Best knives – what to buy

Not sure which knife to buy? Read our product reviews to find expert advice on different kinds of knives, plus we put blades to the test to bring you the best.

Best knives under £40

Discover inexpensive blades that prove you don’t have to spend a fortune to own a super-sharp knife. Read our review of budget knives.


Best knife sharpeners

We tested easy-to-use handheld sharpeners that will help keep your blade in tip-top condition. Read our knife sharpener review.

Best cook’s knives

This versatile knife can be used for anything from cutting meat to chopping nuts. We bring you our five best buys. Read our cook’s knife review.

Best bread knives

We tested specialist serrated bread knifes to bring you our top buys, plus we explain how this invaluable blade is a kitchen multi-tasker. Read our bread knife review.

Best paring knives

This small knife is useful for fruit and veg preparation and more delicate kitchen jobs. Here we pick five top paring knives. Read our paring knife review.

Which knife should I buy?

Read our glossary of knife types, from boning, bread and filleting knives, to advice on how much to spend. Read our guide to different knives.

The anatomy of a knife

There’s more to a knife than the blade and handle. We show you how a knife is constructed and how to use the parts for different kitchen tasks. Read about the different parts of a knife.

Knife infographic

Sharpen your knife skills by looking at our at-a-glance visual guide to everyday chopping. Discover how to chop like a pro.

Knife skills video

Keen to hone your blade skills? We show you how to sharpen a knife and improve your chopping technique. How to sharpen a knife and chop vegetables.

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