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Bepi Tosolini Exprè espresso coffee liqueur review

Coffee-flavoured spirits combine the punch of an after-dinner espresso with a digestif. Read on to see how Bepi Tosolini espresso coffee-flavoured liqueur fared in our taste test.

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Bepi Tosolini Exprè espresso coffee liqueur (28% ABV)

Star rating: 5/5

In a nutshell: This coffee liqueur blends grappa with carefully selected and traditionally roasted Arabica coffee beans. Demanding a refined palate, saccharine reprieves are forgone in order to give full attention to the bitter majesty of proper coffee beans. 

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Available from: 
Master of Malt (£25.13)
The Whisky Exchange (£26.45)
Amazon (£28.32)

In 1943, Giuseppe Tosolini – better known as Bepi – set about changing the perception of grappa, a drink that was, at the time, reserved for lower classes. Grappa is a brandy distilled from pomace – the skins, seeds, stems and any other leftover bits and bobs from the winemaking process.

Bepi’s innovations in grappa production, including his manually operated, steam-powered stills, are still used by the Bepi Tosolini distillery to this day. He also chose to use ash casks for maturation instead of oak barrels, making the grappa transparent (instead of traditional amber) and more aromatic.

This coffee-flavoured liqueur that uses the Bepi Tosolini grappa at its base, is bursting with freshly roasted coffee aromas that are nudged along by bitter cocoa. The first sip floods the mouth with flavours of dense, dark chocolate that melts into a thick, strong espresso. The coffee lingers and is ushered out by a late vanilla appearance. 

The perfect pour

To mix this liqueur would be a sin! Add a small ice cube to chill the liquid slightly, and feel any stress evacuate your body by the third sip. 

Available from: 
Master of Malt (£25.13)
The Whisky Exchange (£26.45)
Amazon (£28.32)

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