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21 of the best and most unusual gift ideas for chocolate lovers, 2021

Published: September 14, 2020 at 10:52 am

From cocoa butter candles to delicious truffles and chocolate tempering tools, discover our picks of the best gifts for chocolate lovers.

For those who are partial to its rich and comforting delights, chocolate is a gift sure to earn you points in the present-giving department.


And luckily there’s a variety to choose from. Chocolate in its various forms affords you endless possibilities when looking for gifts for chocolate lovers.

From those who like a high cocoa percentage bar that tows the line of being both fruity and earthy, to mugs of smooth liquid mana that’s thick and glossy for the hot chocolate fan in your life. Then there’s the perfect mug to drink it from, or the cocoa butter candle for filling whole rooms with the whiff of chocolate.

If it's unusual chocolate gifts you’re after, how about chocolate sardines in their own tin, or a silicone mould for making your own chocolate spoons? Perhaps a whole evening’s entertainment with Roald Dahl’s classic story of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Whether you’re looking for a classy gadget, a delicious treat or some kitchen equipment for experimenting with chocolate creations, discover our picks of chocolate gift ideas for cocoa-heads.

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Best chocolate gift ideas

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser, best chocolate gifts

Hotel Chocolat, The Velvetiser

This smart kitchen gadget by Hotel Chocolat is devoted purely to creating barista-style hot chocolate, heating and whisking the milk and chocolate flakes until they’re emulsified. The result is a silky cup of chocolate that’s smooth, foam-free and just the right temperature. Satisfyingly, its whisk is magnetic, but easily removable for easy cleaning. The inner is also non-stick.

Boska Fondue Marie, best chocolate gifts

Choco Fondue Marie, Boska

Chocolate fondue is not only a luxurious treat but also a quick, easy pudding idea for rounding off a meal in style. This set contains two fondue forks, one base, one small pot, one big pot and one tealight; leaving you equipped for a post-dinner sweet with your loved one. Discover our favourite fondue recipes.

Willie's Cacao Praline Truffles, best chocolate gifts

Willie's milk chocolate praline truffles with sea salt

A striking teal box of luxurious mouthfuls of Sur de Lago single estate milk chocolate blended with roasted hazelnuts and Cornish sea salt, rolled in single estate milk chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder. These praline truffles are not only exciting to unwrap with their azure design, but are a truly indulgent mouthful.

Available from Chocolate Trading Company (£7.95)

BODUM Chocolatiere jug

Bodum chocolatiere glass and stainless steel jug 1l

With a stainless steel handle and jug made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, this chocolatiere glass and stainless steel jug is a luxurious and unusual chocolate gift that would look great on the table and is easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

COOKUT LUMI Choco-Chocolate Fondue Set for 2, best chocolate gifts

COOKUT LUMI Choco-Chocolate fondue set for two

Fondue for two in a mini-size package – this set features two bamboo-wood fondue forks and a wooden handle on the side of the pan itself to prevent any burns whilst dipping.

Boska Chocolate Flaker, best chocolate gifts

Boska choco flaker

This little kitchen gadget is a great unique chocolate gift. Break your favourite bar into chunks, drop into the ceramic holder and replace the metal section. Thanks to a blade, you can transform the chunks into curls as you twist it clockwise. Then sprinkle.

Chocolossus Biscuits, best chocolate gifts

Chocolossus biscuits

Sometimes normal biscuits are just too small. A supersized version of Fortnum and Mason’s macadamia biscuits, the Chocolossus collection, are drenched in dark chocolate and retain their crunchy and slightly chewy texture. The ‘just one more’ concept is still alive and well with these mighty-but-moreish morsels.

Available from Fortnum & Mason (£17.95)

Rav's perfect cookies

Rav’s Perfect Cookies, Dishpatch

Give the gift of next-level cookies with this Dishpatch x Ravneet Gill collaboration. A box of 12 balls of cookie dough comes neatly and prettily packaged, with clear instructions and even baking paper included. There are three flavours of cookies: milk chocolate and hazelnut, dark chocolate and sea salt, and white chocolate and pistachio, all made using Pump Street Bakery chocolate. The resulting cookies are everything a good chocolate-chip cookie should be: with fudgy centres, crisp golden edges and intense caramel brown sugar flavours. We defy you not to buy another kit instantly.

Available from Dishpatch, £25

Giant Ferrero Rocher 3

'The Ambassador’s Golden Balls'

A Christmas classic has been supersized by Bad Brownie: this half-kilo brownie will impress any chocolate lover. Starting with a Ferrero Rocher in the centre, the chocolate layers build up to create a whopping treat: with Nutella chocolate wafer, fudgy brownie with caramelised hazelnuts, praline and finally a layer of milk chocolate dusted in gold, for a must-share festive treat.

Available from Bad Brownie, £26

Argos granite slab and worktop saver, best gifts for chocolate lovers

Chocolate maker's granite slab

Tempering is the process of cooling molten chocolate. The result is a glossier, snappier consistency, perfect for finishing handmade truffles and cakes. Like marble, granite holds its temperature well, making a polished slab like this one from Lakeland a great gift for anyone wanting to get to grips with the art of chocolate. It’s also easily tilted during tempering and can be stored away discreetly.

Available from Argos (£15)

Tala Stainless Steel Step Palette Knife, best chocolate gifts

Stainless steel step palette knife, Tala

This is the perfect tool to pair with a granite slab for tempering chocolate or icing and slicing bakes in the kitchen. The step palette knife has a flexible stainless steel blade with a small step that’s perfect for spreading and scraping chocolate as it cools, or decorating cakes. A sturdy plastic handle gives it additional strength.

PlayIn Choc JustChoc boxes, best chocolate gifts

PlayinChoc boxes

These individually wrapped chocolate pieces (in compostable packaging) not only have a silky smooth mouth-feel, but are dairy-, gluten- and soy-free. If you’re looking for a vegan chocolate gift, this is a great one.

Available from PlayIn Choc (£5.95)

Pump Street Chocolate, Grenada 70% dark chocolate, best chocolate gifts

Grenada Crayfish Bay Estate 70%, Pump Street Chocolate

Handmade from bean to bar in Suffolk, this award-winning Pump Street bar was a firm favourite with the BBC Good Food team when tested alongside other leading dark chocolate brands. There are sweet and fruity notes – a great choice for people who don’t usually like dark chocolate.

Available from Pump Street Chocolate (£6.25)

Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory DVD, best chocolate gifts

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory DVD

Join young golden ticket winner, Charlie Bucket, as he explores the magical world of molten chocolate rivers and lickable wallpaper in Roald Dahl’s 1971 classic, Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Lakeland chocolate spoons mould, best chocolate gifts

Mini chocolate spoons silicone chocolate mould

Silicone moulds enable you to transform melted chocolate into whatever shape you like. So why not chocolate spoons? For stirring into hot milk, for scooping brown sugar into your coffee, for eating ice cream straight out the tub. Whatever you use yours for, this silicone mould is dishwasher-, microwave-, freezer- and oven-safe.

Ferm Living Flow Mug, Ferm Living

Ferm Living Flow Mug

The oversized handle and semi-matte glazed finish on this mug by Ferm Living offer a tactile drinking experience. At 32oz capacity, it’s the perfect size for a large, silky cup of hot chocolate.

Cacao pod print, best chocolate gifts

Cacao tree botanical wall art

Botanical art on aged vintage text-book feel, showing the cocoa plant, pods and beans. A range of sizes are available from 2.5 x 3.5”, all the way up to A1 size and larger. Whether it’s framed or stuck on the wall with blue tack, this would make a great gift for chocolate lovers.

Available from: Etsy (from £3.78)

Farhi cocoa dusted caramelised pecans

Farhi cocoa dusted pecans

These lightly caramelised pecans are not overly sweet and seriously impressed the BBC Good Food team, coming encased in milk chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder. They are delightful little morsels.

Available from The Food Market (£30)

Chococo Gold White Caramalised Chocolate gold drops, best chocolate gifts

Chococo 'Gold' caramelised white chocolate drops

When Chococo brought out a white chocolate bauble filled with caramelised white chocolate gems last year, we fell in love. This little pot of caramelised chocolate drops is just that in a different format, and would be a perfect chocolate gift for kids. Or sprinkle them onto cakes or hot chocolate for the most delicious final flourish.

Available from Chococo (£3.25)

Thermapen, best chocolate gifts


Thermapens are a favourite of the BBC Good Food team because of their accuracy and ease of use. For tempering chocolate, this is our favourite thermometer to help achieve that perfect glossy shine.

Nordic Ware mini spatulas, best chocolate gifts

Mini silicone baking spatulas, Nordic Ware

A flexible silicone-edged spatula allows you to catch every last slick of chocolate from the edges of a bowl, and mini ones will capture things from the smallest nooks and crannies. This set of three by Nordic Ware is a particular favourite of our resident patisserie expert, Liberty Mendez.

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