Looking to use your oven less over the warmer months? You've come to the right place. To help you expand your air-fryer repertoire, we've shared our favourite summer-themed meals which you can make in this efficient mod-con, from classic fish & chips to corn on the cob and zingy fish tacos. These dishes celebrate the best of what summer has to offer in the comfort of your own kitchen, without the need to own a deep-fat fryer.


Air-fryers use hot air instead of oil, so are healthier than deep-fat fryers, and because of their compact size and ability to heat up quickly, they’re also typically more energy efficient than a standard oven.

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Summer air-fryer recipes

Air-fryer fish & chips

A portion of fish and chips in newspaper

Fish and chips is a summer staple synonymous with the British seaside, and the good news is you don't have to travel far (or own a deep-fat fryer) to enjoy them. Your air-fryer will work just as well. Coated in panko breadcrumbs, the fish is cooked on the top shelf of the air-fryer for 10-15 minutes until the fish is crisp on the outside and cooked through. We've served ours with homemade thick chips and minty peas as well as a simple DIY dill mayo.

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Air-fryer corn on the cob

Air-fryer corn on the cob served in a sharing bowl

Corn on the cob is a barbecue side staple, and the taste of warm, buttery corn is hard to beat on a summer's day. Here it's seasoned with smoked paprika and cooked to perfection in the air-fryer, which is then made zingy with lime juice.

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Air-fryer garlic bread

Air-fryer garlic bread cut into slices

A summery feast is not complete without a crunchy, garlicky baton. The best part is the method couldn't be simpler: mix together the softened butter, garlic and parsley, spread the garlic butter into the cuts of the baguettes then sprinkle over the cheese. Transfer to the air-fryer basket and bake for 8-10 mins until golden and crunchy, and the cheese has browned. You may need to do this in batches, depending on the size of the basket.

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Air-fryer fish fingers

Air fryer fish fingers served in white bread sandwich with lettuce and tartare sauce, stood on a plate

Make the most of your air-fryer during the balmy weather to make a family favourite, fish finger sandwiches. Layered with crunchy lettuce and tangy tartare sauce, you can't beat a homemade fish finger sandwich.

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Teriyaki & lime-glazed chicken wings

Teriyaki & lime-glazed chicken wings served with rice

Chicken wings are budget-friendly and full of flavour, and here we've glazed in a sticky and zingy teriyaki and lime sauce for a real flavour punch. Cooking them in the air-fryer is quicker than the oven, making them more energy-efficient, too.

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Air-fryer sausages

Air fryer sausages in hot dog buns with sauces

Rustle up a plate of hot dogs for a family summer feast with the help of this easy air-fryer recipe. Sausages will cook quickly and easily in the air-fryer and without the need for additional oil.

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Air-fryer halloumi

Plate of air fryed halloumi

Halloumi is enjoyed all year round, but when it's stuffed into burgers, flatbreads or layered in salads, it sings summer. Feel free to season with smoked paprika or mixed herbs for added flavour. Cooking halloumi in an air-fryer instead of a grill or frying pan helps lower the fat content, too.

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Air-fryer potato wedges

Air-fryer potato wedges with mayonnaise alongside

Enjoy these chunky air-fried wedges outdoors when the sun is shining. Seasoned with paprika, oregano and onion powder, they work brilliantly with mayo, or alongside your favourite barbecue dishes.

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Air-fryer sweetcorn fritters

Air-fryer sweetcorn fritters served on a plate

Rustle up these summery sweetcorn fritters in the air-fryer for easy, energy-efficient cooking. These would be perfect as a veggie lunch, starter or side.

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Air-fryer chips

Air-fryer chips with dips

Whether you're a fan of chunky, vinegar-soaked chips or thin and crispy french fries, this air-fryer recipe for crispy, golden chips should be in everyone's air-fryer repertoire. This recipe is so simple: tip your chips into the bottom of an air-fryer, add the oil, toss the chips in the oil so they are evenly coated and program to cook for 30 mins. Air-frying means you'll use less oil than deep-frying, making it a healthier alternative.

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Air-fryer sausage rolls

Air-fryer pork, apple & sage sausage rolls on a wire rack

A picnic is not complete without sausage rolls. This air-fryer version is quicker than using an oven, and although the nigella seeds are optional, they add a pop of colour and subtle onion flavour. If you’ve got a larger machine or a couple of drawers, feel free to double the recipe.

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Air-fryer fish tacos

Air-fryer fish tacos

These vibrant air-fried tacos are bursting with summer flavours, with crunchy slaw, zingy salsa and creamy avocado. Bite-sized pieces of white fish are tossed in spices and oregano, cooked in the air-fryer for 8-10 mins then divided between wraps and finished with a drizzle of chilli sauce. Add it to your summer rotation for an easy yet impressive meal which serves up to eight – perfect for parties.

Air-fryer muffins

Air fryer muffins on a wire tray

Fold juicy blueberries into these golden brown muffins, a brilliant (and tasty) way to use up this seasonal fruit. These beautifully golden muffins can be ready in just 25 minutes, plus you can even double the mixture to make more.

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Air-fryer sponge cake

Air-fryer victoria sponge cake on a cake stand

Looking for ways to use up a glut of blackberries? Add them to the filling of this light and fluffy air-fryer victoria sponge cake. You can also keep it simple with cream and jam, if you like.


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