If you're following a healthy diet and find you're hungry between meals, don't reach for the crisps and chocolate. There are plenty of wholesome ways to stay full and satisfied. Below, you'll find easy healthy snack recipes which can be thrown together quickly or made in batches so you've always got something to hand.


Our healthy snacks are made with nutritious ingredients like chickpeas, oats, yogurt and berries. This means they'll release energy slowly and keep you fuller for longer – unlike crisps which make your blood sugar levels spike but don't provide much energy.

Next, discover our healthy breakfast recipes, low-calorie snack recipes and low-GI recipes. Plus, read the best high-protein snacks to buy, healthy ways to lose excess belly fat and what is a balanced diet?

1. Healthy flapjacks

Make these easy healthy flapjacks with dates & walnuts for when you need a pick-me-up. Plant-based and vegan, they're ideal for those on a dairy-free diet.

Date and walnut flapjack squares

2. Chickpea & red pepper dip

A fresh and healthy chickpea & red pepper dip for dunking chopped carrots, cucumber and toasted pitta. Make enough to keep you going for a few days and keep in the fridge.

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Chickpea & red pepper dip with pitta

3. Healthy biscuits

Looking for a healthier version of your favourite treat? These biscuits use wholemeal flour, oats and walnuts to create a nutritious bite.

Orange oat and sultana cookies on a white plate

4. Instant frozen berry yogurt

Three ingredients and two minutes is all you need to whip up this low-fat, low-calorie frozen yogurt treat, which is ideal for eating after exercise or as a quick dessert.

Healthy frozen berry yogurt

5. Healthy tuna lettuce wraps

Make these nifty wraps with avocado mayo as a great low-carb, high-protein snack. They're packed with omega-3-rich tuna and boast three of your five-a-day.

Healthy tuna lettuce wraps

6. Nutty chicken satay strips

Keep these nutty chicken satay strips in the fridge for a healthy choice when you're peckish. The chicken is served with cucumber and sweet chilli sauce.

Nutty chicken satay strips

7. Healthy homemade granola

Sweeten homemade granola with prunes for a healthier take on this breakfast favourite. Instead of having a full size portion, snack on a handful when you're feeling hungry. Prunes are also full of fibre, which supports gut health.

Healthy homemade granola in a bowl

8. Pitta pockets

A low-fat, healthy snack with chicken, tomatoes and cucumber under 150 calories, and it takes just minutes to prepare. Kids and adults will enjoy these quick pitta pockets.

Pitta pockets and apple with peanut butter

9. Carrot & hummus roll-ups

All you need is four ingredients to create these super healthy vegetarian wraps. Cut into smaller portions to enjoy for a wholesome snack.

Carrot & hummus roll-ups

10. Hummus snack packs

Save the liquid from a can of chickpeas to make a creamy hummus. We’ve served it with vegetable crudités for a healthy snack that contributes to your 5-a-day.

A pot of hummus with vegetable crudites

11. Melon & crunchy bran pots

Not just for breakfast, this healthy pot of yogurt, fruit and seeds is a real mid-afternoon hunger booster and ready in 10 minutes.

Melon Crunchy Bran Pots

12. Bean & feta spread with Greek salad salsa & oatcakes

For a more substantial snack, tuck into delicious bean and feta spread with Greek salad salsa and oatcakes. It's a good combination of fresh veg, carbs, fat and protein, so you're guaranteed to feel full.

Bean & feta spread with Greek salad salsa & oatcakes on a blue wooden board

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