Who says you need a roaring campfire to make toasted marshmallows? There's a whole world of marshmallow toasting and s'mores kits that come with everything you need for charred, melting marshmallows at home. It's the perfect summer activity for kids, or an interactive dinner party dessert that your friends will love. The miniature, portable nature of the kits means you can even pack them to take on a picnic, to the beach or on a staycation.


Toasted marshmallow kits typically contain a mini burner and packet of marshmallows ready for toasting. All you need to do is light the mini burner – which can even be used indoors on rainy days – and wait for your marshmallows to melt.

S'mores kits may include extra chocolate and biscuits to make a squidgy melted s'more. Other extras may include sprinkles and skewers. If your kit doesn't come with s'mores extras, why not make your own? Bake a batch of oat biscuits or buttery homemade shortbread to sandwich your melting marshmallow between. The level of personalisation in the kits varies – some include a huge range of gourmet marshmallow flavours, while others focus on classic vanilla or offer multiple kits with different flavours so you can find your favourite.

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Best marshmallow toasting kits at a glance

  • Best classic marshmallow toasting kit: Naked Marshmallow Co., £19
  • Best for gourmet marshmallows: The Marshmallowist, £25
  • Best for families and children: Toast'd, £17
  • Best luxury s'mores kit: Campfire Mallow Co., £24.99
  • Best range of marshmallow flavours: Happy Mallows, £16.50
  • Best novelty marshmallow kit: Marvling Bros., £5
  • Best for vegan marshmallows: Freedom Marshmallows, £12

Best marshmallow toasting kits to buy 2023

Naked Marshmallow Co.

Naked Marshmallow kit

Best classic marshmallow toasting kit

More like this

Naked Marshmallow Co. has all your marshmallow needs covered with a variety of toasting kits. We love the classic toasting kit containing marshmallows, a toaster and bamboo skewers. You can choose any two marshmallow flavours from its classic range, including vanilla bean, candy floss, salted caramel, choc orange and strawberry cream. The toaster is certified non-toxic, smokeless and odourless, and has an approximate burn time of 3 hours. The packaging is eco-friendly, with biodegradable bags and recyclable cardboard. For a more elaborate set, go for the s’mores kit, complete with Belgian milk chocolate and handmade biscuits. Looking for a specialty gift? It offers everything from vegan kits to chocolate and boozy sets.


Toast'd marshmallow kit

Best for families and children

This beautifully packaged and very transportable kit makes for the perfect treat for kids’ going on a camping trip, beach day or just a long walk in the country. The gel burner will last for up to two hours and can be extinguished and used more than once if your children are quick at eating marshmallows. You’ll find the kit contains a very generous bag of traditional pink and white marshmallows, eight bamboo skewers, good quality Belgian chocolate drops and most importantly a big bag of colourful sprinkles, so the whole family can get busy making their own creations. There are small, medium or large kit sizes to choose from.

The burner is really effective and simple to use and this kit would make a great birthday gift for children too, it comes packaged under layers of brightly coloured tissue paper and with a couple of sheets of nicely designed stickers as an added bonus too.

Happy Mallows

Happy Mallows

Best range of marshmallow flavours

Who said 'gourmet' can't still be fun? This is the message that family-run Happy Mallows is spreading with its enticing range of handmade, gourmet flavoured marshmallows. Inside the whimsical toasting kit you’ll find two boxes containing your choice of flavoured marshmallows, a reusable gel burner (with a burn time of 2 hours) and four wooden skewers. These aren't your average marshmallows, either: they’re gluten-free, with no palm oil or corn syrup used.

What’s most impressive is the wide range of flavours available – we sample the sweetly salted caramel, raspberry & white chocolate, cinnamon churros and coconut with pineapple curd flavours – and they’re large enough to enjoy one per skewer. Make use of the nifty toasting tips to achieve a perfectly toasted marshmallow. At £16.50 per kit, it’s great value for gourmet-standard treats and makes for a crowd-pleasing portable treat, though you’ll need to pop to the shops for biscuits and chocolate if you’re looking to create s’mores.

S'mores gift kit, The Marshmallowist

  • Available from The Marshmallowist, £25
Marshmallowist s'mores toasting kit

Best for gourmet marshmallows

Forget a washed-out camping trip – set up your own decadent night in, complete with squidgy s’mores. This gourmet s'mores gift kit includes 12 cloud-like marshmallows, toasting skewers, a mini table-top brazier, six ginger biscuits and six hand-painted delicate chocolate shards. Ideal for a dramatic dessert to end a night entertaining friends, and it's as simple as lighting the brazier.

The beauty of these marshmallows is that they don’t burn, they melt due to the high fruit content. No flaming messes here: just golden brown, caramelised bites. Choose from a variety of fruity flavours, including moreish toasted coconut, boozy raspberry & champagne or tropical passion fruit & warming ginger.

Scottish s'mores kit, Campfire Mallow Co.

Campfire Mallows s'mores kit

Scottish-based Campfire Mallow Co. has a mini range of s’mores kits to choose from, along with hot chocolate kits (and a hot chocolate bar in Forge + Foliage boutique in Edinburgh). We get the Scottish s’mores kit, but the range also includes flavours such as white chocolate & raspberry s’mores or salted caramel & orange.

The packaging is smartly branded and recyclable, and feels like a luxurious treat to open. Inside is a generous bag of fluffy handmade vanilla marshmallows, four packets of crumbly and buttery oat biscuits, a non-toxic burner for toasting and long wooden skewers. The chocolate element comes from three mini bars of Scottish Collection chocolate in tartan packaging and unique flavours: cranachan with raspberry oats & whisky, Isle of Skye sea salted caramel dark chocolate and dram of whisky dark chocolate. These grown-up flavours give an adult twist to the classic treat – the salted caramel chocolate combination is our decadent favourite. Perfect for giving or taking on a group staycation holiday for a summer treat.

Mini marshmallow toasting kit, Marvling Bros Ltd.

Mini marshmallow matchbox kits

Who says marshmallow toasting requires a whole campfire and lots of outdoor space? This teeny kit comes with a pretty illustrated matchbox for an adorably compact experience. Twelve mini marshmallows, skewers and three mini candles are tucked inside. Simply fix the candle to the matchbox, skewer the marshmallows (you may need to do a few at once for a solid mouthful) and hold over the flame to char.

The kit comes in several different illustrations for different occasions, including Father’s Day, Valentine’s or even a ‘flame-grilled kebab’ kit, which comes with a tiny jar of smoky barbecue seasoning that feels straight out of a doll’s house and gives a sweet-savoury kick when sprinkled over the marshmallows. You’re not going to be making s’mores for hours, but for a few minutes of fun, this quirky idea makes a sweet mini gift and perfect stocking filler.

Freedom Mallows

Freedom Mallows marshmallow kit

Best for vegan marshmallows

For those on a plant-based diet, the enjoyment of marshmallows may seem a distant dream. However, vegan versions are now fortunately on the rise, with Freedom Mallows one of the pioneering brands. Among its wide range of confectionary products is the ‘roasting toasting marshmallow fun kit’, which comes neatly packaged in a recyclable box.

Included in the kit are three packets of marshmallows in two flavours – vanilla and strawberry – along with vegan dark chocolate buttons, four bamboo skewers and a non-toxic, reusable burner (plus links to videos on how to use the kit). All Freedom Marshmallows are made with natural colours and flavours, and are free from gelatine, gluten, eggs, dairy, nuts, soy and GMO. Despite the absence of gelatine, the texture remains impressively soft and fluffy. You could easily mistake them for non-vegan marshmallows and we find that they melt just as well over the flame, resulting in a pleasingly creamy and chewy texture. Free-from chocolate buttons add an extra touch of luxury, which complements the mildly sweet marshmallows. Ideal for a fun family activity, camping trip or date night dessert, these marshmallows are sure to be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike. And, with 2.5 hours of burn time, there are plenty of opportunities for multiple marshmallow toasting events!


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