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Pumpkin with carved smiley face

How to carve a pumpkin


Are you having a Halloween party, or just want to set the mood for trick-or-treaters? Follow our four easy steps to carving your own jack-o'-lantern pumpkin.

How to carve the perfect pumpkin...

1. Choose a large pumpkin and use a sharp serrated knife to cut off the crown.

Cutting the top off a pumpkin

2. Using a large serving spoon, scoop out the seeds and fibres and discard. Then remove some of the flesh. Try our roasted pumpkin seeds recipe for a tasty snack.

Scooping out pumpkin flesh with spoon

3. With a marker pen, draw a simple outline of a face on the pumpkin. Use a small serrated knife to cut out the eyes, nose and mouth. Always cut away from you in case the knife slips.

Drawing a face on pumpkin to carve

4. Pop a tea light inside the pumpkin, light it and replace the crown.

Pumpkin with carved smiley face

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What pumpkin designs do you like to carve? Leave a comment below...

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