Cooking delicious family-friendly dishes every day from scratch is no mean feat. That's why we love a freezable recipe that we can make in bulk and portion out ready for a speedy midweek supper. Try our healthy cauliflower tagine for starters – not only does it deliver four of your five-a-day, but yes, you guessed it, it's freezable.


We have plenty of nutritious crowd-pleasers for you to incorporate into your weekly cooking repertoire including indulgent pasta bakes, rich curries and spicy chillis. Still want more? Check out our healthy freezable collection for more convenient meal ideas.

Freezable pie recipes


Individual freezable pies make a perfectly portioned, wholesome family supper that you can defrost for cooking on a busy day. Try our mini lentil shepherd's pies, an easy veggie option packed with three of your five-a-day. Anything with creamy mashed potato gets our vote.We also love a twist on a classic, like our Italian veggie cottage pie with sundried tomatoes, spinach and chunky aubergine. This budget-friendly recipe always leaves us wanting more. Want a bit of chilli heat? Our spicy pies with sweet potato mash will satisfy your cravings and they're low-calorie too.

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Chicken, kale & mushroom pot pie
Luxe fish pie

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Freezable chillis


You can serve it with rice, pasta or wrapped in tortillas – chilli is a super flexible mealtime hero. Plus, our burnt aubergine veggie chilli contains four of your five-a-day and boasts a rich, smoky flavour with all the trimmings piled high.Feel even more virtuous while tucking into a bowlful of our healthy double bean chilli. This low-fat recipe doesn't skimp on flavour. Spice fans can serve it with Tabasco sauce and soured cream along with a dollop of yogurt to cool off. Or, go for a generous helping of black bean chilli which you can serve as a DIY sharing supper.

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John Torode's chilli con carne
Chilli bean bake with soured cream mash

Freezable stews and casseroles


A hearty stew or a warming casserole is an instant crowd-pleaser. We're dreaming of a pot of gently simmered sausages in a rich tomato sauce with a crunchy breadcrumb topping. If you are too, try our smoky sausage casserole, a hearty way to end the day.

If you're veggie, try this healthy butter bean & tomato version, the perfect partner to the humble jacket potato. You could keep it classic and try our smoky beef stew, which is even great for packing into lunchboxes. It'll keep you going until dinner time.

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Sausage & butter bean casserole
Beef & swede casserole

Freezable pasta


What could be better than a bubbling pot of macaroni cheese? Macaroni cheese laced with pale ale! This easy, indulgent feast is the stuff dreams are made of. Or if you need a dose of carbs quick, try our tuna & tomato pasta bake. Put those ever-present tins of tuna to good use for a seafood feast.Want to get more veg in? Make a healthy tomato pasta sauce that adds up to a whopping five of your five-a-day. For a meaty option, try our low-and-slow easy pulled beef ragu that melts in the mouth.

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Cheesy broccoli pasta bake
Courgette & basil pasta with pesto crumbs

Freezable curries


For many, the curry is king of comfort food and it doesn't just have to be a Friday night treat. Make our adaptable vegan-friendly chickpea curry and freeze for an easy and wholesome meal in minutes.

For another veg-filled stunner, try our roasted aubergine & tomato curry. This substantial dish has a subtle sweetness and a richness that'll leave you feeling full and satisfied. Add a kick to a midweek meal with our lamb masala meatball curry, perfect with a naan, warm from the oven.

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Chana masala
Mumbai potatoes

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