Fondue is a retro classic that's hard to beat. Originating as a melted cheese dish in 17th century Switzerland and later popularised in 1970s America, fondue is made and served in a communal pot with long forks to dip bread and other snacks.


A fondue set gives you all the necessary equipment to safely bring the ski chalet home. The simplest sets just need a tea light and a couple of dipping forks, whilst the more deluxe varieties come with beautiful stands or extra bowls for all your fondue fixings. Ideal for the party season, the solid cast iron or tactile ceramic mugs should keep the cheese or chocolate luxuriously smooth, warm and runny.

Discover our really easy cheese fondue recipe, featuring a splash of kirsch, comforting cheddar and nutty gruyère. Boiled new potatoes, chunks of bread, slices of cured meat and pickles all make perfect dipping items to scoop up the sauce.

On a sweeter note, fill the pot with chocolate instead. Try our chocolate fondue recipe with dark chocolate and double cream, or go for a boozy twist with a dash of brandy and luxurious salted caramel. Serve with marshmallows, fresh fruit and biscuits for dunking.

Looking for more inspiration? Visit our reviews section and discover over 600 practical buyer’s guides, offering unbiased advice on the equipment worth investing in.

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What is a fondue set?

A fondue set typically has two designs. There are classic cast iron or stainless steel pots that come with a burner (electric, gel or alcohol-fuelled) underneath, or ceramic models with space for a tealight underneath to heat your chocolate or cheese. They often come with dipping forks, but it is also good to look out for whether the lid has resting slots for the forks in between dipping, how many forks are included and whether there are markers so fondue party members can keep track of theirs.

How to use a fondue set?

Each style of fondue set will have it's own method – read the instructions carefully before diving in.

For a candle-lit fondue set, simply place a tealight beneath the pot to heat up the chocolate. Keep an eye on the wax in the tealight and replace with a fresh candle as needed.

Burner-operated fondue sets will come with specific instructions. There are two main styles:

  • Electric burner – once plugged in, electric models will begin to heat up. Most have adjustable settings to manage heat levels.
  • Adjustable burner – gel fondue packets or alcohol can be put into the burner underneath the fondue pot to be lit with a match. Use the lid of the burner to cover some of the flame to manage the heat intensity.

Once lit, place the pot with your ingredients that have been already melted (or melt chocolate directly in the pot) on top of the burner and use the forks to dip.

Best fondue sets at a glance

  • Best fondue set for a party: STAUB cast iron fondue set, £105.55
  • Best budget fondue set: KitchenCraft 3-in-1 fondue set, £13.39
  • Best designed fondue set: Artesà deluxe fondue set, £69.25
  • Best cheese fondue set: Boska Holland pro nero fondue set, £52.91
  • Best miniature fondue set: chocolate fondue gift set, £14.99
  • Best cast iron fondue set: Le Creuset enamelled cast iron fondue set, £278.99
  • Best stainless steel fondue set: Argos stainless steel fondue set, £30
  • Most versatile fondue set: Princess fondue set, £49.99
  • Most portable fondue set: Evelots personal fondue mugs, £33.70
  • Most traditional fondue set: Swissmar Lugano cast iron cheese fondue set, £123.10

Best fondue sets and pots to buy in 2023

STAUB cast iron fondue set with six forks

STAUB fondue pot

Best fondue set for a party

French-made, this fondue set from STAUB comes with six forks. It has an enamel glaze on the base to prevent cheese from sticking (and to help easy clean up). Thanks to its cast iron body, this model should be long-lasting, and evenly distributes the heat to leave you with a smooth cheese sauce, perfect for a long evening of fun.

More like this

KitchenCraft 3-in-1 fondue set

kitchen craft fondue set

Best budget fondue set

At under £50, this 3-in-1 fondue set not only meets tight budgets but is all you need to heat cheese, chocolate or even sauces. It comes with two different fondue bowls; ceramic for a gentler melt and metal to speed it up – both options are designed to be safe and durable. It’s heated by a refillable duel fuel burner. The metal stand is also designed to keep the fondue stable and protect your surfaces. The set includes six colour coded forks, to help avoid any confusion. The compact design is easy to store and perfect for a family gathering or a small party.

Artesà deluxe fondue set

Best designed fondue set

Modern yet practical with plenty of extras, this is the definitive party product. It has a revolving base and smart serving bowls for different snacks, meaning guests can spin the base to try them all. As well as the six fondue forks, there are small spoons to serve any extra toppings. It works with both cheese and chocolate – that's a completely fondue-based dinner party sorted.

Boska Holland Pro Nero fondue set

Best cheese fondue set

Boska Holland’s sleek, all-black fondue set sits on a stainless-steel frame and burner and includes six forks. At 20 x 29.5cm, it is perfect for a dinner party. This fondue pot is traditionally non-stick, which means the melted cheese at the bottom forms a golden cheese crust (known as la religieuse – the nun – because of its hat-like shape that nuns would wear) that can be scraped off once the fondue is almost finished.

Lakeland chocolate fondue gift set

Best miniature fondue set

This miniature chocolate fondue set would be a great addition to a dessert board. Perfect for you and a friend to enjoy, this BPA-free set is easy to transport and made with durable black steel. The chocolate melts in a saucepan-shaped mini pot with a handle so it can be poured onto your treats or dipped into using the two cute wooden forks included.

Le Creuset enamelled cast iron fondue set

Best cast iron fondue set

Crafted from top-quality cast iron, Le Creuset’s set not only keeps food hot, but the enamelled interior makes it super-easy to clean. Fit for grill, oven, hob and induction, and with an adjustable burner, there are plenty of ways to heat up cheese or chocolate. The 1.6-litre set comes in a striking cerise red with carry handles, so it can be carried to the dining table to take place as an attractive centrepice. With six wooden and stainless-steel forks fit with coloured tips, you're all set for a fantastic fondue night. This is the most expensive of our selection – an investment for a die-hard fondue fan.

Argos Home stainless steel fondue set

Best stainless steel fondue set

This sleek stainless-steel fondue set from Argos will brighten any table. It includes an alcohol burner and six forks that can be used for cheese and chocolate. A tealight can be used for low heat fondue like chocolate. For a higher heat to melt cheese, pour liquid fuel into the burner and light with a match.

Princess fondue set

Most versatile fondue set

This elegant, electric 1.5-litre fondue set has an easy temperature controller, which means you can heat it quickly, and adjust the heat as needed. The aluminium cast iron dish retains heat well and comes with bamboo handles, a housing stand and eight colour coded forks – making it a stylish and practical centrepiece for melted cheese and chocolate alike. It comes with a fondue ring that fits round the top of the pot to allow the forks to rest easily between dips.

Evelots personal fondue mugs

Most portable fondue set

If you’re looking for a low-key fondue night in the garden, this simple ceramic mug set is an easy solution, perfect for Bonfire Night. It comes with four forks and eight tealights to keep you going across multiple fondue sessions. The cove for a tealight at the base of the mug gently melts chocolate, but you could also use pre-made cheese fondue and keep it warm in the mug with the tealight.

Swissmar Lugano cheese fondue set

Most traditional fondue set

This stylish Swiss-made cast iron fondue set will bring a taste of the alps to your home. The solid pot, measuring 21 x 18cm is held by an ornate stand featuring a burner that can be fuelled with gel capsules. Alternatively, the pot can be put on the stove to heat and transferred to its stand to complete the showstopper look. The nine-person capacity makes it a great option for holding melty loveliness for family and friends.

Fondue recipes


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