There’s no need to miss out on Pancake Day because of special dietary requirements. Discover our delicious, gluten-free ideas, from easy banana pancakes to tasty cinnamon crêpes.


Gluten, the protein compound in wheat and flour, gives pancake batter its elasticity and helps bind the batter. However, with one or two clever ingredient swaps, you can make pancakes without standard flour that taste just as good. Try making them on Shrove Tuesday, or for an indulgent weekend brunch.

For more inspiration, check out our collection of gluten-free pancake recipes and gluten-free breakfast recipes, then read more about gluten-free diets.

1. Gluten-free pancakes


Begin with a basic crêpe recipe that uses eggs, milk and gluten-free flour. This simple, foolproof batter needs just five minutes to whisk together and is easy enough for children to help out with. Let them choose their favourite toppings as well.

Gluten-free pancakes

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2. Almond flour pancakes

Stack of pancakes, topped with raspberries

Almond flour and almond milk are the key to these fluffy American-style pancakes, plus a little maple syrup and a dash of vanilla extract. We like ours served with plump raspberries or blueberries... and maybe a little extra maple syrup.

Almond flour pancakes

3. Almond crêpes with avocado & nectarines

Almond crêpes with topped with smashed avocado, nectarines and pomegranate seeds

These simple pancakes make for a vibrant, fruity start to the day. Combine ground almonds with eggs to make a speedy gluten-free batter. Cook until golden brown and top with a colourful array of nectarines, pomegranate seeds, smashed avocado and lime juice.

Almond crêpes with avocado & nectarines

4. Protein pancakes


Packed with 29g of protein and sandwiched together with yogurt, seeds and blueberry chia jam, these gluten-free beauties pack a flavour punch. The batter is based on mashed banana, ground flaxseeds, ground almonds, quinoa flour and soya milk.

Protein pancakes

5. Coconut flour pancakes

Coconut pancakes topped with summer berries

Another great gluten-free substitute, coconut flour is high in fibre and very absorbent, so a little goes a long way. The secret to perfecting this recipe is getting lots of air into the batter from whipped egg whites. Top with tart berries and maple syrup for a delicious free-from brekkie or dessert.

Coconut flour pancakes

6. Vegan pancakes


Gluten-free and vegan, too, these crepes use hemp or coconut milk, egg replacer and gluten-free flour. Your local health-food store may stock egg replacer, or you can shop for it online.

Vegan pancakes

7. Gluten-free courgette pancakes

gluten free courgette pancakes
Use up a glut of courgettes to make these tasty gluten-free courgette pancakes. They are of course a great option to those intolerant to gluten, dairy, egg and soya; they are also low in fat, a nice alternative for those who want to make healthier choices.

8. Keto pancakes

Pancakes on a plate, topped with bacon and blueberries

Perfect for those following a ketogenic diet - these low-carb pancakes use almond flour instead of regular wheat flour, combined with eggs, almond milk and a hint of cinnamon. If you can't find almond flour, then blitzing up ground almonds until fine should also work.

Keto pancakes

9. Socca pancakes with hummus & lemony onions

Chickpea pancakes filled with hummus and veg

Chickpea flour forms the base of these light and crispy pancake. As well as being full of nutrients, it acts as a great binding agent and works well as an alternative to wheat-based flour. Fill these pancakes with creamy hummus and lemony onions for a feel-good brunch.

Socca pancakes with hummus & lemony onions

10. Hoppers

Hoppers rice pancakes with an array of fillings

Serve up a Sri Lankan-style feast complete with thin, crispy rice flour pancakes. Made from whisking the flour with coconut milk, coconut water, sugar and a yeast mixture, hoppers are normally bowl-shaped and act as the perfect receptacle for lots of fillings. Fill them with cauliflower curry, fruity rhubarb chutney and spicy leek seeni sambol, or try our special twist with fried chicken.

Hoppers recipe

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