Nothing says celebration more than popping a bottle of bubbly, whether that is a classic champagne or an alcohol-free sparkling drink. And if you're popping a bottle, you need top notch glasses to drink it from.


A good champagne glass, especially a set, makes an excellent house-warming or wedding gift. But what champagne glass to buy? Champagne glasses come in different varieties with the classic champagne flute being the most recognisable: an elegant long stem and a thin cylinder top.

Similarly, there is a tulip glass which resembles more of an upside-down cone with a narrow top, a wider bowl and a triangle base. Both these glasses are tall to allow the aromas and bubbles to develop, but the base of the tulip glass creates more space for the bubbles to establish compared to the curved flute.

What is claimed to be the original champagne glass though, is the coupe, also known as the champagne saucer. This is shallow, broad-rimmed and has a delicate stem. Often considered the most elegant and traditional glass, the wider shape lets you see and hear the bubbles more clearly for a fun drinking experience.

However, it is often hard to find dishwasher-safe versions that keep its delicate design safe. Below you'll find the best selection of champagne glasses in every style including budget options, decorated coupes and flutes.

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Best champagne glasses at a glance

  • Best tulip champagne glasses: Sandvig four champagne glasses, £65
  • Best large champagne glass: Graham & Green large champagne coupe, £8.95
  • Best champagne glasses for the summer: LSA Pearl champagne saucer set, £85
  • Best bold champagne glasses: H&M Aurora champagne glasses, £49.99
  • Best stylish champagne flutes: Villeroy & Boch NewMoon champagne flutes, £55
  • Best investment champagne coupes: The Vintage List crystal champagne saucers with bands design, £82
  • Best budget champagne coupes: M&S champagne saucers, £29.50
  • Best budget champagne flutes: John Lewis ANYDAY four champagne flutes,£5
  • Best modern champagne flutes: Vonshef grey tinted champagne glasses, £19.99
  • Best retro champagne coupes: Luigi Bormioli Optica champagne coupe glasses, £45
  • Best simple champagne flutes: Dartington Crystal champagne flutes, £14.15

Best champagne glasses to buy in 2023

Sandvig four champagne glasses

four tulip glasses

Best tulip glass

In a classic tulip shape which keeps the champagne aromas in the glass, this Scandinavian-designed glass has a simple elegance and comes in a set of four for a small gathering.

Available from:
MADE (£47)

Graham & Green large champagne coupe

large champagne coupe with wooden tablewith

Best large glass

This vintage-inspired champagne coupe has a capacity for 260ml to keep you sipping away all evening. It also has an intricately carved stem to make you feel like you are drinking from a goblet. Plus, there is a good, heavy base to keep your glass steady.

Available from:
Graham & Green (£8.99)

LSA Pearl champagne saucer set

single champagne glass

Best for the summer

These four fluted champagne saucers are inspired by mother of pearl both in colour and shape. The saucers have a wonderful shimmery finish and are individually hand-painted to glisten in the sunshine. Plus, they come in a lovely gift box ready for a thoughtful present for close family or friends.

Available from:
Heals (£85)

H&M Aurora champagne glasses

orange, blue, lilac and purple champagne flutes

Best bold champagne glasses

In unusual amethyst, zircon, opal and mandarin tones, these champagne flutes can brighten up any bland looking glassware cupboard. These glasses have wide rims which let the aromas reach your nose quicker and knot details on the stem to help you grip. Thanks to the hues in the glasses, these flutes work all year round whether shining under summer sun or shimmering from Christmas lights.

Available from:
H&M (£49.99)

Villeroy & Boch NewMoon champagne flutes

four champagne glasses

Best stylish flutes

Made in Germany, these champagne flutes have a unique asymmetrical design for a modern and sleek upgrade to your classic champagne glass design. They are also on the larger side, with a capacity of 225ml.

Available from:
Amara (£55)

Crystal champagne saucers with bands design

one champagne coupe

Best investment champagne coupes

Each glass in this set has been hand-blown and hand-decorated with a delicate, hand-cut lattice band design that give them an Art Deco look. Our associate editor Amanda Nicolas raves about how beautiful yet practical these six glasses are as, unusually for a coupe style glass, they are dishwasher-safe.

Available from:
The Vintage List (£82)

M&S champagne saucers


Best budget champagne coupes

With a round saucer glass that makes for easier sipping then more modern flutes, these crystal pond-like glasses feature tiny indentations that keep bubbles sparkling for longer. They also hold a good amount of champagne, too, so you can keep chatting away and leave the refills for later.

Available from:
M&S (£29.50)

John Lewis ANYDAY four champagne flutes

four champagne glasses in a row

Budget champagne flutes

Celebrate in style even on the tightest of budgets with these champagne glasses from John Lewis. These long-stemmed glasses retain fizz and they are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Plus, if you have any large family gatherings, these champagne flutes are a good option to buy in bulk.

Available from:
John Lewis (£5)

Vonshef grey tinted champagne glasses

VonShef Grey Tinted Champagne Glasses Set of 4, Currently priced at £13.79

Best modern champagne flutes

These champagne glasses have a smoked grey tinted finish that add a modern touch to their classic fluted design. These champagne glasses are lightweight and come in a gift box for a simple wedding or house-warming gift.

Luigi Bormioli Optica champagne coupe glasses


Best retro champagne coupes

Made in Italy, these champagne glasses have pinstripe indentations creating a retro look, with classic long stems that keep your champagne cooler for longer. As they have a more rounded bowl shape, it means these glasses can also be used to serve desserts, and they are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

Available from:
John Lewis (£38)

Crystal champagne flutes


Best simple champagne flutes

High-quality and in an elegant shape, these champagne flutes are machine-made but excellent value for money. These glasses are also dishwasher-safe, perfect for a quick clean up after entertaining.

Available from:
Wayfair (£14.50)


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