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BoroughBox chocolate subscription

BoroughBox letterbox chocolate subscription

For a chocolate delivery that mixes it up every month, try the BoroughBox letterbox chocolate subscription.

If you’re indecisive, or just love discovering new brands, the BoroughBox chocolate subscription is a great way to enjoy chocolate.


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What is the BoroughBox chocolate subscription?

BoroughBox describe themselves as ‘the solution to your foodie cravings’, curating a huge array of independent food and drink suppliers, particularly with gift kits and boxes. The LetterBox Chocolate subscription is a way to discover new artisan chocolate brands. Borough Box take the work of finding brilliant new chocolate producers for you, delivering three bars (typically 80g each) a month from different small brands. The chocolate delivery is available as a one-off or three-, six- or 12-month subscription, starting at £14.99. Delivery can be chosen for next day or a desired delivery date – handy if purchasing as a gift.

What is in the BoroughBox chocolate subscription?

Our box contained three bars from Love Cocoa (who’s subscription we also reviewed). Packaging was sleek and recyclable. We received the crushed coffee (with crunchy crushed coffee beans), honeycomb and salted caramel bars in the signature colourful Love Cocoa packaging and enjoyed the range of flavours. Love Cocoa is probably one of the larger brands you might receive – other brands mentioned by BoroughBox include Islands Chocolate and Coco Chocolatier.


The BoroughBox approach, featuring a different brand each month, prevents a subscription getting repetitive and is a great way to discover new brands and support smaller chocolate producers. Treat yourself, or treat someone else with this affordable gift.