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The 50 best gifts to buy for foodies

The definitive guide to gifts for foodies. Find inspiration for all occasions, plus some new foodie favourites, from gadgets and homeware, to edible presents.

We’ve picked products we think you’ll love and may earn commission from links on this page. Read about why you can trust BBC Good Food reviews.


Looking for a food- or drink-inspired gift? Look no further. We’ve compiled some of the very best presents for the budding chefs, passionate foodies and kitchen-gadget-lovers in your life.

From gourmet food gifts to tickle the tastebuds to your favourite food-lover’s top tipple, there are plenty of gifts to choose from, so treat those you love or even yourself – why not brighten up your own kitchen cupboards?

Browse the list for gift inspiration, and check out our extended lists for more food and drink, homeware and gadget gifts, the best hampers, letterbox gifts, baking gifts, chocolate gift sets and our favourite cookbooks of 2020. For the ultimate personalised gift, why not create a customised BBC Good Food cookbook, or treat a loved one to one of our online cookery courses?

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Best alcohol gifts

Bottle of sapling vodka

1. Sapling vodka (70cl, 40% ABV)

A seriously smooth, crisp vodka with slightly zesty, peppery notes. And what’s even better is that a tree is planted for every bottle sold!

Available from:
Master of Malt (£27.95)
The Whisky exchange (£25.75) 
Sapling Spirits (£30) 

Bottle of El Bandarra Al Fresco

2. El Bandarra Al Fresco (1 litre, 14.5% ABV)

Similar to a classic bitter Italian aperitif but slightly lighter and fresher, this has a subtle red berry taste and is excellent with soda – a lovely gift for any spritz fans.

Available from:
El Bandarra (£19.99) 
31Dover (£21.45) 

Love Delhi Gin

3. Love Delhi gin (70cl, 37.50%)

Inspired by the flavours of India, this has an intense aroma of tropical fruit with a delicate mango flavour. It’s a surprising and subtly fruity (but not too sweet) gin, that would make a great addition to a juice-based punch, or try simply served with tonic water and ice.

Available from:
Master of Malt (£28.95) 
Love Delhi gin (£36) 
Amazon (£29.34) 

Amber coloured bottle of Cabby's spiced rum

4. Cabby’s spiced rum (70cl, 41.2% ABV)

A unique spiced rum with punchy notes of almond, clove, ginger, cinnamon and a subtle treacle-like sweetness. Delicious sipped over ice, or use in a dark & stormy cocktail.

Available from:
Taxi Spirit (£35)

Clear bottle of Cazcabel coconut with green label and cork top

5. Cazcabel coconut liqueur (70cl, 34% ABV)

Made from a base of blanco tequila and Jalisco coconuts, this liqueur has notes of rich caramel and toasted coconut. It’s great sipped ice-cold alongside spicy Mexican dishes, or even a Thai curry.

Available from:
Master of Malt (£22.46) 
Amazon (£24.99) 
Proof Drinks (£26.99)

White bottle of Salcome Gin restless and its box

6. Salcombe Gin Voyager Series ‘Restless’ (50cl, 46% ABV)

An extra-special, blow-the-budget gin, this was made in collaboration with Great British Menu‘s Niall Keating, and is deliciously herbaceous, zesty and easy-drinking.

Available from:
Salcombe Gin (£65) 
Master of Malt (£64.95) 

Card box with set of small whisky bottles in front

7. The Character of Islay Whisky Company tasting set (five 3cl drams)

Take a virtual tour of the Scottish islands famed for their smoky, peated whiskies, and follow an online tasting of five characterful Islay drams. From Aerolyte Lyndsay’s burnt caramel and sea salt, to a tropical 33-year-old malt, this little tasting box is full of surprises.

Available from Master of malt (£29.99)

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Two short glasses with Nio cocktail boxes around them

8. Nio Cocktails box (three 100ml pouches)

A great stocking filler for booze-lovers, these high-quality, single-serve cocktails in little boxes come in sets of three, six or nine. Just pour into a glass full of ice and it’s ready to drink! We especially love the zingy daiquiri.

Available from Nio Cocktails (£19.50) 

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9. Six of the best ciders of 2021

All ciders sold through Cider is Wine are made exclusively from 100 per cent apples, with no concentrates whatsoever. This set features six really special ciders in different styles, including sparkling, still and a sweet ice cider. It also includes a cider and food-matching wheel.

Available from Cider is Wine (£80)

10. El Rayo reposado tequila (70cl, 40% ABV)

The ideal gift for any tequila-lover, this smooth, complex tequila has notes of raw almond skins on the nose, and is a really special sipper. Plus, the utterly gorgeous bottle it comes in makes it great for gifting.

Available from:
El Rayo Tequila (£36.95) 
Master of Malt (£36.83) 

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Best gourmet food & drink gifts

Jar of marinated feta with Graceburn Truffle written on black label

11. Graceburn truffle cheese (250g)

This insanely creamy, feta-like soft cow’s cheese is marinated in British rapeseed oil, black winter truffle and a drop of truffle oil, and the result is seriously special.

Available from The Great British Charcuterie Co. (£8.95)

Car tube with Knoops label on

12. Knoops milk chocolate flakes, 43% single origin, Venezuela (250g)

An extra-special hot chocolate for cold winter nights – stir these single-origin Venezuelan milk chocolate flakes into hot milk for an indulgent, rich chocolate drink with just the right amount of caramel sweetness.

Available from Knoops (£9.50) 

tins of san Marzano tomatoes, wooden spaghetti stirrer, spaghetti, pepper, guanciale and a jar of nduja on a white background

13. Sous Chef’s ‘Don’t Look Down on Pasta’ kit

Pasta fans will delight in this kit, which contains high-quality Italian ingredients for making classic pasta dishes like carbonara and spaghetti pomodoro. A recipe booklet and wooden spaghetti stirrer are also included.

Available from Sous Chef (£38.50) 

Gold tin of Odysea olive oil

14. Odysea PDO kalamata extra virgin olive oil (1 litre)

A good medium-bodied olive oil that’s smooth and buttery. Use in dressings, for drizzling over salads, marinating feta or dipping with bread. The golden tin makes it a great (and very affordable) gift for a foodie.

Available from Odysea (£12) 

three packets of coffee with flamingo designs

15. Scarlett Coffee roaster trio gift box

A set of three freshly roasted coffees from London-based Scarlett Coffee Roastery. We love the gorgeous flamingo-design bags.

Available from Scarlett Coffee Roastery (£32) 

Red box with gold-wrapped chocolate next to it

16. Willie’s Cacao sea salt caramel pearls (150g)

These gorgeous caramel-filled chocolates are available in either 70% dark (pictured) or 54% milk chocolate, and are individually gold-wrapped for an extra touch of festive luxury.

Available from Willie’s Cacao (£6.95) 

selection of colourful tubes of teas

17. Niche Tea (37.5g, 15 teabags)

These beautifully blended, soothing artisanal teas make a really special gift for any herbal tea fan. We love the delicate white tea blend called ‘Skin’, as well as the calming ‘Sleep’ blend, which has notes of vanilla and chamomile.

Available from Niche Tea (£10)

jar of Starlino maraschino cherries

18. Hotel Starlino maraschino cherries (400g)

A lovely gift for cocktail lovers, these cherries are firm and sharp while the syrup is rich and sweet, with an intense cherry flavour. Try adding one or two to a negroni, or use the syrup in an amaretto sour or sweet manhattan.

Available from:
Master of Malt (£9.95)
Amazon (£9.98)
Proof Drinks (£10)

Four bottles of Eaten Alive hot sauce in front of the box

19. Eaten Alive hot sauce discovery pack

The new discovery pack from fermented food specialists Eaten Alive features four of their best-selling hot sauces – Smoked Sriracha, Chocolate BBQ, Scotch Bonnet and Preserved Lemon. They’re all packed full of flavour and vegan-friendly.

Available from:
Eaten Alive (£15.99) 
Amazon (£19.99)

Tin of Heinz baked beans with personalised message

20. Personalised Heinz Beanz

Know a baked-bean-lover? Order them their very own personalised tin via the Heinz to Home website (order before 18 December).

Available from heinztohome.co.uk (£5.49)

Islands Chocolate

21. Islands chocolate bars (70g each)

Sustainably and ethically made with cocoa beans from St Vincent in the Caribbean, these bars have great snap, gorgeous melt-in-the-mouth texture and complex flavours. Choose between 55% milk chocolate and 65%, 75% (pictured) and 100% dark chocolate.

Available from:
Islands Chocolate (£4.50)
Amazon (£4.50)
Borough Box (£3.99)

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen Salts trio

22. Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen salt sampler

Add pep to everyday dishes with this flavoured salt trio, including an umami okra, extra-hot chilli, and the aromatic hibiscus salt, which goes well with red meats.

Available from Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen (£10) 

one box of 6 mixed brownies

23. Cake or Death vegan brownies mixed box

You’d never guess that these super-fudgy chocolate brownies are vegan! This mixed box includes two sea salt, two peanut butter and two Lotus Biscoff (our favourite) brownies, and comes in a gorgeous (and letterbox-friendly) pink-animal-print box.

Available from Cake or Death (£19) 

24. Frantoio Muraglia aromatic olive oil selection

This is a set of four very different, but equally delicious, flavoured oils. We recommend drizzling the celery oil over fish or salad leaves, using the ginger oil on steamed vegetables, spooning the lemon oil on chicken, and serving the chilli oil with dumplings or pizza.

Available from Sous Chef (£22.99)

25. Rooted Spices explorer’s spice set

This high-quality set features a wide range of spices, each displayed in a beautiful tin. Take your dish to the next level with hot smoked paprika, Aleppo pepper or ground sumac.

Available from Rooted Spices (£37.50).

Best gifts and gadgets for foodies

Brightly coloured African print pink and blue apron

26. Bespoke Binny pink Nyame apron

With a vibrant, African-style print, this is not just an apron, it’s also a style statement. You’ll find plenty more fun, colourful designs on the Bespoke Binny website, as well as matching oven gloves.

Available from Bespoke Binny (£26.99)

Trio of Opinel knives

27. Opinel Paralelle trio knives

This handy wooden-handled knife set includes a chef’s knife, carving knife and small peeling knife.

Available from:
Whitby & Co (£64.95)
Selfridge’s (£65)
Knives and Tools (£55.25)

Breville Barista Mini

28. The Breville Barista mini coffee machine

Coffee connoisseurs will enjoy being a barista at home with this sleek machine. It has a portafilter, steam wand and milk jug to make everything from americanos to flat whites, and its compact size makes it great for small kitchens.

Available from Currys (£249) 

white and black splatter effect rectangular roasting dish

29. Habitat Perdita brown splatter rectangular cookware

For the cook who likes to entertain, this attractive splatter-effect 29 x 21cm dish is perfect for taking straight from oven to table.

Available from Habitat (£20) 

Casserole Pan

30. Classic 25cm stainless steel tri-ply casserole pan and lid

A pan, stock pot and casserole all in one, this stainless steel beauty is safe to use on all hobs, in the oven and goes in the dishwasher, too.

Available from Samuel Groves (£147.51) 

textured glass cocktail shaker with gold lid

31. Fiesta gold metal and glass cocktail shaker

Home mixology just got even more chic with this chunky glass and gold cocktail shaker.

Available from Oliver Bonas (£22.50) 

Silver Marcato Atlas 150 pasta maker

32. Marcato Atlas 150 pasta maker machine

Pasta-making is a huge trend this year, and this sturdy chromed steel pasta maker was the winner in our recent review of pasta-making gadgets and kit.

Available from:
Lakeland (£59.99)
Amazon (£54.34)

Eco friendly wooden dish brush, soap and soap rack

33. Eco-friendly washing-up set

Help someone go plastic-free in the kitchen with this pretty eco-friendly set that contains a wooden washing-up brush, dish soap and soap rack.

Available from Peace with the Wild (£15)

Brass coffee clip with scoop on a coffee bag

34. Brass Brompton Coffee scoop with clip

This two-in-one tool is a great, budget-friendly gift for coffee lovers – use the scoop to measure out your coffee, and the clip to reseal the bag so it always stays fresh. For more like this, don’t miss our top gifts for coffee lovers.

Available from:
Garden Trading (£10)
Cotswold Trading (£10)

brightly coloured arty design bag

35. Herd tote bag

Made from recycled plastic bottles, these durable bags are great for food shopping, and we love their bold, arty designs.

Available from Herd Bags (from £12)

silicone food huggers with different fruit and veg in them

36. Green Island Co food huggers (four-pack)

Anyone mindful of using up leftovers will appreciate these silicone ‘huggers’ that keep veg fresh after it’s been sliced. They can also be used as a bottle or can lid. A great eco-friendly stocking filler for home cooks!

Available from:
Plastic Freedom (£9.95)
Peace with the Wild (£9.95)
Friendly Turtle (£9.50)

bread bag with wheat design and drawstring

37. Wheat Fields bread bag

For those who don’t have space for a bread bin, these sustainable cotton bags keep bread fresh (and are great for transporting baked goods, too). 

Available from The Foragers Cottage (£15) 

Three cookbooks and explanation of Good Food subscription offer

38. BBC Good Food magazine gift subscription plus cookbook offer

Sign up for a BBC Good Food magazine subscription today for only £34.99 every 12 issues, and we’ll also send your choice of hardback cookbook from Nadiya, Nigella or Mary to enjoy for yourself, or gift to a foodie friend.

Available from Buy Subscriptions

39. Le Creuset cast iron Grillit pan

One of the most trusted brands in cast iron and ceramic cookware brings us a gorgeous deep teal pan that’s sure to last for years.

Available from Le Creuset (£125)

40. AnySharp Twist knife sharpener

A knife sharpener might not be the most glamorous gift, but it’s certainly one of the most useful. This often-overlooked kitchen essential is a must-have, and this new design has an angled sharpening function. It also has suction pads on the base to keep the sharpener safely in place during use.

Available from Amazon (£9.99)

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41. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 multifunction electric pressure cooker

Pressure cookers have surged in popularity recently, and it’s no surprise – you can do just about anything in this one, from cooking rice to steaming veg, and even making yogurt.

Available from Amazon (£85.03)

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Best homeware gifts for food lovers

Tea towel with rainbow motif and 'be nice' caption

42. David Shrigley ‘Be Nice’ tea towel

Make someone smile with this brightly coloured designer tea towel sporting a rainbow motif and heartfelt (and important!) message.

Available from:
Third Drawer Down (£26)
Trouva (£35)

Bowl with teal line design

43. Ray bowl

We love the bold design and teal colour on this glazed terracotta dish. Its size makes it ideal for serving snacks, tapas or dessert.

Available from Abode Living (£15)

Ribbed carafe

44. Ferm Living ripple carafe

Help someone stay hydrated in style with this trendy ridged-glass carafe and glass set.

Available from:
Not Another Bill (£29) 

large terracotta fish shaped dish

45. Van Verre fish serving platter

This large handmade fish-shaped dish in terracotta clay is great for anyone who loves hosting dinner parties – they can use it to serve whole baked fish, or big piles of salads and sides.

Available from Trouva (£44.49)

Brightly coloured mug

46. Carolyn Gavin mug

We love the vibrant colours on this large and seriously huggable mug.

Available from Anthropologie (£12)