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A plate of pancakes topped with Biscoff spread and chopped bananas

Flip your way through Pancake Day

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Need some inspiration for Shrove Tuesday? We've teamed up with our sister brand, olive, to bring you a pancake for every hour of the day, from healthy breakfast pancakes, to indulgent biscuit spread ones and plenty of savoury options.

Thought pancakes were just a brunch affair? It turns out that there is no end to the versatility of the mighty crêpe. Whether you prefer a sweet American-style breakfast stack or a cheesy pancake bake for dinner, BBC Good Food and olive have got a recipe for every meal. With so many mouth-watering options, you are sure never to go hungry this Pancake Day!


9am: Breakfast – banana oat pancakes

Banana oat pancakes on two plates topped with blueberries and strawberries

Kick off the day with a bit of healthy indulgence. Our wholesome, dairy-free pancakes are made extra fluffy by incorporating whisked egg whites into the batter. Rolled oats provide a source of fibre, while banana adds natural sweetness. Serve these banana oat pancakes with a dollop of creamy low-fat yogurt and fresh berries for a lusciously light breakfast.

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10am: Brunch – American pancakes

Stack of American pancakes on a plate

Classic American pancakes are a brunchtime staple for many reasons – they're super-easy to whip up, have a satisfyingly thick yet fluffy texture, and are well-suited to stacking high among all manner of indulgent toppings. We love ours drizzled with sweet, sticky maple syrup or fruit compote.

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11am: Mid-morning snack – olive's sourdough pancakes

Three sourdough pancakes on a pan

Elevenses snacking doesn't come better than this. Sourdough-making has emerged as one of the main lockdown trends, so if you've joined the bread brigade and have any leftover starter hanging around, don't throw it away! These delicious sourdough pancakes from are a great way to use up your starter discard, which gives them a rich, tangy flavour. We've also used browned butter in the filling for extra depth and a glorious golden glow when cooking.

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12pm: Savoury lunch – olive's sweetcorn, feta & spring onion pancakes

Stack of sweetcorn pancakes with crispy bacon in between

Not sure whether to choose a sweet or savoury filling? Enjoy the best of both worlds in these scrumptious sweetcorn pancakes from Full of flavour and texture, they combine fresh sweetcorn, salty feta and spring onions with the classic accompaniments of crispy bacon and maple syrup – all the components of a perfect lunchtime pick-me-up.

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1pm: Savoury crêpes – ham & cheese pancakes

Folded crepe filled with ham and cheese shavings

Another brilliant lunch option, our super-savoury crêpes take the classic ham and cheese combo to the next level, with gooey gruyère, thinly sliced smoked ham and a sprinkling of chives. These are sure to be a hit with all the family all year round, and can also be served for a light supper.

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2pm: Lunch pudding pancakes – olive's biscuit spread pancakes

Two plates of pancakes topped with Biscoff spread and chopped bananas

Although lunchtime desserts might not be a regularity, we think it's only right to treat yourself for Pancake Day. When it comes to indulgence,'s biscuit spread pancakes really go the extra mile. Swirl this moreish mixture through your batter and spread it lavishly over the pancakes for a double dose of goodness. They're utterly delicious teamed with chopped bananas and crunchy toasted pecans.

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3pm: Mid-afternoon snack – fluffy Japanese pancakes

Japanese fluffy pancakes

Suffering a mid-afternoon energy slump? These light and fluffy Japanese pancakes are not only satisfyingly sweet, but have a delightful wobble to them, which is sure to entrance everyone. Make them extra tall by cooking the batter on low in crumpet rings, then turn them out carefully – they should have a bouncy texture with a crisp edge.

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4pm: Kids' snack – easy pancakes

Crepes on a plate with lemon segments

One of the most popular recipes on BBC Good Food, our foolproof crêpes are perfect for introducing little ones to the joys of pancake-making. Show them how to whip up a basic batter with a 3:2:1 ratio of milk, eggs and flour, then prepare to get flipping. Older kids can do their best with a pancake pan – even if it doesn't land perfectly, the result will still be delicious! Whether you prefer a classic lemon and sugar filling or indulgent chocolate spread, these easy pancakes are a great base for all kinds of toppings.

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5pm: Savoury dinner – pancake cannelloni

Flip your way through Pancake Day

Not just a brunchtime treat, pancakes can also be used in a range of satisfying savoury dinners, such as our pancake cannelloni. We've given this classic Italian-style dish a special twist by swapping pasta for pancakes. These are stuffed with a mouth-watering combo of meatballs. spinach ricotta and pesto, on a bed of rich tomato sauce. Top with a layer of mozzarella for that glorious bubbling finish when it comes out of the oven.

Vegan dinner option – savoury vegan pancakes

Two plates of vegan pancakes topped with mushrooms, tomatoes and creme

Followers of a vegan diet shouldn't have to miss out on the perfect pancake dinner. We've substituted the dairy milk for plant-based in the batter of these herby vegan crêpes, and added a vegan garlic soft cheese for extra-savoury flavour. Top with grilled tomatoes, mushrooms and more soft cheese, plus a sprinkling of chives, for a super satisfying-supper.

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6pm: Pudding pancakes – olive's chocolate hazelnut pancakes

Stack of chocolate pancakes, drizzled in chocolate sauce

When the pudding hour strikes, these indulgent chocolate hazelnut pancakes from are your sweet salvation. A towering stack of cocoa-flavoured pancakes, smothered in rich, gooey hot chocolate sauce – what more could you want? For adults, a splash of nutty liqueur like Frangelico gives the sauce a beautiful boozy kick, but they are equally delicious either way.

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7pm and after: Evening snack – crêpes suzette

Thin Crepes Suzêtte in orange sauce on a plate

Finish off the day on a sweet note by accompanying your nightcap with a retro crêpe classic. Soaking wafer-thin pancakes in a boozy, caramelised citrus sauce elevates them to divine dessert status without being too heavy before bedtime. Our classic crêpes suzette are buttery, comforting and and sure to leave you with sweet pancake-filled dreams.

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