When you think of classic British food, what springs to mind? Perhaps it's getting the family together for a traditional Sunday roast, or tucking in to Scotch eggs and sausage rolls at a picnic, or even just sitting down with a cup of tea and a biscuit. To celebrate the best of British cuisine, we've taken 10 of the nation's best-loved recipes and given them a modern twist. So if you're bored of the same old dishes or just want to try something new, then our fresh flavour combinations won't disappoint...


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1) Giant Yorkshire pudding Sunday lunch

Roast dinner atop a giant yorkshire pudding

If you agree that the best thing about a Sunday roast is the Yorkshire pudding, then why not make it the centrepiece? This traditional British staple works perfectly as a giant bowl to encompass your roast, with crisp, fluffy sides and a delicious gravy-soaked base. With a bit of prep in advance, this impressive Sunday lunch can be served up in no time. Alternatively, you can make several large puddings and freeze them for up to two months. Once you've tried our giant Yorkie, you won't want to go back.

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2) Smoked salmon Scotch eggs

Cut open scotch egg on a tray with some sausage rolls and dips

As we know from dishes like eggs royale, smoked salmon and eggs makes a cracking combination, so we've reinvented the classic Scotch egg by replacing the traditional pork filling with smoked salmon. Boost the flavour further by adding herbs, capers, lemon and cayenne pepper.

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3) Cheese & Marmite sausage rolls

Sausage rolls in a pile in front of dips

When it comes to Marmite, if you're in the 'love it' camp, then our sausage rolls might just be a life changer. Incorporate Marmite and mature cheddar cheese into the sausage meat and puff pastry to achieve a tangy, umami flavour sensation. These tasty morsels can be adapted to suit various occasions – serve mini rolls for a canapé, finger-length as a snack or leave them whole for lunch.

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4) Tea & biscuit cheesecake bars

Three cheesecake bars with crumbled biscuits and brown butter sauce on top

If you love dunking a biscuit in your afternoon cuppa then why not try these two classic ingredients in a comforting pudding? The delicate flavour of tea pairs well with the punchy butterscotch sauce whilst the creamy cheesecake filling is balanced by a crumbly biscuit base. This can be made from your favourite dunking biscuit – Hobnobs, Digestives or Oreos all work well.

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5) G&T meringue tart

Meringue pe

Capture the classic taste of a G&T in a dessert showstopper. This indulgent meringue tart replicates the zingy taste of gin and tonic with grapefruit, juniper berries and lemons in the filling, which contrasts well with the light and fluffy topping. A blowtorch isn't essential but will give your tart a nice scorched finish.

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6) Coffee-walnut Eton mess

Four trifles with alternative toppings

Decorated with vibrant berries, a traditional trifle is the perfect centrepiece to any feast. But why not try this grown-up twist flavoured with coffee and walnuts? Fold through coffee essence and vanilla extract into whisked double cream, then add toasted walnuts before layering the mixture with crushed meringue nests and cubed coffee and walnut cake. Delicious!

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7) Fish & chip pie

Fish pie with chips on top

The perfect comfort food dish, this pie combines the hearty homemade feel of a classic fish pie with the indulgence of a cheeky takeaway. Serving six people and prepared in just five simple steps, this is a great midweek meal.

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8) Full English shakshuka

Shakshuka in a pan with sausages, bacon, mushroom and toast

Prepare this crowd-pleasing breakfast from start to finish in just 35 minutes, perfect for a weekend brunch. A classic shakshuka of eggs in a spicy tomato sauce is made doubly delicious with a British twist of bacon, bangers, beans and a sprinkle of chilli.

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9) Beetroot & squash wellingtons with kale pesto

3 pastry logs filled with beetroot and squash

Bursting with vibrant colours and flavours, this vegan twist on a classic beef wellington will be a winner with vegans and carnivores alike. Prepare ahead of time and cook from frozen to avoid unnecessary cooking stress.

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10) Summer cup cake

Pink and cream cake on a stand with strawberries and cucumber on top

Yes, you read right, the refreshing flavours of a summer cup condensed into cake form! Summer cup-soaked fruit, cucumber and a strawberry and lemon buttercream come together for this delicious twist on the classic summer cocktail.

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