ingredients, scoop out teaspoons and form into small balls. This classic chocolate and nut combo can be decorated with sprinkles and glitter to your heart’s desire!

Raw coconut truffles

It doesn’t get much easier than raw truffles and these are dairy and gluten-free. Using nuts, honey and coconut oil blended together, they make a thoughtful gift for someone with a sweet tooth who can’t eat standard chocolate truffles.

Bitter chocolate truffles

For a sophisticated palate, these bite-size bitter truffles use 70% cocoa chocolate and double cream for a smooth, intense flavour. If you have the time to melt chocolate, cream and vanilla in a pan, you’ve got time to whip up an impressive homemade treat. 

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Which is your favourite from our truffle selection? Let us know in the comments below…