Top tips for making Yorkshire puddings

Good Food experts and Good Food fans share their top tips for getting the ultimate Yorkshire pud...

No fail Yorkies

Yorkshire puddings are as much a staple of being British as red buses and rainy bank holidays. Getting them right isn't just a cooking conundrum - it can be a matter of national pride. When we asked our Facebook and Twitter fans for their best Yorkie tips we were bowled over by the response. But, not to be outdone, our cookery team was coaxed into sharing their secret tips too. Here's what we found out...

What the experts say... 

Herby mustard YorkiesOil and fat

Food writer, Sarah Cook: "Use a fat that can get nice and hot - olive oil is not so good, stick to sunflower or vegetable oil."

Aim high

Food writer, Lucy Netherton: "Let the batter rest and make sure it's not fridge cold. I use an extra egg white in mine as well to make them really tall."

Be brave

Senior food editor, Cassie Best: "Be brave! They always look darker through the door than they actually are, leave until they look deep golden brown before opening the door, otherwise you will end up with pancakes."

From the freezer YorkiesDon't hit the roof

BBC Good Food food editor, Barney Desmazery: "Don't place them on the very top tray - or they will hit the roof and you will end up with a squashed pudding."

Keep things hot

Food writer, Caroline Hire: "Make sure the oil is really hot before pouring in the batter (carefully with a jug). This ensures a really good rise."

James Martin's Yorkshire puddingsWhat our fans say... 

From Twitter

@delavaloire prep the YORKIE mix the day before and keep in the fridge, take out a few hours before cooking.

@farkinator Simple really. Hot oven. Hot oil. Good eggs. And be from Yorkshire...

From Facebook

Mandy Goodman I put wholegrain mustard in ours and it's even more yummy.

Sophie Barton I always put my muffin trays on a baking tray too... even more heat underneath them works wonders... and turn the oven down lower after 20/25 mins and keep them in for another 10min if you like them crunchy!

We've got a handy video that demonstrates how to make those perfectly fluffy yorkies.

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