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The Slabb chocolate subscription

The Slabb chocolate subscription review

Published: May 28, 2021 at 9:56 am

Try some fun, flavoured chocolate bars with The Slabb's lighthearted approach to chocolate delivery – read our full review below.

Jammy dodger chocolate, anyone? Or maybe you'd prefer banoffee crunch, single-malt marmalade or rose and pistachio. Whatever flavour piques your interest, The Slabb probably has it – it specialises in loading milk, dark and white chocolate bars with fun flavour combinations. All the bars are handmade in Warwickshire using Belgian chocolate. Originally focusing on boozy alcohol-infused ‘slabb’ creations and taking inspiration from classic cocktails, there are now plenty of non-alcoholic bars and sweet chocolate lollipops available in its range, too. The bars are available to buy individually, in bundles (great for gifts) or as part of a ‘slabbscription’.


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What is The Slabb chocolate subscription?

There are plenty of subscription models to choose from. Subscribe to one bar a month (you can also choose a vegan subscription) on a rolling three-, six- or 12-month basis, starting from £6.95 a month. There’s also a ‘couple’s subscription’ available on a rolling basis, which includes two bars for £12 a month. Prices include shipping and the rolling subscription can be cancelled any time.

Slabb guarantees that you’ll never get a repeat flavour. Plus, you can leave a note of any flavours you particularly dislike when ordering (such as nuts or liquorice) and these will try to be accommodated.

What is in The Slabb chocolate subscription?

Our letterbox-friendly delivery arrives in sleek branded cardboard packaging, all of which is recyclable.

Our two bars are an absolute treat for those with a sweet tooth. 'The Crispy Toffee One’ is a milk chocolate bar generously topped with rice cereal, salted caramel, butterscotch pieces and thick slices of toffee crisp. The Belgian chocolate is thick and super creamy, and the bars are a generous 150g. Our second bar, ‘The Dark Chocolate Crunch One’ is equally loaded – dark chocolate is topped with honeycomb pieces, caramel and crushed chocolate sandwich biscuits. As a bonus, the dark chocolate bar is vegan-friendly.

The combinations are entirely unique – you won’t find these anywhere else – and with all the toppings, every bite is different, indulgent and moreish.


There’s no doubt these bars are over-the-top, but that's what makes them fun! The Slabb is a lighthearted approach to chocolate, loading bars with crowd-pleasing additions like biscuits, sweets and caramel swirls. Treat yourself or someone you know who has a seriously sweet tooth. We recommend the couple's subscription of two bars for value for money and the chance to try the most flavours.


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