5 ways with coffee cocktails

5 ways with coffee cocktails

Try these five caffeine-fuelled cocktails for the ultimate alcoholic pick-me-up, to get the party started or liven up flagging guests at the end of a meal

For coffee lovers, these dreamy caffeine-injected cocktails provide more ways to enjoy that irresistible brew. Balanced with creamy liqueurs, spicy ginger beer and rich, toasted meringue, they’re cocktails perfect for a special occasion. 


Kahlua cocktail

Kahlua cocktail
A contrasting and classy coffee cocktail paired with a buttery shortbread biscuit, this cocktail is ideal as a post-dinner tipple or for late-night lounging with friends.

Espresso martini

What’s more chic than a martini? An Irish cream and vodka espresso martini, of course. This professional-looking layered drink contains coffee ice cubes, slowly releasing the flavour and keeping it cool. Flavours don’t dilute, they intensify – if you manage to savour yours that is!

Dark & stormy coffee cocktail

Dark and stormy coffee cocktail
Who could resist this cool-looking, ombre-effect cocktail? The recipe is similar to a classic dark and stormy, but with a little coffee kick. Smooth rum, spicy ginger beer and dark espresso were made to be together. 

Turkish coffee sour

Fancy something sweet and creamy? Rum and coffee are paired together with seasonal spices like cardamom, cinnamon and a hint of citrus in this Turkish coffee sour. Simmer, shake and serve. 

Mont Blanc-tini 

Mont blanc-tini

Finally, the most decadent and indulgent of dessert cocktails. Rich, piped meringue sits atop this chestnut coffee combo in our Mont Blanc-tini. Blowtorch the top of the meringue for an extra festive feel. Serve with a spoon and a well-deserved sense of achievement. 

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