Looking for fruit and vegetable combinations that you can quickly and easily blend into a delicious smoothie? Discover our top five flavour combos below – perfect as a morning or afternoon pick-me-up, or as a replenishing drink to refuel after exercise.


1. Super berry smoothie

Two glasses filled with a mixed berry smoothie

Frozen mixed berries are not only great for giving variety to your smoothie, but they’re cheap and convenient too. Adding porridge oats thickens the texture and makes it extra filling – ideal for an on-the-go breakfast.

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2. Sunshine smoothie

A glass filled with a vibrant orange fruit smoothie with a straw

Add a little ray of sunshine to your day with this vibrant orange smoothie, packed with carrot juice, pineapple and bananas. Warming ginger adds a delicious spicy flavour too. This will get you kickstarted in the morning.

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3. Green smoothie

A glass filled with green smoothie

Our filling green smoothie is packed full of nutritious ingredients. Choose from cavolo nero or spinach and whizz up with flaxseeds, almond butter, cinnamon and the milk of your choice. We went with almond milk as a vegan option. Bananas and dates add a hit of natural sweetness, too.

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4. Avocado & strawberry smoothie

An avocado and strawberry smoothie in a glass

You may not have thought about combining avocado with berries, but it’s a match made in heaven! Add some natural yogurt and semi-skimmed milk for a super simple smoothie.

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5. Coconut & banana smoothie

A glass of coconut and banana smoothie

Coconut yogurt adds a creamy texture to this smoothie, thickened with oats and sweetened with banana and honey. Turmeric adds a pretty yellow hue – and you can add baobab powder for a tangy, sherbet flavour.

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This article was published on 16th February 2018.


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