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The best coffee liqueur to serve after dinner

If you like your booze to come with an extra kick, coffee-flavoured liqueurs, often made with tequila or other spirits, are the way to go. Here are 10 of the best bottles for caffeine lovers. 

Coffee liqueurs are diverse, and balance sophistication with decadence. While liqueurs themselves are usually sweet spirits drunk after meals, coffee-flavoured liqueurs act as both a dessert and digestif.


Coffee liqueurs combine the best of both worlds (and save you the cost of ordering both coffee and a digestif). These bittersweet tipples are the perfect way to round off any hearty meal, satisfying your sweet tooth and calming your stomach.

Here are the best coffee liqueurs on the market – they’re sure to please guests and keep them going after dinner!

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The best coffee liqueurs

Mr. Black cold press coffee liqueur (25% ABV)

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This Aussie offering is made with Australian grain spirit and a trio of coffee bean varieties from around the world. Deep black in colour, this digestif demands respect, and its complex bitter notes range from strong espresso to comforting chocolate. It’s a benchmark for coffee liqueurs.

Patrón XO cafe tequila (35% ABV)

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Globally renowned, uber-cool and as good as the hype would have you believe, this premium liqueur provides a rounded experience that takes you from sweet, to bitter, to punchy and creamy. Patrón XO is deliciously satisfying, and an ideal way to relax after a long day or show off on a Saturday night. It’s truly a tipple for any occasion.

Cold & Blac coffee liqueur (21% ABV)

Read our full review of Cold & Blac coffee liqueur

Fresh out of ultra-hip Dalston is London’s first coffee liqueur, from Cold & Blac. Photographer and mixologist Tem Mellese launched this finely balanced botanical brew that matches fresh coffee with caramel and chocolate. It’s a refreshingly sweet tipple that will keep you chatting into the small hours. Enjoy with tonic to fully experience all this complex concoction has to offer.

Available from The Whisky Exchange (£29.95)

Cazcabel coffee tequila (34% ABV)

Read our full review of Cazcabel coffee tequila

Hailing from the Jalisco mountains of Mexico, this liqueur blends coffee with Cazacabel’s tequila blanco. It’s the perfect marriage of sharp tequila and bitter coffee, which combine for a rounded spirit that fits perfectly into a black coffee. It makes a fun base for eccentric cocktails – this is one of the best coffee liqueurs for espresso martini.

Manly Spirits Co. BlackFin cold brew coffee liqueur (25% ABV)

Read our full review of Manly Spirits Co. BlackFin cold brew coffee liqueur

Born of the world-famous Manly Beach waves, this Australian tipple is rewarding, but not for the faint of heart. Bold, bitter flavours mingle with a welcome, redeeming sweetness to produce a rounded and layered liqueur.

Available from: 
Master of Malt (£37.95)

Sierra Milenario café tequila (35% ABV)

Read our full review of Sierra Milenario café tequila

This bottle is a part of Sierra Milenario tequila’s premium range. Coming in at 35% ABV, this liqueur certainly packs a punch, but it is decadently moreish, drawing on notes of chocolate orange and refreshing vanilla.

Available from: 
Amazon (£31.99)
Master of Malt (£33.05)

Kahlúa (20% ABV)

Read our full review of Kahlúa

This is one of the most ubiquitous coffee liqueurs on the market. A Mexican mashing of sugar, corn syrup, vanilla and coffee, this is an affordable, reliable and thoroughly satisfying tipple that can be enjoyed over ice or in a white russian.

Aber Falls coffee & dark chocolate liqueur (20.6% ABV)

Read our full review of Aber Falls coffee & dark chocolate liqueur

Best known for their gins, Welsh distillery Aber Falls is equally adept at making sumptuous liqueurs. Inspired by the espresso martini, this thick, indulgent pour foregrounds deep cocoa alongside fresh coffee notes. When mixed with milk, this makes the perfect adult shake – sip with your feet facing the fire and dive into a good book.

Available from Amazon (£19)

Black Fire coffee liqueur (33% ABV)

Read our full review of Black Fire

Black Fire is unique in the coffee liqueur market in that it has balanced the bold flavours of tequila, coffee and chilli. The liquid is a livening, earthy tipple that throws caution to the wind in all the right ways. Smooth coffee is kicked up by red chilli, while agave keeps the affair grounded.

Available from: 
Master of Malt (£20.95)
Amazon (£23.98)

Bepi Tosolini Expré espresso coffee liqueur (28% ABV)

Read our full review of Bepi Tosolini Expré

Bepi Tosolini is revered for its pioneering work with the traditional grappa spirit. This coffee liqueur blends grappa with carefully selected and traditionally roasted Arabica coffee beans to produce a sophisticated digestif that will appeal to the elders of the table. Demanding a refined palate, saccharine reprieves are forgone in order to give full attention to the bitter majesty of proper coffee beans.

Available from: 
Master of Malt (£25.13)
The Whisky Exchange (£26.45)

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