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Best beer subscription boxes for craft beer lovers

Published: December 3, 2021 at 2:56 pm
Magazine subscription – your first 5 issues for only £5!

A regular delivery of craft beer will keep you in healthy supply of interesting brews, hand-selected by experts. Read our round-up of the best beer subscription boxes.

Supermarket now sell big ranges of beer and it's easy to stock up while you're doing your grocery shop. However, this means you may miss some more unusual beers – the bottles and cans you don’t often see on the shelves.


This is where beer subscription services come in, making sure we can enjoy the craft beer experience from our own front rooms. In the same way as ever popular gin subscriptions or wine deliveries, a beer subscription means your fridge can always stay stocked with an interesting bottle or can. Branch out from your usual Peroni or Corona and discover a whole new world of independent breweries, unique flavours and new favourite ales, lagers and beyond. Plus, if you've got a beer fan in your life, a beer subscription makes a brilliant gift.

As well as the convenience of having beer delivered direct to your door, a beer subscription also helps you find the best beers to suit your tastes. Different subscriptions offer different USPs: whether you're looking to try new British beers, want IPAs only or support small craft breweries. Some offer customisable boxes so you can rule out any styles you're not such a fan of, whilst others offer a real community element to find likeminded beer heads. We've even included a cider subscription if that is more your style.

Our drinks expert Brendan Hodrien is a lifestyle writer who specialises in drinks reviews and has tested the best beer subscriptions and deliveries to buy. He has previously written about the best drinks for The Independent, The i and Evening Standard, more often than not waxing lyrical about Islay whiskies.

So whether you're a fan British ales or new world craft beers, we’ve found a service that works for you. From big boxes of Belgian beer to small deliveries of the weird and wonderful, there’s a whole world of beer subscriptions out there – what are you having?

Read on to discover our pick of the best beer subscriptions and deliveries. For more, visit our reviews section and find reviews of beer making kits, vodka, rum and more..

Best beer subscription boxes at a glance

Best beer subscription boxes to buy 2022


Best overall beer subscription

Beer52 is one of the biggest names in the beer delivery game at the moment and deservedly so. It does absolutely everything right. Month to month the theme changes, taking subscribers on journeys to Korea and Estonia, California and Ireland.

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Beer52 send experts around the world to discover the best beers each country has to offer. You can choose whether to receive 8 or 10 beers a month and can decide whether you want a mixed box (light and dark beers) or just light. Along with your beers you will also receive a magazine and a quirky snack. Delivery options are easy to personalise and adjust as well. We can't fault it.

What to expect in a Beer52 box:

Ireland dominated our trial box: there was the Salted Caramel Pastry Stout from White Hag Brewery in Sligo, a bottle of Irish Stout by Heaney and the award winning Knockmealdown Stout by Eight Degrees. Aside from the dark stuff there was O’Hara’s White Haze IPA and Eight Degrees’ Bohemian Pilsner.

Sign up to Beer52 (from £27 a month)

Flavourly Beer Club

Best bespoke beer subscription

Flavourly have a vast online shop, flogging cases of some of the craft beer industry’s most delicious offerings. With such an expert knowledge and range of beers to draw from, its craft beer discovery club is able to adapt to your tastes.

You will be sent a snack, magazine and eight beers a month. You choose whether you’d like a light selection, made up of IPAs and such like, or a mixed box which includes the odd stout and porter.

Rate and review your favourites as you go and Flavourly will get to know your taste, tailoring your boxes to suit you. If you aren’t as fussed about discovering new beers, you can sign up to Flavourly’s no fuss subscription service which gets you 20 small batch craft beers a month.

What to expect in a Flavourly box:

A massive thumbs up for Flavourly as it shares our love for Weird Beard. There were also exclusive collaborations such as the Black Isle x Flavourly APA, a successful joint venture given its 4/5 rating from over 260 tasters.

Sign up to Flavourly (from £44.90 a month)

Brew Republic

Best for small batch beers

Beer Republic classic beer subscription box

Brew Republic pride themselves on having their eyes, ears and tongues everywhere in the craft beer world.

They’ve got contacts at the best independent craft breweries in the land and as such their boxes are always full of the highest quality small batch beers you can find.

Subscribers have three cases to choose from, each made up of 12 craft beers. The classics case focuses on traditional styles, the discovery option throws up some more adventurous offerings - tangy sours and the like, whilst the premium box is the cream of the crop, featuring the craftiest of craft breweries at the top of their game.

Your first case comes with a free glass, all the packaging is recyclable and each box features helpful tasting notes. It’s also super-easy to amend your order should you want to skip a month or try something new.

It’s a big thumbs up from us for this flexible, straightforward and tasty subscription.

Sign up to Brew Republic (from £35 a month)

Standard Brew Co

Best beer subscription for IPAs

Standard Brew Co is a brand-new, customer-owned, subscription-based brewery, shipping out new and exclusive small-batch IPAs every month. Each subscriber will receive shares in the business and become an owner with Standard Brew Co, while enjoying delicious and easy-drinking beers.

Made for people who love IPA and who want to be part of the business of brewing, Standard Brew Co awards shares every year to anyone who completes a year-long subscription. All you have to do is drink the beer!

Each month, Standard Brew Co creates a different small-batch IPA, making everything from TIPAs (triple-hopped brews) to SIPAs (session beers) and everything in between.

What to expect in a Standard Brew Co box:

For £20 a month you will receive a six-pack of tank-fresh IPA straight from the brewery; plus, for a limited time, the first month of your subscription is free. Standard Brew Co will be brewing a plethora of IPAs throughout the year, so you can guarantee no two brews will be the same.

Sign up to Standard Brew Co (from £20 a month)


Best beer subscription for a community experience

Let’s be honest, half the fun of craft beer is being able to impress your friends with your in-depth knowledge of the obscure tipple in front of you, regaling them with details of how the can was inspired by the brewer's childhood dog's love for strawberries and mint.

The Beerbods subscription makes sure you're armed with the knowledge you need to enjoy your beer to the fullest. You are delivered 8 beers every 8 weeks and every Thursday you receive an email talking you through the beer of the week – you can even join in with the weekly live tastings.

What to expect in a Beerbods box:

Beerbods’ eclectic mix took us to Bristol with Wiper and True’s much adored Kaleidoscope Pale Ale and Arbor’s C Bomb. We also headed to Southwark with Brew By Numbers’ Session IPA and all the way up to the Toon with Newcastle's very own Repeater Session IPA by Full Circle Brewing Co.

Sign up to Beerbods (from £24 a month)

Hop Burns & Black All Killer No Filler

Best exclusive craft beer subscription

Hop Burns & Black’s All Killer No Filler box really puts its money where its mouth is. The premise of the subscription service is that the boxes will never be padded out with anything drab or ubiquitous – its all killer, no filler.

Each month you receive 12 beers, the box filled with small batch collaborations, international rarities and beers exclusive to Hop Burns & Black. You are also furnished with reviews, tasting notes and suggested pairings written by expert beer and food writers. Get in there fast, membership is capped in order to ensure they can fulfil their ‘all killer’ promise.

What to expect in the Hop Burns & Black box:

Hop Burns & Black followed through on the no filler promise. There was an elaborate can by Tottenham based Pressure Drop and a Brown Ale by Kernel (suppliers to Yotam Ottolenghi). There was also room given to Polly’s Brew Co from Mold with its well balanced Pines IPA in the box. We were bowled over by the South Coast’s Burning Sky Brewery – its Out of Vogue West Coast Pale is incredibly moreish.

Sign up to Hop Burns & Black subs club (£49.95)

Best of British Beer – Beer for a Year

Best beer subscription for homegrown brews

There’s no prizes for guessing what Best of British Beer is all about. However, it does deserve a prize for its variety, as the company offers an array of different subscriptions – but our choice has to be the Beer for a Year edition.

Over the course of 12 months, subscribers are sent four boxes filled with 12 different 500ml bottles, with the odd 330ml can or bottle in there if it’s something extra special. One of the most inviting aspects of this proposition is that subscribers can pick which dates throughout the year they want their deliveries – want some for an anniversary? Pencil it in. A birthday? Sorted.

What to expect in a Best of British beer box:

This offering does what it says on the side of the box. There were treats from Manchester’s Wildside Beers, a full bodied stout by Shrewbury’s Monty Brewery, a pilsner from Westerham, and a fruity pale from Cornwall based Firebrand Brewing Co.

Sign up to Best of British Beer – Beer for a Year (£155)

Crafty Nectar

Best cider subscription

Life would be boring if we were all the same. If you are one of those people who would rather kick back and relax with a cider rather than an IPA then there’s no better place than Crafty Nectar to get your fix.

Crafty Nectar have a team of experts who curate their craft cider selections, putting together boxes full of different styles and flavours. Subscribers can choose from a Mini Taster Box of three bottles, a Craft Cider Discovery Box of six bottles or a Fine Cider Taster Box made up of two particularly special 750ml bottles.

Forget that nasty experience you had with White Lightning when you were a teenager and enjoy the world of craft cider.

What to expect in a Crafty Nectar box:

Crafty Nectar introduced us to a world of cider we never knew existed, from the delectable SASSY Rosé Cider to their very own rhubarb cider. We also couldn’t get enough of the Laidback Lumberjack Cider by Against the Grain.

Sign up to Crafty Nectar (from £15.50 a box)

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