BBC Good Food’s group magazines editor Keith Kendrick (a judge for the World Cheese Awards and associate with the Academy of Cheese) has tested the best offerings for your cheeseboard this year – or to give as gifts. Buying a cheese hamper filled with treats from UK producers is a great way to support small producers this Christmas – whether it's intended for someone else or to treat yourself with. Either way, the festive season is a perfect excuse – as if we needed one – for exploring what this isle has to offer in the way of cheese. Our selection of cheese hampers starts at just £33 for a hamper for two, going up to indulgent hampers packed with kilos of cheese and plenty of extras for £175.


A note about packaging: all cheesemongers we’ve featured here do their utmost to use recyclable packaging: most cheeses are wrapped in wax paper, and cardboard delivery boxes are insulated with cardboard shavings, zigzag paper or biodegradable Woolcool.

For more gift guides including the best Christmas hampers, best budget gifts under £15, best coffee gifts and more great gift ideas for cheese lovers, visit our reviews section to find over 400 buyer’s guides. Create the ultimate personalised gift by putting together a customised BBC Good Food cookbook, or treat a loved one to one of our online cookery courses.

Best cheese hampers at a glance 2022

  • Best cheese hamper for two: Piper's Farm Cheese Box For Two, £33
  • Best small cheese hamper: olive Cheese Hamper, £49.99
  • Best cheese hamper for extras: Paxton & Whitfield’s Cambridge Cheese & Wine Hamper, £100
  • Best overall cheese hamper: Cheese Geek 'The Arnie' Christmas Hamper, £175
  • Best for a Christmas cheese board: The 'La Fromagerie' cheese board, £48.50
  • Best Irish cheese hamper: IndieFude’s Irresistible Irish Cheese Classics (large), £48.50
  • Best for changing cheeses: Neal’s Yard Dairy’s Community Cheese of the Month Selection, £48
  • Best for award-winning cheeses: Virtual Cheese Awards Supreme Champions Hamper, £31
  • Best for bold cheeses: The Pong Christmas Extravaganza Box, £49.95
  • Best for French cheeses: Le Grand Fromage - The Large French Cheese Hamper, £55
  • Best for Scottish cheese: The Cheese Lady’s “Bonnie” Scottish Cheese Selection, from £39.50
  • Best cheese hamper for cheddar lovers: Quicke's Festive Feasting Box, £60
  • Best regional cheese hamper: Slate Cheese Deluxe East Anglian Selection, £50
  • Best for large quantity of cheese: Courtyard Dairy Luxury Cheese Selection, £79.85
  • Best Welsh cheese hamper: Ty Caws - Nadolig Llawen Welsh Cheese Box, £35
  • Best charity cheese hamper: The Cheese Collective, from £45

BBC Good Food Cheese Club

Want the cheese deliveries to just keep coming? Try out the BBC Good Food Cheese Club in partnership with cheesegeek. The current Christmas Cheeseboard box contains five carefully chosen British cheeses, plus crackers, wild bilberry jam and tasting notes to guide you through each new cheese.

Discover more about the BBC Good Food Cheese Club and order your first box here.

Cheese sits on a marble table top with a logo

Best cheese hampers to buy 2022

Cheese Geek - 'The Arnie' Christmas Hamper


Best overall cheese hamper

They say: ‘Arnie is the man who has it all, and now we have the hamper that has it all. This year our cheesy elves have been going crackers, perfecting the Christmas hamper to end all Christmas hampers. Hamper La Vista, Baby!’

Total weight of cheeses: 930g

What's in the hamper:

Golden Cross

A great example of a goat's cheese: a creamy, dense and complex log from Sussex.


Described by Cheese Geek as a British alternative to Reblochon, this is buttery and rich. It is made in Gloucestershire and comes as a whole 250g wheel - if you have leftover after your cheeseboard, it would be fab melted over potatoes for a raclette-style dinner.

St Jude

Surprisingly light, this ultra creamy, almost moussey wheel is indulgent and almost faintly citrussy on the palate.

Bluemin White

An interesting blend of styles, this 'blue brie-style cheese' from Yorkshire has a creamy centre that melts on the tongue, whilst the rind and age adds nutty complexity.

Truffle Bomb

A special treat for Christmas: this strong cheese is aged for 2 years and has real truffle added for a unique, intense final finish.


  • The Three Gees (Red Onion & Port, Brandy & Pear, Cherry & Amaretto, 113g each)
  • Maters & Co Honey
  • 1 x Box Peter's Yard Original Crackers
  • 1 x Box Peter's Yard Rosemary & Sea Salt Crackers
  • 750ml Distant Noises Chardonnay
  • 750ml Distant Noises Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 750ml Wiston Brut NV

Available from:
Cheese Geek, £175

olive magazine cheese hamper

olive cheese hamper

Best small cheese hamper

Our sister brand olive has curated their very own cheese hamper to treat the cheese lover in your life. You can also opt to upgrade to the cheese and wine hamper, with the addition of a bottle of Portuguese red wine.

What's in the hamper:

It includes three varieties to showcase the best of artisan English cheese, including iconic Colston Bassett stilton, a complex Somerset cheddar from Westcombe Dairy and creamy Sussex Camembert.


  • The Fine Cheese Co's Bath squares
  • The Fine Cheese Co Apricot and pistachio toasts
  • The Fine Cheese Co piccalilli and a jar of tangy piccalilli to create the ultimate British cheeseboard.

Available from:
olive shop, £49.99

Paxton & Whitfield’s Cambridge cheese & wine hamper

Paxtons Whitfield cheese hamper

Best cheese hamper for extras

They say: "New for 2022, this hamper of treats comprises artisan cheeses, tasty accompaniments, red wine, white wine and a sweet treat to finish, all presented in a sustainably sourced Paxton & Whitfield gift box."

Total weight of cheeses: 935g

What's in the hamper:

Mini waxed stilton

English stilton in miniature, coated in wax to maintain the quality of the cheese for longer.

Dorset goat's cheese

A wax-coated goats' milk cheese with a clean, mellow, slightly sweet flavour.

Smoked Ceodre

A wax-coated farmhouse cheddar naturally smoked over oak chips, producing smoky flavour and creamy texture.

Celtic Capra cheese

A mellow goat's milk cheese from County Tipperary, with a herby flavour. Great on a cheeseboard, or grill and serve on a salad or sourdough.

Celtic soft cheese

Versatile, soft cow's milk cheese with a buttery texture and full, creamy flavour. Delicious on a cheeseboard or baked in the oven.


  • Artisan biscuits for cheese
  • Multiseed & cracked black pepper artisan toasts for cheese
  • Really proper piccalilli
  • Damson fruit cheese
  • Beetroot & horseradish chutney
  • Traditional shortbread
  • Sea salt fudge
  • Cote de Duras merlot cabernet (375ml)
  • Cote de Duras sauvignon blanc (375ml)

Available from:

Pipers Farm’s cheese box for two

Pipers13-09-21MattAustin-32 copy

Best cheeseboard for two

They say: "Perfect for a long, slow evening in front of the fire and a warming glass of red wine – this cheese box is ideal for sharing with a loved one."

Total weight of cheeses: 400g

What's in the hamper:
Westcombe raw milk cheddar
Handmade from unadulterated raw cow's milk, Westcombe cheddar has a deep, complex flavour with long notes of citrus, hazelnut and caramel. Its nickname is the 'five-mile cheddar', as it’s said you're still tasting it five miles down the road!

Nettlebed Creamery, Bix
Beneath the white, wrinkly rind is a dense, ultra-creamy interior with a moreish, lactic tang. Dense and rich, with a buttery mouthfeel. With an earthy aroma on the nose, at first you’ll detect hints of yogurt and grassy sweetness on the palate, which unfurl into toasty notes.

St Jude cheese
This dainty little cheese is fresh and lemony, with a zippy mousse-like texture when young. It packs more punch as it matures, developing earthy flavours and a gooey interior. Dependent on the batch, St Jude can be fresh, bright and citrussy, or rich, smooth and buttery, but always with a delicate nutty flavour that is so unique to it.

Appleby's double gloucester
This incredible double gloucester is a traditional, full-fat hard cheese made from unpasteurised cow's milk. It uses the same ingredients as Appleby’s cheshire, but with variations in the timing, temperature and acidity. It has a smooth and buttery texture, with a rich, nutty, delicate flavour. The acidity is less dominant than in cheshire, and is balanced with a slight tang and mineral bite.


  • Rosebud Preserves sweet onion marmalade
  • Peter's Yard original sourdough crispbread golden cross

Available from:
Pipers Farm, £33 plus delivery (ranging from £3.95 to £14.95 depending on day, time and location)

The La Fromagerie Christmas board

La Fromagerie cheese hamper

Best for a Christmas cheeseboard

They say: "An indulgent selection of La Fromagerie's seasonal favourites, perfect to share with friends and family over the holidays."

Total weight of cheeses: about 1.5kg

What's in the hamper:

Mothais a la feuille
Leaf-wrapped, unpasteurised goat's cheese. The pâté tastes creamy and rich, with a light, aromatic, earthy perfume.

Brie de Maux
Soft, velvety texture with a tender, bloomy rind. Rich, golden cheese with an earthy character, contrasting with the texture of the crust.

Comté d'Estive
Ivory-coloured pâté with a smooth, nutty flavour and a hint of caramel sweetness.

Vacherin du-Haut-Daubs
The season for the traditionally handmade cheese is short; they start to trickle in at the beginning of October and go until the end of March. The cheese is meltingly rich, verging on tasting like clotted cream. The billowy crust is washed pinky peach with an earthy aroma.

Bleu d'Auvergne
Rich, full-flavoured blue cheese with a velvety, almost melting texture.


  • One packet of cheese biscuits
  • Tasting notes
  • Gift wrapping (available for £5.50)

Available from:
La Fromagerie, £48.50 (standard delivery £6.50 or collect free in store)

IndieFude’s irresistible Irish cheese classics (large)

Indie Fude

Best Irish cheese hamper

They say: "If you are yet to explore the world of artisan Irish cheese, this is your moment! From the rich pasture to the skilled makers, we really do make some of the best cheese in the world. This selection is the perfect introduction for a new cheese explorer, and an indulgent treat for a seasoned cheese enthusiast."

Total weight of cheeses: 600g

What's in the hamper:

Coolattin cheddar
Coming from County Carlow, Tom Burgess uses the milk from his herd of Jersey cows to craft this two-year-old raw milk, cloth-bound cheddar. Punchy, salty and nutty.

Young Buck
Raw milk blue cheese made in County Down. This young stilton style is aged for a minimum of 12 weeks. Creamy, peppery and smooth.

Tipperary brie
Made by Cooleeney Farm in County Tipperary, this pasteurised brie style is matured for eight to 10 weeks. Soft and creamy, with hints of butter and undergrowth.

Killeen goat gouda
A gouda-style cheese made with goat's milk in County Galway. Aged for a minimum of three months. Sweet, mild and smooth.

Cais na Tire
Made in County Tipperary, this hard ewe’s milk cheese – described as a cross between a manchego and pecorino – is aged for at least six months. It’s crumbly and sweet, with toasty caramel notes.


  • IndieFude onion marmalade
  • Sheridans brown bread crackers

Available from:
IndieFude, £40.95, UK delivery £10.95. NI & ROI £6.95

Neal’s Yard Dairy’s community cheese of the month selection

Neals Yard_commuity_cheese_of_the_month_december_2022 copy

Best for changing cheeses

They say: "For each box sold, Neal's Yard Dairy will match customers’ £2.50 donation, meaning every order placed will result in a £5 contribution overall to the Chefs in Schools charity, which aims to transform school food and food education by delivering clean, healthy, inexpensive, generation-powering, mind-opening, society-changing food in schools – and inspiring and enabling schools across the country to follow their lead. With this selection is the option to attend a live virtual tasting, too."

Total weight of cheeses: 1.1kg

What's in the hamper:

Stonebeck wensleydale

Made by the Hattan family in Yorkshire, their quest to recreate a farmhouse wensleydale from the 20th century led to the use of cheesemaking books from 1917 and 1947, and interviews with a 101-year-old local cheesemaker. The result is Stonebeck: creamy, fresh and herbaceous while young, with the flavour deepening as it matures into something satisfyingly warm and buttery.

Colston Bassett stilton

A blue for those who ‘don’t like blues’, Colston Bassett is gentler, sweeter and more balanced than a ‘typical’ blue cheese, with a creamy, buttery paste pierced with the delicate blue veining that's characteristic of a stilton. Colston Bassett Dairy is still owned by the farmers who supply the milk, plus a handful of local residents.

More like this

Westcombe Oxonlees

A smooth, well rounded farmhouse cheddar from Somerset made with pasteurised cow’s milk and selected for its warm, lingering flavours and balance of creaminess and acidity. Oxonlees, named after one of the fields on their farm, is a project to select and age the best batches of Westcombe cheddar.


This occupies the space between a camembert-style and Vacherin Mont d'Or-style cheese. It is matured for eight weeks, allowing its dappled, pinkish rind to develop, while the spruce band provides a note of pine.

Available from:
Neal’s Yard Dairy, £48, including delivery to most UK postcodes.

Virtual Cheese Awards supreme champions hamper

VCA Supreme Champions Cheese Hamper 1 copy

Best for award-winning cheeses

They say: "If you love British cheese, then this hamper has three Virtual Cheese Award supreme champion British cheeses: Renegade Monk, La Fresca Margarita and Keens extra-mature cheddar. It’s the crème de la crème of artisan British cheese, along with crackers and local chutney or quince jelly."

Total weight of cheeses: 660g

What's in the hamper:

Supreme champion 2020 – Renegade Monk: a soft, blue, organic cow’s cheese, drunkenly washed in ale. It is a multi-award-winning cheese, having won Gold at the Mondial du Fromage in Tours 2021.

Supreme champion 2021 – La Fresca Margarita: an organic 'queso fresco' inspired by travels in Spain and Latin America. It is available salted and unsalted. It’s a lemony, fresh cheese, which is good drizzled with honey.

Supreme champion 2022 – Keen’s extra-mature cheddar: the traditional unpasteurised cheddar was awarded supreme champion at the 2022 Virtual Cheese Awards. This cheddar follows a a fifth-generation recipe (a closely guarded secret!) and is moist, tangy and powerful. The truckles are clothbound and matured for 12 months, giving a rich, creamy flavour with a hint of citrus to finish.


  • Two packs of biscuits from the Fine Cheese Company
  • A jar of blackberry & apple chutney or quince jelly, OR a wrap of Somerset membrillo, both from local Somerset partners

Available from:
Feltham’s Farm, £31 plus delivery

The Pong Christmas extravaganza box

Pong_Christmas 2022 Extravaganza 4000px copy

Best for bold cheeses

They say: "This magnificent Christmas cheese selection is suitable for the dining table of the most demanding cheese-loving families. The Christmas extravaganza box includes high doses of luxury, with the dreamy Dazel Ash goat’s cheese log, a creamy yet nutty cheddar and the extraordinarily tasty and pungent Highmoor.

Total weight of cheeses: about 1379g

What's in the hamper:

Harrogate blue
A soft, luxuriously creamy, blue-veined cheese delivering a mellow flavour with a hint of pepper to finish.

Pong’s extraordinary cheddar
A creamy cheddar with earthy characteristics and a distinctly nutty flavour.

Dazel ash log
Ash-coated goat’s cheese from Rosary Goat’s Cheese in Wiltshire. Looks wonderful on a Christmas cheeseboard.

A smooth, dense and creamy texture, plus an ochre, pungent rind, with aromas of mustard and dry hay.

Delice de Bourgogne
A deliciously decadent triple-cream cheese from Burgundy, with a rich and full flavour.


  • Optional extras can be ordered at checkout, including Peter's Yard biscuits and Tracklements sauces

Available from:
Pong, £49.95 plus £4.95 delivery

Le Grand Fromage – the large French cheese hamper

Fine Cheese Co cheese hamper

Best for French cheese

They say: "Here are five fabulous French cheeses that are sure to delight."

Total weight of cheeses: about 905g

What's in the hamper:

Roquefort Carles
Made with unpasteurised sheep's milk and matured in the Roquefort caves.

Mothais Sur Feille
Wrapped in a chestnut leaf, this raw milk goat's cheese is nutty and complex.

Beaufort D'eté
From Affineur Paccard, this pasteurised cow’s milk cheese is pliable and slightly crystallised, with notes of honey, pineapple and butter.

A delicate, buttery and slightly farm-y raw cow’s milk cheese, with a gooey texture. From Affineur François of Fromagerie Xavier. This cheese style is marked with a cross, in reference to the Knights Templar, who were active in the Languedoc area. Typically made from goat's milk, the use of cow's milk is a creative twist.

Trou du Cru
Trou du Cru is a washed-rind cow’s milk cheese produced in the Bourgogne region, originally by Robert Berthaut in the early 1980s as a baby version of the famous Époisses. It is washed in the local Marc de Bourgogne eau-de-vie. It possesses all the pungent delights of an Époisses, but can easily be consumed in one sitting, thus avoiding the wrath of a family member or partner who doesn't enjoy a smelly cheese.

Available from:
The Fine Cheese Co, £55, including delivery

The Cheese Lady’s “Bonnie” Scottish cheese selection

Cheese Lady copy

Best for Scottish cheese

They say: "The Scottish Cheese selection showcases four outstanding farmhouse and artisan cheeses produced in Scotland today. Balanced and refined, it includes a variety of textures, flavours, aromas and milks, and is sure wow the most sophisticated palates. So, venture off the beaten track and treat your cheese-loving palate to a selection of truly remarkable cheese."

Total weight of cheeses: “Classic” about 800g; “Grande” about 1.6kg.

What's in the hamper:

A brie-style cheese made in the Highlands. It’s gooey, rich and soft inside. On the outside, it is covered by a cheerful orange rind that's tinged with annatto; it is edible and delicious. The cheese has a memorable aroma, but possibly not quite as strong as the name suggests.

A crumbly, slightly tangy, farmhouse cow's milk cheese made in Fife. St Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Co uses raw milk from its home-bred herd of Holstein Friesian cows. Made by hand using traditional techniques, and based on the cheshire recipe.

Corra Linn
One of the most sought-after Scottish farmhouse cheeses. Corra Linn is a firm cheddar-style cheese made by hand from the raw milk of Lacaune sheep, on a family farm in Lanarkshire. Matured for a minimum of 12 months, it’s firm and crumbly in texture, with nutty notes.

Lanark Blue
Scotland’s answer to roquefort. Made by hand at Errington’s farm in Lanarkshire, with raw milk from the farm’s own Lacaune sheep. Vegetarian rennet goes into making this compact yet crumbly blue.


  • Bramley apple chutney
  • Three-seed organic oatcakes
  • The Cheese Lady Guide to Fine Cheese
  • Cheese notes and beverage suggestions

Quicke's Festive Feasting Box

Festive Feasting Box 07-09-21MattAustin-94

Best hamper for cheddar lovers

They say: ‘Pairs multi-award winning Quicke's cheese with some of the best accompaniments from across the South West. Curated with effortless indulgence in mind, this box looks to lift the festive cheeseboard to new heights.’

Total weight of cheeses: 600g

What's in the hamper:

Quicke’s mature clothbound cheddar

A rich and buttery cheddar that offers outstanding depth of flavour, which develops as it reaches the back of the palate. Brothy to grassy to caramel notes.

Quicke’s goat’s milk clothbound cheese

Vibrant, almondy, buttery: a delightfully different goat’s milk cheese.

Quicke’s oak smoked clothbound cheddar

Smoked using oak chips from trees grown on the Quicke's estate for a sensuously smoky, buttery flavour.


  • Clare's Preserves Spiced Damson Chutney
  • Peter’s Yard Rye & Charcoal Sourdough Crackers
  • Cornish Olive Stall ‘The Mix’
  • Capreolus Fine Foods Charcuterie Sharing Platter
  • Mrs Gill’s Country Cakes Fruit Cake
  • Mr Filbert’s Rosemary Sea Salt Peanuts

Available from:
Quicke's, £60 (with free next day delivery)

olive magazine cheese hamper

olive cheese hamper

Best small cheese hamper

Our sister brand olive has curated their very own cheese hamper to treat the cheese lover in your life. You can also opt to upgrade to the cheese and wine hamper, with the addition of a bottle of Portuguese red wine.

What's in the hamper:

It includes three varieties to showcase the best of artisan English cheese, including iconic Colston Bassett stilton, a complex Somerset cheddar from Westcombe Dairy and creamy Sussex Camembert.


  • The Fine Cheese Co's Bath squares
  • The Fine Cheese Co Apricot and pistachio toasts
  • The Fine Cheese Co piccalilli and a jar of tangy piccalilli to create the ultimate British cheeseboard.

Available from:
olive shop, £49.99

Slate Cheese Deluxe East Anglian Selection

Eightyone Photography

Best regional cheese hamper

They say: ‘Our Deluxe East Anglian Selection showcases six beautiful cheeses made locally to Slate in Suffolk and neighbouring Norfolk. These cheeses are inspired by a variety of recipes from around the UK and Europe and are all handmade using full-flavoured milk from happy herds that graze rich fenland pastures.’

Total weight of cheeses: 1.1kg

What's in the hamper:

Bingham Blue

Full flavoured and creamy textured cheese with a firm bite and a sweet tang.

Baron Bigod

Soft brie-style cheese made in Suffolk at Fen Farm Dairy near Bungay. The taste is delicate at its centre with yoghurt acidity. As it ages, the flavour becomes creamier and richer with aromas of earth and mushroom.

Norfolk Dapple

A cheddar-style cheese made by Ferndale Cheeses in Norfolk from unpasteurised milk from a local herd of pedigree Holstein-Friesians and traditional ‘cheddaring’ methods.

Suffolk Gold

Light crumbly farmhouse cheese with a golden colour from Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses. It’s made with pasteurised milk from Guernsey and Jersey cows to give the cheese a golden colour with a creamy, buttery flavour with a light tang.

Norfolk Mardler

With its yellow wax coating, Norfolk Mardler is distinctively eye-catching. Inside, its paste is bright white and firm with a delicious creamy taste and subtle hint of goatiness.

St Jude

Small, soft, wrinkly cow’s milk cheese from Suffolk. Inspired by the French cheese St Marcellin. It has a savoury, rich and buttery flavour with a luxuriously light, almost mousse-like paste.


  • Peter's Yard Original Sourdough crackers
  • Optional wine: Flint Vineyard Bacchus.

Available from:
Slate Cheese, £50/£69 with wine, plus £5.95 delivery

Courtyard Dairy Luxury Cheese Selection

Courtyard Dairy_luxury_selection_206

Best for large quantity of cheese

They say: ‘Luxury Cheese Selection. Six large chunks of some of the most outstanding cheeses available, this is a true luxury cheese selection. Including the outstanding, buttery and tangy Hafod Cheddar, voluptuous Vacherin Mont d’Or, stunning Stichelton, the triple-cream Brie-style Finn, a multiple award-winning goats Gouda from Ireland and that old favourite, Kirkham’s Lancashire,

Total weight of cheeses: 2.75kg

What's in the hamper:

Vacherin Mont d’Or

Only made for the winter season, Vacherin Mont d’Or is powerful, rich, and often dribbling out of the box! The Vacherin Mont d’Or selected by The Courtyard Dairy is made by one of the most outstanding producers in the region – Sancey-Richard – and then extra-aged until eight weeks old so that the unctuous, rich, and piney flavours can develop fully.

Hafod Cheddar

With only 65 Ayrshire cows providing the milk, this clothbound cheddar is made to a very traditional recipe, giving a cheese that is buttery and smooth, with that special Cheddar tang.


Hand-ladled and made to a traditional recipe but with unpasteurised milk, Stichelton is creamy and nutty, with a rich yet gentle blue note.


A triple-cream cheese, a classic of the French Parisian style. Extra cream is added to the milk before making Finn, ensuring it has a rich, delectable flavour and smooth texture.

Killeen Goats’ Gouda

Leaving Holland in search of the Irish ‘good-life’, Marion Roeleveld developed Killeen – a Gouda made with milk given by her own goats.

Kirkham’s Lancashire

Third-generation Lancashire-maker Graham still follows the traditional two-day curd method, giving a buttery, yoghurty flavour with a fluffy and light texture that melts in the mouth.


You can upgrade to include a large bottle of Tawny Port and Quince Paste (£91.95).

Available from:
Courtyard Dairy, £79.85

Ty Caws - Nadolig Llawen Welsh Cheese Box

Ultimate Welsh Cheese Selection Unwrapped

Best Welsh cheese hamper

They say: ‘We’ve selected some of the very best cheese from our Welsh producers and curated this gift box filled with a variety of cheese to please all! To accompany the cheese selection, we’ve also included Christmas Day Chutney and Sea Salt Crackers – also made in Wales.'

Total weight of cheeses: 1kg

What's in the hamper:

Cenarth Brie

A true farmhouse brie, made with local organic cow’s milk. It’s rich, buttery and earthy.


Traditional cheddar made by the Holden family near Lampeter with milk from their own Ayrshire cows. It’s flavour is buttery, grassy and brothy.

Perl Las

A continental style blue cheese which is creamier than most blues - a great balance of salt with a piquant savoury tang to finish

Teifi Mature

Made to a traditional gouda recipe, this cow’s milk cheese is sweet and caramelly with nutty savouriness.

Golden Cenarth

Pungent but deliciously creamy inside when perfectly ripe. Bake it in the oven for a rich, meaty, creamy dipping cheese.

Available from:
Ty Caws, £35

The Cheese Collective

CHEESE Collective hamper

Best charity cheese hamper

They say: ‘The Cheese Collective is partnered with The Trussell Trust, which supports the UK’s largest network of food banks. For every box bought, The Cheese Collective donate a food bank meal to The Trussell Trust.’

What's in the hamper:

The Cheese Collective offers both a Large and Small Festive Hamper. The small festive hamper includes:

Cheeses included:

  • Baron Bigod
  • Beauvale
  • Nanny McBrie
  • Keens Mature Cheddar
  • Ogleshield


  • 5 award-winning British cheeses
  • Peter’s Yard crackers
  • Tracklements Fruit Cheese Quince

Available from:
The Cheese Collective, from £45

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