However you like to drink your whisky, a good glass is key. There are multiple styles of whisky glasses available, from chunky tumblers to smooth snifters. Big glassware brands such as Dartington Crystal, Norlan and Waterford take the design and production of whisky glasses seriously, ensuring the glasses maximise aromas, highlight subtle notes within the spirit and deliver the best drinking experience. We’ve rounded up the best whisky glasses across all styles, shapes and budgets so you can find one to suit you.


Once you’ve got your glasses, you’ll need a top-notch whisky, too. From Scotch whisky to Irish, and Japanese whisky to craft bottles, we’ve found the best whiskies from across the world. Alternatively, make sure you never run out by signing up to a whisky subscription to get bottles delivered to your door every month. If you’re feeling generous, we’ve gathered the best whiskies to give as gifts to solve any upcoming birthday dilemmas.

Once you’ve found the perfect bottle, try our whisky cocktail recipes, from classics such as an old fashioned or mint julep, to the unusual boozy dark delight made with stout and orange liqueur. And, if you’re looking to finish off a bottle before purchasing the next, try cooking with whisky – our whisky-glazed baked camembert is an indulgent sharing starter, or bake a comforting marmalade & whisky bread & butter pudding.

For more, visit our reviews section and find over 200 practical buyer's guides, including taste tests of gin, vodka, rum, brandy and more, plus gift guides such as the best hampers.

Best whisky glasses to buy at a glance

  • Best affordable whisky glass: John Lewis & Partners connoisseur whisky glasses, £22
  • Best investment whisky glass: LSA International curved whisky tumbler with coaster, £60
  • Best modern whisky glass: Power tumblers, £20
  • Best whisky shot glass: Whisky Islay shot glass, £38
  • Best whisky tumbler: Engraved roses tumblers, £12.50
  • Best whisky balloon glass: Elegance brandy glass, £65
  • Best unusual whisky glass: Kintsugi glass and gold tumblers, £24
  • Best whisky highball glass: Riedel highball glass, £29
  • Best whisky glass for connoisseurs: Norlan whisky glasses, £36
  • Best whisky glass gift set: Dartington Whisky experience glass tasting set, £46

Best whiskey glasses to buy 2022

John Lewis & Partners connoisseur whisky glasses

wide whiskey glass

Best affordable whisky glass

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In the classic Glencairn shape, these glasses are carefully made with the aim of containing and enhancing the flavours, while releasing the aromas through the narrower opening. Made of crystal glass for maximum clarity, the short stem has been reinforced for extra strength – there's plenty of clever design packed into this affordable duo.

LSA International curved whisky tumbler with coaster

two curved whisky glasses

Best investment whisky glass

LSA International sets the standard for high-quality glassware, so these are the tumblers to go for if you want to invest in the best. With curved rather than straight edges, these have a tall base and come with smart, dark wood bases. The duo also comes in a smart box, perfect for gifting.

Power tumblers

four small tumblers in a row

Best modern whisky glass

This sleek set doesn’t conform to a traditional whisky design, but we love the simplicity of the shape. With a generous 380ml capacity, they can also be used as water glasses or for short cocktails. Made of clear crystal and priced at just £20 for four, they're also great value for money.

Available from:
MADE (£20)

Whisky Islay shot glass

two whiskey shot glasses, one with whiskey liquid

Best whisky shot glass

Prefer a neat little shot of whisky? These chunky shot glasses are a change from traditional tumblers or ornate glasses, and are handblown into a smooth curve that fits neatly onto a walnut wood base for displaying.

Engraved roses tumblers

whiskey glass with whiskey

Best whisky tumbler

The classic whisky tumbler is given a pretty twist with delicate rose engraving. The fine glass has a chunky base and the engraving not only adds decorative detail, but also grip for secure holding. Wine, water and champagne glasses with matching detailing are all available, too.

Available from:
Graham and Green (£12.50)

Elegance brandy glass

two glasses

Best whisky balloon glass

If you like the classic balloon or snifter style (commonly used for brandy as well as whisky), then this fine Waterford duo is for you. The hand-made crystal has a deep, wide bowl, short stem and ultra-fine rim.

Available from:
Waterford (£65)

Kintsugi glass and gold tumblers

two whiskey glasses with gold details

Best unusual whisky glass

This eye-catching glass and gold tumbler makes a smart statement. The marble-style detailing is perfect for contemporary kitchens, with the diamond engraving adding grip. Even with the gold detailing, these are still pleasingly dishwasher-safe.

Available from:
Selfridges (£24)

Riedel highball glass

two tall highball glasses

Best whisky highball glass

If a whisky and soda is your drink of choice, you’ll need a highball glass. This cleverly designed duo from Riedel looks simple, but is carefully thought-through: there are ridges for grip, a flared design at the base that marks the level of a double shot, and extra height on top to leave room to sip above ice.

Available from:
Harvey Nichols (£29)

Norlan whisky glasses

whisky glasses with black box

Best for whisky connoisseurs

For the ultimate whisky performance, Norlan has carefully considered every aspect of these tumblers. The high-tech double-walled construction enhances the colour of your chosen whisky, yet is still incredibly lightweight. The glass is also designed to create movement within the whisky, helping ethanol evaporate to create stronger aromas while drinking. One for those who truly want to make the most of every sip.

Available from:
Norlan (£36)

Dartington Whisky experience glass tasting set

whiskey set with black box

Best whisky glass gift set

More than just a whisky glass, this set has everything that a beginner whisky connoisseur needs. Two Dartington Crystal whisky experience glasses (with a wide bowl and narrow rim, designed to efficiently harness the aromas and flavours of the whisky) are the heart of the set, but come complete with a small water jug for diluting whisky, too. Everything sits neatly on a hexagonal wooden tray to display on a side table or bar cart.

Available from:
Dartington Crystal (£46)

What are the different shapes of whisky glass?

Whisky glasses come in several different shapes and styles, and each one is best suited to different ways of drinking whisky. These are designed to trap aromas, enhance subtle notes hidden in the spirit and display its colour the most clearly. Below are some of the main styles:

The Glencairn

This glass style is carefully designed to maximise the whisky drinking experience. It has a narrow rim that funnels the aromas towards you as you drink, making them more intense. The short, narrow stem helps you swirl the glass, opening up the spirit and letting more oxygen in, which again enhances aromas.

The tumbler

The most common whisky glass. Easy to hold, this glass style leaves plenty of room for ice if you like your whisky on the rocks. Its wide shape means it doesn’t funnel aromas in the same way as the Glencairn, but this isn’t as relevant for all styles of whisky. Its wide, flat base also gives you room for muddling if you’re making short whisky cocktails.

The balloon glass

Also known as a snifter, this is most commonly used for brandy, but can also be used for whisky. It's a more exaggerated version of a Glencairn, with a deep, wide bowl, short stem and very narrow rim.

The highball

This has similar design features to a tumbler, but is taller to leave room for mixing drinks. A highball has space for large ice cubes and is perfect for a classic scotch & soda or other long serves.

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