If you, your friends or family have a seriously sweet tooth, then a sweets subscription could be just what you are missing. A regular delivery of sweets direct to your door means you can keep a jar of sweets fully stocked at all times for when you need a quick sugar fix or pick-me-up.


Pick 'n' mix is no longer just for the cinema. Sweet subscriptions, clubs and deliveries open up a whole new world of bringing it direct to you, with wide ranges of sweets to choose from and many varieties we had never seen before. Other options let you focus just on one style of sweets – so whether you're a fizzy fan, chocoholic or retro fanatic, you'll find one for you. Subscribe to a big bag of pick 'n' mix, choose a sleek letterbox delivery as a gift, or go specific with fudge or marshmallows. These would also make great, affordable gifts for anyone you're not quite sure what to give – sweets in the post are guaranteed to bring a smile to their face.

We tested the best sweets subscriptions below to find something for everyone. Deliveries ranged from a bargain £5.99 a month (great for gifting) to approximately £20 a month, with plenty of different sizes and subscription length options to make it flexible.

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Best sweet subscriptions and deliveries at a glance

Best sweets subscriptions to buy 2023



Best for pick 'n' mix

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Be cinema ready at any time of the month with a Sweetzy pick 'n' mix subscription. Sweetzy covers almost every sweets need you could think of: from a huge selection of pick 'n' mix to DIY fudge jars, American sweets, seasonal sweets and even unusual drinks.

The monthly sweets subscription means you get to pick your sweets and size for exactly what you want. There are four sizes of subscription to choose from, from "enough for two" to a "mega share pouch". These gradually increase the number of sweets you can add: the pouch for two lets you include eight different sweets, while the largest mega share pouch is 20 different sweets. There are a whopping 70 different sweets to choose from, with the selection going far beyond what you'd normally see in a cinema. There were plenty of new sweets to us like jelly spiders, sour octopus, jelly pint pots and pink chocolate spinning tops. There are also familiar classics, too, such as gummy hearts, fried eggs and strawberry pencils. You can also choose a vegan sweets subscription.

The sweets arrive in a large pouch which is handily resealable and also recyclable. Our selection was clearly layered, so we'd recommend tipping out into a large bowl for snacking on in front of the TV. Sweetzy recommends eating your sweets within four weeks, which makes sense to us as, like with lots of pick 'n' mix, these do have the tendency to all start tasting the same after being left together too long. The resealable pouch makes it perfect for dipping in and out of all month, and the variety of sweets available means you'd have plenty to keep trying – you'll get an email before your next month gets shipped to remind you to choose a new selection if you'd like to try anything different.

Available from:
Sweetzy, from £5.99 a month

Sweets in the Post

Sweets in the Post copy
Sweets in the Post

Best letterbox sweets subscription

Sweets in the Post specialises in, you've guessed it, sending sweets in the post. There are a wide range of sweets (including vegan options) delivered in narrow letterbox-friendly deliveries to choose from, plus larger pick 'n' mix style "mega bags" and seasonal specialities.

The Sweets in the Post subscription is centred around the slim letterbox boxes. The handy deliveries mean no worrying about being out, plus makes it easy for gifting. You can choose a three-, six-, nine- or 12-month subscription length and there are 14 different sweet selections available, each sending five packets of sweets on a theme. You choose your first delivery and then after that it will be a surprise, although you can flag any particular dislikes or preferences. Take your pick from The Fizz Mix (think cola bottles, cherries, peach rings), Hard Candy (cola cubes, sherbet lemons and strawberries), Kids Star Mix (a selection of Haribo, including jelly beans, gold bears and rings) and many more.

We tried out the Big Softie selection and the Retro Mix. The Retro Mix differs from the other selections by replacing the five mini bags with a whole selection of classic retro sweets. Our box contained a very generous quantity of sweets including sherbet dip dabs, love hearts, parma violets, chewy drumsticks and more – we think this box is the best value for money of all the selections as you definitely get the most, and is also a fun trip down memory lane with plenty of nostalgia. The Big Softie box was a varied selection of chewy classics – familiar giant strawberries and cola bottles, plus sweets we hadn't tried before such as blue dolphins and milkshake bottles. A great straightforward way to try a different range of sweets, with pretty packaging and an affordable price point for gifting.

Available from:
Not on the High Street (from £24 for two months)
Sweets in the Post (from £30 for three months)

The Naked Marshmallow Co. marshmallow subscription

12_Month_Gourmet_Marshmallow_Subscription copy

Best subscription for marshmallows

Give your hot chocolate an upgrade every time with a regular marshmallow delivery. We've previously tested and enjoyed marshmallows from The Naked Marshmallow Co. when testing the best advent calendars and marshmallow toasting kits, so were excited to try the subscription offering, perfect for true fans.

The offering is simple: one delicious box of marshmallows delivered each month. You can choose from across the Classic, Sweet and Boozy flavour ranges, and pick all your flavours at the beginning. Our favourite is the classic simple vanilla for topping a hot chocolate, but for eating on their own as a treat the sweets-inspired range has fun options, from rhubarb and custard to bubblegum or fizzy cola bottle. If you're overwhelmed by choice, you can just request a surprise each month. You can also choose to add a mini marshmallow gel toaster with your first delivery for an extra £3.95, perfect for turning your marshmallow delivery into s'mores. Plus, if you order before 4pm during the week you'll get your delivery next day. Handy for any last minute gifts (you can add a gift note).

The marshmallows are generously sized, light and fluffy. From the Boozy collection, the raspberry & prosecco marshmallows were a big hit, with clear tangy dried raspberry flavour. Chocoholics will love the rich chocolate orange flavour.

Starting at £30 for three months, this felt quite expensive for what you get and compared to other subscriptions we tried. If you subscribe for longer, the value for money increases – six months is £55, and 12 months is £90.

Available from:
Not on the High Street (from £30 for three months)
The Naked Marshmallow Co. (from £30 for three months)

The Sweet Hamper Company monthly subscription

The Sweet hamper company subscription

Best overall sweet subscription

The Sweet Hamper Company offers exactly what the name suggests: a huge variety of sweet and chocolate hampers. There is the ability to build your own hamper or choose from a wide range, including sweets themed by decade, sweets style (e.g. retro, vegan, American) or smaller jars and boxes.

Available in two sizes, small or medium, The Sweet Hamper Company monthly subscription offers a brilliant combination of retro sweetshop favourites and pick 'n' mix classics. We tried the medium box (£16.50 per month), which delivered a whopping amount of sweets. The small letterbox option (pictured, £7.95 per month) is great value for money, and still offers a fun variety on a smaller, and potentially more manageable, scale.

A true treat to unpack, the medium box would be a mammoth amount of sweets to get through in a month but would make an epic gift. There’s plenty of fun novelty factor – think a hard candy watch, gummy pizza and hot dog and sherbet dip dabs – along with familiar big brands such as Haribo and Refreshers. We also loved the fun retro packaging of the pick 'n' mix sweets in neatly labelled 60g candy stripe bags – perfect for taking to the cinema. The variety of loose and packaged sweets means there’s something for everyone to last the month, and if subscribing then The Sweet Hamper Company changes the sweets on a monthly basis, so you can be sure to try new things.

The subscription arrives "randomly around the middle of the month" to be a sweet surprise and can be cancelled or modified at any time.

Available from:
The Sweet Hamper Company, from £7.95

Carway’s Candy Fizzy Subscription Sweet Box

Carways Candy

Best for specific sweets

Caraway’s Candy offers "sweets for every occasion" – and its long list of sweets highlights this with a very impressive range. As well as being able to buy individually, it has a range of sweets cones, boxes and gift sets to choose from.

We loved the variety of specific sweet subscriptions available from Caraway’s Candy: from chocolate boxes to dairy- or gluten-free, cola or retro-themed and many more. It’s perfect if you know exactly what kind of sweets you like and want to avoid receiving any you don’t. We tested the Fizzy Subscription Sweet Box. Caraway’s promises that it takes the ‘fizzy’ claim very seriously so all the sweets included will be properly sour and tangy. You can choose between a 600g or 1kg delivery, and whether to get this delivered weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Gift subscriptions of three, six or 12 months are also available. On subscribing, your first box will be sent out immediately – same day if you order before 1pm. Considering the quantity of sweets received, these boxes are great value starting at just £6.15 a month.

The sweets arrived in one big black cardboard box, so simply open and dig in. Our box contained a range of all the fizzy classics – cola bottles, bubblegum bottles, mini rainbow laces, cherries and more. We particularly loved the giant sour fangs that lived up to the properly sour and fizzy promise.

Available from:
Carway’s Candy, from £6.15 a month

Roly’s Fudge

Roly's fudge

Best for fudge

If your sweet tooth leans towards creamy, buttery fudge rather than tangy sour or chewy sweets that make your eyes water, keep it simple with a pure fudge subscription. The Fudge Club by fudge expert Roly's Fudge means you can get fudge delivered to your door every month, the perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

There are four sizes of delivery to choose from, starting at 300g and going up to a whopping 1.5kg of fudge delivered each month. With each increase in size you'll get an extra flavour of fudge: so the 300g box contains one flavour, the 600g box contains two flavours, up to the 1.5kg box containing five flavours. Subscribe to either a three-, six- or 12-month subscription, plus once subscribed you'll get special offers, discounts and tasting opportunities from the rest of the range.

Boxes arrive prettily packaged in wrapping paper and ribbon, making it great if you are sending the fudge subscription as a gift. You can decide to receive the same flavour every month from a selection of four relatively neutral options – sea salt, vanilla clotted cream, honeycomb or salted maple and pecan, plus there are vegan options. Alternatively, choose the Fudge Club Special to receive a surprise, changing option each month. We tried out the vanilla clotted cream and it was exactly the comforting fudge we expected: crumbly, rich and melt in the mouth. This was the most expensive subscription we tried, which felt expensive for what you get each month compared to others we tried, but if there is a dedicated fudge fan in your life then it could just be the perfect gift.

Available from:
Roly's Fudge, from £46.85 for three months


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