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BoroughBox chocolate subscription

Best chocolate subscriptions and clubs

Published: June 2, 2021 at 9:26 am
Magazine subscription – choose a brand-new cookbook when you subscribe

Never run out of chocolate again with a monthly delivery. We've reviewed the best chocolate subscriptions so you can choose the best one for you

You might have television or magazine subscriptions, but how about truly treating yourself with a chocolate subscription? Subscribe to a monthly chocolate delivery and you'll never run out of chocolate again.


There's a wide range of chocolate subscriptions, from nostalgic classics and big brands, to luxurious truffle deliveries, small-batch bean-to-bar brands or quirky flavoured bars. Whether you want to try a little bit of everything or treat yourself or someone you love, we've got the subscription for you.

Best chocolate subscriptions at a glance

Best chocolate subscriptions to buy in 2021

Hotel Chocolat curated collection

Best chocolate subscription for versatility

Hotel Chocolat everything collated collection subscription

The £25 monthly Hotel Chocolat curated collection subscription supplies four to five Hotel Chocolat items for you to try every month. There are four subscription styles to choose from, depending on what chocolate you like: Mellow (milks, white and caramels; no alcohol), Dark and High Cacao, Tipsy (think mojito truffles) and Everything (if you're happy to have a mix). This makes it easy to rule out chocolates you know you won't like, and the wide Hotel Chocolat range means you won't get bored or have too many repeat items.

Our Mellow box includes caramel-filled bunnies, classic truffles and interesting raspberry & white chocolate batons. We love the variety of items in each box, combining truffles, bars, snacks and nibbles. It's perfect for sharing or enjoying through the month. At a maximum of three-month subscription length, it's relatively low-commitment, making it easy to switch up styles, too.

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Hotel Chocolat inventing room

Best for exclusivity

Hotel Chocolat inventing room subscription

The Hotel Chocolat inventing room subscription is a chance to try brand-new products before they've hit the shelves, delivering a monthly package of delicious new chocolates that are still in development and asking for your feedback. The surprise box contains a package of truffles, as well as new biscuits, bars or nibbles.

The informative leaflet explains the recipe development process and what stage each item is at – the process varies for each. For example, we receive three different types of white hot chocolate powders and are asked to pick a favourite. Plus, we test out the chilli spicing in a quirky new bar and judge the tweaked decoration of an existing truffle. It's a fascinating insight into the chocolate-making process. This sells out fast but is an exciting journey to try each month.

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Chococo chocolate box subscription

Best for fresh chocolates

Chococo chocolate subscription box

Dorset-based artisan chocolate makers Chococo offers a subscription for its fresh chocolate boxes. You can be restrained with a small box or indulge in the large 25-chocolate box (£23 a month). With every truffle intricately finished and a wide range of flavours, there's something for everyone in this beautiful box – use the illustrated guide to choose carefully.

Stand-outs for us include a Dorset cream tea truffle and sweet 'golden crunch gem' with caramelised white chocolate. All are made using fresh, local ingredients including jam and clotted cream. A box makes a perfect gift – if you can bring yourself to share!

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Green & Black's chocolate club

Best for brand loyalists

Green and Black's chocolate subscription

Sometimes you just know what you like, and if Green & Black's is your brand of choice, the simple Green & Black's subscription is for you. Choose between four options – milk, dark, organic or a mixture – and receive two bars of Green & Black's each month. The subscription lasts for six months and costs £36.

This no-frills option means you'll never be overwhelmed by chocolate and are unlikely to get one you don't like. You'll always have a bar on standby ready for snapping off a square or baking with.

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Cadbury bar post box subscription

Best for students and teenagers

Cadbury's subscription box filled with chocolate bars

For guaranteed nostalgia and milk chocolate sweetness, you can't beat Cadbury. The Cadbury chocolate subscription takes the fun of a Christmas selection box and delivers it to your door for six months for £66 total.

Each letterbox-friendly box contains 11 bars, including all the classics, from Freddo and Chomp, to Crunchie and Flake. They are cornershop favourites that mean you'll always have a sweet treat on standby – nothing unfamiliar or too grown-up. We think this would make a great gift for someone heading off to uni or a teenage chocoholic.

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Chocolate Society

Best filled chocolates for sharing

Chocolate Society chocolate subscription

A beautiful box of truffles arriving through your door is only ever going to brighten your day. The Chocolate Society subscription does exactly that, delivering 12 chocolates from £22.50 a month.

The stylish handmade chocolates are made using fresh ingredients (so don't save them for too long) and follow a loose theme each month. Our 'breakfast' theme gives us cornflake pralines and a fruity smoothie truffle. We particularly love that there are three each of the six different flavours, so there's no fighting over the best one. These are easy to share.

Read our full review of The Chocolate Society monthly chocolate box here.

Coco Chemistry

Best compact subscription

Coco Chemistry chocolate subscription

Coco Chemistry is a high-end chocolate club focusing on single-origin chocolate. The simple subscription delivers a bar of chocolate and three mini handcrafted truffles. It's nothing too indulgent, but a chance to appreciate some serious chocolate.

The bar comes with detailed tasting notes, pairing suggestions and information about its origins. The single-origin chocolate focuses on cocoa beans from one distinct country, region or even plantation, so you can particularly appreciate the flavour profiles.

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Best for bean-to-bar chocolate

Chocolarder April chocolate subscription

Chocolarder is a small craft chocolate-maker based in Cornwall with strong ethical principles, including plastic-free packaging and slavery-free, fairly traded chocolate.

The Chocolarder subscription combines a generous box of 12 truffles (the flavour changes every month) with two of its bean-to-bar chocolate bars for the best of both worlds. You'll also have an opportunity to try some unusual flavours – our truffles are sea buckthorn, while the bars are sweet honeycomb and grown-up cinnamon cacao nib. The bars come with information about the source of the cacao beans for a chocolate experience you can feel good about.

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Love Cocoa

Best environmentally friendly subscription

Love Cocoa chocolate subscription

Chocolate-making runs in the family: Love Cocoa was founded by James Cadbury, a descendant of John Cadbury, who founded the eponymous chocolate brand. Love Cocoa has an environmental ethos, planting a tree for every bar bought and providing colourful recyclable packaging.

The customisable subscription means you can choose the flavours yourself or let Love Cocoa deliver a surprise mix of three or six bars. There's a stylish range of bars, from classic dark, to interesting Earl Grey or gin & tonic chocolate. The subscriptions start from an affordable £12.99 a month for three 80g bars.

Read our full review of the Love Cocoa subscription here.


Best for curated brands

BoroughBox chocolate subscription

If you can't choose just one brand, don't! The BoroughBox chocolate subscription (£14.99 a month) does the work for you, curating a monthly box from a different small chocolate brand for delivery to you. This means you won't get bored or have any repeats, with the bonus of discovering new chocolate brands and supporting varied producers. In our box, we receive three bars of Love Cocoa chocolate, including an earthy crushed coffee and sweet milk chocolate.

Handily, you can specify a desired delivery date, which is helpful if you're timing it for a gift.

Read our full review of the BoroughBox letterbox chocolate subscription here.

The Slabb

Best for fun flavoured bars

The Slabb chocolate subscription

There's no plain milk or dark at The Slabb. The Slabb chocolate subscription is all about fun flavour combinations, and delivers one or two bars a month (from £12 a month) with a promise to never repeat flavours. There's also an option to sign up for a vegan subscription.

Originally focused on boozy bars, the 'slabbs' now come in a huge variety of crowd-pleasing flavours loaded with mix-ins and elaborate decorations. Our favourite is the toffee crunch, with rice cereal, salted caramel and thick wedges of toffee crisp bars. This box is one for those with a sweet tooth – it's a fun gift.

Read our full review of The Slabb chocolate subscription here.


Best for budget variety

Boxes of chocolate from the Cocoba subscription box

Why choose between bars or truffles? Have a little bit of everything with this family-friendly chocolate delivery from Cocoba. The Cocoba subscription (from £19.95 a month) doesn't take chocolate too seriously and is filled with easy to eat treats. We receive five items, including two types of truffles, hot chocolate spoons, a mint bar and even some nougat for a break from all the chocolate.

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Willie's Cacao

Best for learning about chocolate

Willie's Cacao subscription IMG_5427 2

A Willie's Cacao subscription provides a true chocolate education. From £19.99 a month, choose between all dark chocolates or a mixture and receive 10 colourfully packaged 50g bars. With a focus on high-quality cacao and savouring the taste of the chocolate, the branded box comes packed with tasting notes, a flavour map and extra information about each bar, so you can begin to learn the difference between the cacao levels.

Alongside super-dark bars (think 100% cacao!), there's space for interesting flavours, such as white chocolate with yuzu.

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