Thought pancakes were just a brunch affair? It turns out that there is no end to the versatility of the mighty crêpe. Whether you prefer a sweet American-style breakfast stack or a cheesy pancake bake for dinner, BBC Good Food and olive have got a recipe for every meal. With so many mouth-watering options, you are sure never to go hungry this Pancake Day!


Want to look like an expert in the kitchen? Learn how to flip a pancake with our simple video tutorial.

7am: vegan banana pancakes

Pancakes with banana and syrup

These foolproof fluffy pancakes are an all-round crowdpleaser. Our simple vegan banana pancakes using alternative milks such as almond or soya and banana for texture. Serve with syrup and sliced bananas for a satisfying start to Pancake Day.

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8am: blueberry pancakes

Stack of pancakes with blueberries, syrup and yogurt

Try something a little different with these easy blueberry pancakes from olive Magazine. Dot in juicy blueberries and citrussy orange zest for a fresh start to the day. Stack up these golden brown beauties and top with a dollop of yogurt, a drizzle of syrup and a sprinkling of orange zest.

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9am: eggs benedict pancakes


Make this indulgent twist on the classic breakfast dish. Our eggs benedict pancakes make a filling, impressive brunch for a crowd. Layer up spinach, thick cut ham and top your creation with a runny poached egg and a drizzle of creamy hollandaise sauce.

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10am: peanut butter pancakes

Stack of pancakes with berries and peanut butter

It's hard to imagine a more indulgent plateful than these peanut butter pancakes from olive Magazine. These lip-smacking American-style pancakes are smothered with a smooth peanut drizzle and fresh fruit to add a little sharpness to this sweet stack.

11am: spinach pancakes with smoked salmon

Spinach pancakes with salmon and lemon on plate

Add a splash of colour and sophistication to your plate with these vibrant spinach pancakes with smoked salmon. This elegant dish is perfect for a light lunch or mouth-watering brunch. Soured cream, salmon and dill are a flavour match made in heaven.

12pm: keto pancakes

Keto pancakes

Following a keto diet but still craving your Pancake Day treat? Fear not, we have delectable keto pancakes, served with blueberries, bacon and syrup to satisfy your cravings. If you don't have almond flour, you can blitz ground almonds in a blender or food processor until fine enough to use.

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1pm: banana bread pancakes

Banana pancakes on plate with syrup and raisins

Yes, you read that right. Turn everyone's favourite comforting treat into a picture-perfect plate of pancakes in a flash. Our banana bread pancakes capture the classic flavours with walnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, sultanas and of course, banana. This moreish recipe is also great for using up brown bananas languishing in the fruit bowl.

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2pm: ricotta pancakes with whipped honey butter

Pancakes with whipped butter and honey

Ricotta is the secret ingredient to flat, fluffy pancakes with plenty of flavour. Once you've tried these ricotta pancakes with whipped honey butter, you'll never look back. Whipping the butter leaves it light and airy, which allows you to incorporate sweet or savoury flavours.

3pm: banoffee pie pancakes

Pancakes with banana and toffee sauce on plates

Go all out and whip up a batch of our next level banoffee pie pancakes. These sumptuous sweet pancakes have it all; fresh fruit, sweet caramel sauce, chocolate and broken crunchy biscuits for added texture. This app-exclusive recipe was specially created by our team for the big day.

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4pm: crispy pancakes with creamy chicken & bacon

Pancakes on tray with chicken filling

You might recognise this sensational savoury dish as a grown-up homage to a childhood favourite. Upgrade your dinner with these crispy pancakes with creamy chicken & bacon filling. Both kids and adults alike will wolf down this simple pancake supper.

5pm: bánh xèo tôm Vietnamese pancakes

Vietnamese pancakes

These light and crispy Vietnamese pancakes don't skimp on flavour. This version comes stuffed with juicy prawns and is served with a herby salad and an addictive garlic and chilli dipping sauce.

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6pm and after: one-cup pancakes

Crepes on plate with lemon wedges

Finish your pancake extravaganza with a quick crepe fix in the form on our one-cup pancakes. No need for weighing scales, just measure out your ingredients in cups and serve your classic crepes with lemon and sugar. Pancake Day doesn't get any easier than this.

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