A freshly brewed cup of coffee envelops the senses in the same way freshly baked bread does – the smell heady and the contents moreish. There’s also passion behind the process, from finding and grinding the beans, to perfecting that perfect crema – which means coffee lovers can be notoriously tricky to buy for.


Fear not. Being a bunch of beverage-lovers ourselves, we’ve compiled a list of coffee presents in this ultimate our gift guide for coffee lovers to bring you buckets of coffee gift inspiration, starting with some of our favorite coffee beans, best coffee machines and the best coffee grinders; all tried-and-tested by the BBC Good Food reviews experts. Read more on how we test products.

You’ll also find coffee gift sets, unique ceramic espresso cups and coffee mugs that are as decorative as they are functional. Plus find personalised gift options for giving something truly bespoke.

Want more inspiration? Our round up of the best coffee machines includes picks of the best espresso machines, the best coffee pod machines as well as the best bean-to-cup coffee machines, so we've got you covered. Visit our coffee recipes and reviews section for over 400 guides to our favourite gifts and gadgets, tried-and-tested by BBC Good Food experts. Looking for a personalised gift idea? Put together a customised My BBC Good Food cookbook, or treat a loved one to one of our online cookery courses. For more coffee gadgets and tools, check out expert barista Celeste Wong's recommendations for the best moka pots, gooseneck kettles, coffee grinders and decaf coffee to buy on our sister brand, olive magazine.

For more gift inspiration, our sister brand olive magazine has curated their own selection of hampers to choose from this year, full of gourmet products carefully selected by expert editors, including artisan coffee. Discover Rounton Coffee Roasters in the Sweet and Savoury Hamper filled with coffee, chocolate, honey and more.

Browse the olive shop and browse the full hamper selection here.

The best gifts for coffee lovers

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Best coffee machines and gadgets to give as gifts

Wacaco Minipress GR

Wacaco Minipresso GR espresso maker

Although there are newer Wacaco models out, including its Picopresso and Nanopresso, its original Minipresso GR remains our favourite. Its robustly made parts slot and twist together to form a hand-sized espresso maker with a manual pump that's incredibly portable. Plus, you're guaranteed a crema every time.

Salter Coffee, nut and spice grinder


Rated best affordable electric coffee grinder in our round-up of best coffee grinders, the single speed gadget is simple to use, quick to grind and really well priced for the quality. Use it for coffee, but also for grinding nuts or spices for a versatile kitchen tool you can make the most of.

Hario Drip Scales

Hario Drip Scales

If it's a professional-grade set of drip scales you're after but aren't fussed about any interactive features or connectivity options, the Hario Drip Scales are a more budget-friendly and minimalist alternative that'll delivery professional level results to 0.1g for helping improve the consistency of your coffee. It runs on two AAA batteries and it's controlled by a simple pair of buttons; power and tare.

Smeg BCC02 bean-to-cup coffee machine

Smeg BCC02 bean to cup coffee machine

Smeg's newest addition to its coffee machine collection is something of a game-changer for bean-to-cup technology. It takes every step of the coffee making process off your hands from the grinding to the brewing and offers eight drink programs for selection. But what's particularly exciting is the machine's diminutive footprint and compact body that makes it a viable option even for those strapped for kitchen counter space. Plus, it's the most stylish coffee machine we've got our hands on in a long time. Read our full Smeg BCC02 bean-to-cup coffee machine review.

Barista & Co Core All Grind coffee grinder

Barista & Co Core All Grind

Awarded best slimline grinder when reviewed by BBC Good Food reviews experts, the Barista & Co burr grinder is a practical choice even for those lacking in countertop space. The Burr grinders are adjustable by 40 points (from coarse to fine). A measurement scoop is included along with a cleaning brush and both can be stored within the lid. A handy grind-size guide also offers useful guidance.

Porlex tall hand grinder


For coffee enthusiasts who enjoy a more hands-on approach to their brew, the Porlex hand grinder is both light and strong to use. Grinding takes around one minute – enough to make you feel like you’ve earned your cup of coffee.

More like this

Available from:
Amazon (£70)

Sage Barista Express espresso machine


If you’re looking to blow the budget, Sage’s Barista Express was rated best espresso machine for gadget lovers in our test of the best espresso machines. It’s a professional-standard machine with all the requisite functions to satisfy the inner barista. It grinds fresh beans, creates a perfect espresso and features a milk-foaming nozzle.

AeroPress, The Better Coffee Press


The AeroPress coffee maker is the ultimate hack for brewing filter coffee fast. Not only affordable, it's also portable, consisting of lightweight, robust plastic components so you can manually brew coffee. Just steep the coffee grounds for 10-15 seconds and then press the water through. It’s simple to clean, there’s no washing-up and the 350 filters are relatively inexpensive to replaceable.

Best edible coffee gifts - liqueurs, coffee beans and chocolate

Blue Coffee Box subscription

Blue coffee box

Blue Coffee Box offers ethically sourced speciality coffees delivered direct to your door, in plastic-free packaging. Just choose your preferred roast, grind and delivery frequency. Check out our review of the best coffee subscriptions for more of our favourite options.

Available from:
Blue Coffee Box (from £7.49 a month)

Cazcabel Tequila Blanco Coffee Liqueur, 70cl

Cazcabel coffee tequila bottle on a white background

The finest weber blue agave from the mountains of Jalisco in Mexico is behind Cazcabel's tequila blanco, distilled in the same area and altitude where the crops are grown. Blended with freshly roasted arabica coffee beans from Soconusco in the South West of Mexico, the result is the perfect marriage of sharp, bitter and sweetness that's as suitable for sipping as it is as a base for cocktails.

Welsh coffee hamper

Welsh Coffee Gift

Treat a caffeine lover to a whole hamper full of coffee-themed treats. This gift includes three interesting Welsh coffees to try and a miniature of cold-brew coffee liqueur. Sweet treats are covered too with mochaccino coffee chocolate buttons and fudgy coffee cake slices.

Available from:
Not on the High Street (£66)

Rococo espresso shots

Rococo espresso shots

Handcrafted in London, these drops of dark but sweet chocolate are shaped like little coffee beans and infused with roasted coffee and hazelnut to create a wonderful sweet treat for coffee lovers. These perfectly sized little morsels are great for accompanying a cup of coffee or slipping into a Christmas stocking.

Available from:
Rococo (£12.95)

Aluna Coconut Coffee Liqueur, 50cl

Aluna coconut liqueur

This blend of Caribbean run with cold brew coffee, toasted coconut, coca nibs and subtle black cardamom is a real treat. Although sweet, the flavours aren't dampened. It's delicious sipped over ice and blends particularly well with alternative milks.

Grind Coffee


Grind’s signature House Blend achieves the perfect balance of long, sweet notes and acidity, without a hint of bitterness. It also comes in a metal, refillable tin. The brand also does a coffee subscription service, which will supply your giftee access to its house blends, starting at £13.50 per order.

Available from:
Grind (from £9)

Conker Decaf Cold brew coffee liqueur

Conker coffee liqueur

For anyone who love the coffee flavour but not the caffeine, Conker's decaf cold brew liqueur combines craft-brewed Brazilian beans from Sao Paulo state with British wheat vodka to create a clean liqueur with a caramel kick and chocolatey finish.

Kiss The Hippo Coffee


Kiss The Hippo was only launched in 2018, but its team of professionals with impressive coffee credentials has established the brand as a coffee lovers’ go-to. Choose from their range of award-winning beans that come in cool, minimalist packaging.

Available from:
Kiss The Hippo (from £10 for 250g)

Lola's Cupcakes tiramisu cake

Tiramisu cake Lola's

For a coffee-lover's birthday or special occasion, you can't beat this epic tiramisu cake from Lola's Cupcakes. Combining chocolate sponge, espresso custard, espresso mascarpone icing and a classic dusting of cocoa powder, this is the ultimate indulgence. Get it delivered to someone you can't be with, or share in the celebration itself.

Available from:
Lola's Cupcakes (from £20)

Rave Coffee

Rave coffee, sustainable christmas gifts, best gifts for coffee lovers

Based in Cirencester, Rave Coffee Roasters have approached the process with a simple goal; to make coffee sustainable, affordable and delicious. We brewed this coffee in a cafetière and loved its slight acidity and smooth, creamy texture.

Available from:
Rave (from £3 for whole beans)

Best coffee cups and mugs to buy as gifts

Topl anti-spill insulated coffee cup

Topl reusable travel coffee cup insulated cropped

Topl's patented lid features a valve that automatically closes to significantly reduce spillage if your insulated cup is dropped or knocked whilst open for drinking. A twist clockwise locks the valve closed for spillage free travel. It's available in 8oz or 12oz size-options, and would be an excellent companion for anyone on the move or working with expensive tech on their desk.

Ember temperature control travel mug 2


For coffee lovers who have everything or tech-fans that love their brews, this sleekly-designed 12oz-capacity Ember mug would make a generous gift for everyday use. It charges through a wireless coaster, connects to its own app and most importantly, keeps drinks at a constant temperature for the duration of its 3-hour battery life. This temperature is also adjustable.

Available from:
Selfridges (£180)
Currys (£179.99)
Amazon (£179.95)

Gentleman Baristas KeepCup Brew 8oz glass

Gentleman Baristas glass KeepCup 8oz

Reusable cups like this 8oz glass number from Gentleman Baristas are your ticket to discounted hot drinks in a lot of places. But importantly, they're also a step in the right direction for cutting out single-use cups. For when drinking on the go, its sealable lid also offers some protection from spillages and it can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Available from:
Gentleman Baristas (£15)

Blomus Pilar espresso cups with saucers, 2-pack

Blomus Pillar espresso cups

The addition of matching slimline saucers to these espresso cups makes for an immensely practical and contemporary pair, available in four different colours. Suddenly dripping teaspoons don't need to be worried about, plus there's even room for a biscotti.

Available from:
Nordic Nest (£27)

Royal Doulton, coffee studio espresso cups and saucers, set of four


These half-dipped, salt-glazed espresso cups come in light and richly earthy colours with matching saucers.

Available from:
Royal Doulton (£55)

Liga, eco cork and ceramic mug


Available in cream or storm grey, this ceramic eco coffee mug from Liga’s Earthware collection is a contemporary little vessel for your favorite brew. The cork grip is sustainably sourced and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Available from:
Not on the High Street (£15)

Best coffee accessories to buy as gifts

A2 coffee poster - Romulo Rengifo 006B

Romulo Rengifo Limited release rare 0068, Colonna Coffee

Part of Colonna Coffee's Limited Release Rare series, this 0068 edition poster pays homage to the coffee result of Qima's first project in Colombia with a mission to generate sustainable livelihoods for Colombian smallholders. Qima Colombia Lot 7 is anaerobically fermented for 64 hour to result in a vibrant and bold profile.

Available from:
Colonna Coffee (£15)

The Chocolate and Coffee Bible

Chocolate and coffee bible

You can do a lot more with chocolate and coffee than make a mocha. With 100 coffee recipes and a further 200 chocolate recipes (many of them perfect for eating with a cup of coffee), there's plenty of inspiration here to keep a lucky loved one going in the kitchen. From classics like tiramisu and black forest gateau to cheesecakes, ice creams and of course plenty of drinks, this is a cookbook shelf must-have.

Available from:
Amazon (£7.46)

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister

Fellow Atmos storage jar

Air-tight storage is a simple way to protect the flavour and freshness of your favourite coffee beans. This canister by Fellow is a step-up from your average jar, featuring a vacuum seal and integrated hand pump that removes excess air to prolong the life of its contents. We also love the contemporary design.

Available from:
Amazon (£39.99)

All Things Brighton Beautiful, coffee scoop with clip


A two-in-one stainless steel scoop with a brass finish, this little tool doubles up as a heavy-duty crocodile clip for sealing your bag of beans or ground coffee to keep them fresh.

Available from:
Not on the High Street (£17.95)

Nom Living, coconut wood coffee scoop


The flat base on this hand-carved coconut wood scoop definitely makes life easier whilst working with unruly coffee grounds. It’s also a sustainable and natural-looking addition to the draw.

Available from:
Not on the High Street (£8)

Coffee guide print


The simple infographics on this piece of wall art show key coffees from around the world and is available in small or medium sizes.

Available from:
Etsy (£23)


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