Whisky can be an intimidating drink for some. Many are intrigued but mystified by the spirit. For others whisky is a hobby and a passion. Whether you’re a lifelong enthusiast or a curious newbie, whisky subscriptions are a great way to go.


Subscription boxes are everywhere these days, and that makes sense: as our lives have become busier and more complicated, it is helpful for others to organise our meals, chocolates, beers or even cheeses for us. Whisky is no exception. There are dozens of services out there to keep you in stock of drams of the finest, with options for those looking to learn and explore, as well those who know exactly what they like. We’ve rounded up the best whisky subscriptions on the market so that you can find a service to match your budget and palate.

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Best whisky subscriptions at a glance

Best whisky subscriptions to buy 2023

Pour & Sip

Pour & Sip

Best for: Celebrating the old and exploring the new.

Powered by Master of Malt, you know you’re in for a treat with Pour & Sip. This subscription service offers punters five 30ml drams of whisky each month with selections ranging from the rare and wonderful to long celebrated classics. Bespoke tasting notes are included to guide you through each drop.

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The service’s welcome pack includes two Glencairn glasses and there are twice monthly live tasting sessions which are broadcast across Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. If you miss the session you can catch up at your leisure or check out past episodes which cover your favourite drams. An interactive community chats away in the comments section of the tastings, and members also have access to discounts on full bottles as well as the ability to earn loyalty points. Pour & Sip is terrific value at £29.95 a month.

Available from:
Pour & Sip (from £29.95 a month)


Flaviar subscription

Best for: Learning and loving, swot up on the finest spirits as you drink them.

If you’re endorsed by Tony Hawk then you’ve got to be pretty cool and, to be fair to Flaviar, it is. The proposition here is an enticing one: a quarterly delivery of a full bottle of booze plus a selection of smaller drams. You pick which full bottle you want and also select from a range of carefully curated miniatures, with these sample-sized bottles taking you on journeys through peaty whisky to ultra-smooth Irish offerings. Flaviar isn’t just about whisky either – you can grab a full bottle of rum and a selection box of whisky or vice versa, with numerous different spirits on offer.

Flaviar pitches itself as a club rather than a subscription service, with a host of activities available from your dashboard. Members can level up their booze knowledge at the School of Spirits, drink along with on-demand online tastings and attend exclusive distillery tours. Tastings and tours are currently online but aim to be available in person again in the future. If you’re looking for boozy edu-tainment then Flaviar is the place to go.

Available from:
Flaviar (from £158 for 2 deliveries)

The Dram Team

Dram Team

Best for: Sampling ultra-premium whiskies without breaking the bank.

An excellent choice for the curious, the beginners and the experienced enthusiasts. The Dram Team offers a selection box containing five 25ml drams of whisky which cost on average £50 per full bottle, with some stretching to £70 per 70cl. The box is completed by the all-important Sixth Dram, a 10ml bottle of whisky which costs at least £125 per 70cl.

Chris, The Dram Team’s founder, fell in love with whisky at a tasting event. Several years later he decided to take that whisky-tasting experience and put it in a box for people to enjoy. Boxes start at £32.50 per month with gift subscriptions also on offer.

Available from:
The Dram Team (from £32.50 a month)

Summerton Whisky Club

Summerton Club

Best for: Full bottles of aged whisky at great value.

Subscribers receive a bottle of aged whisky every other month, with each bottle hand selected by founder Dan Humphrey. The mission for Summerton is to get great whiskies out into the world. On average a bottle will be cheaper to receive through the Summerton club than to buy in a supermarket, with some past offerings being worth double the subscription price, while other whiskies are exclusive to the club. Furthermore there is an eager community connecting over chatrooms and linking up each year for the online Summerton Club Whisky Festival, as well as discounts on full bottles. A bargain at £50 every two months.

Available from:
Summerton Whisky Club (£50 bi-monthly)

Whisky Me

Whisky Me

Best for: Never missing a delivery of precious whisky.

Whisky Me is a market disrupting proposition. Why deliver whisky in a pouch instead of a bottle? The answer is quite simple: money and efficiency. With Whisky Me you never miss your delivery, it’s just posted through your door. In addition, the pouch is lighter than a traditional glass bottle and requires less packaging, so it is cheaper to post, hence why Whisky Me is able to offer its customers such a competitive price. What’s more, if you send 12 pouches back, you get a free refill.

Customers can choose from a traditional single malt scotch subscription or a discovery option which includes whiskies from the USA, Japan and elsewhere in between. Alternatively, you can get both. Subscriptions start at just £8.95 per month, making Whisky Me the best value option on the market.

Available from:
Whisky Me (from £8.95 a month)

The Whisky Nest

Whisky Nest

Best for: Exploring the world of whisky on a budget.

For just £14 a month subscribers are sent a 100ml bottle from the month’s featured distillery. Past months have featured Cumbria’s distilling pride and joy, The Lakes Distillery, and Sweden’s ultra-cool Mackmyra, while the current offering comes from California’s ever-growing Sonoma Distilling Co.

Our box from The Whisky Nest included a bottle of Mackmyra Mando Diao, I solnedgången, along with a useful leaflet which detailed the provenance of the whisky and included helpful tasting notes. A real connoisseur's choice, the I solnedgången speaks to the expertise of The Whisky Nest. This Scandinavian delight is part of the distillery’s Private Cask selection, a collaboration with Swedish alt-rockers Mando Diao. Smoky with creamy vanilla and butterscotch notes, the dram was sumptuous enough to have us scouring the internet for a full bottle. Make sure you don’t miss out on its Sonoma Distilling Co. offering: we’ve been raving about their bourbon.

Available from:
The Whisky Nest (from £18.95 a month)

The Whisky Tasting Company

Whisky tasting company

Best for: Gifting something special with the help of an expert team.

The people behind The Whisky Tasting Company are from good whisky stock. Co-owner Colin Sinclair is the nephew of one of the Glenmorangie’s famed Sixteen Men of Tain. The Whisky Tasting Company was actually the first whisky subscription to launch in the UK, hitting the market in 2010. It was also the first to create a whisky tasting set by combining offerings from various distilleries as opposed to a single firm. The company even owns its own bottling facility near Lockerbie, with every step of the process done in-house: sourcing, bottling, labelling, packing and dispatching.

Where The Whisky Tasting Company really excels is in gifting – you can purchase the ideal subscription for your loved one or order a one-off box to suit their taste or the occasion. The first box is personalised, giving you the option to write a special message for your lucky recipient. Thereafter they can kick back and raise a toast to you of an evening as the whiskies keep rolling in. Boxes are delivered every three months and contain five 30ml drams of rare and fine whisky, with prices starting at £89 for three deliveries.

Available from:
The Whisky Tasting Company (from £89 for 3 deliveries)


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