Easter is a time of coming together and celebrating, and what better way is there to do that than enjoying your family and friends’ company surrounded by delicious treats. Of course, it is nice having some traditions that go unchanged. An Easter egg hunt is a classic activity for a reason. But sometimes, the repetitive aspect of traditions can leave them losing their sparkle and becoming a bit of a drag. We have gathered ten activities you can perform with your loved ones at Easter to keep the celebrations fresh.
For inspiration on what to serve for your Easter spread, check out our Easter lunch recipes, vegetarian Easter ideas, top 15 Easter dinner recipes and healthy Easter snacks and treats. Now find out how to throw an Easter egg hunt and how to host an Easter afternoon tea for kids.


Top 10 Easter activities

1. Make an Easter wreath

Easter wreath made of iced cupcakes topped with chocolate mini eggs and chocolate rabbits

Easter wreaths are a great activity to get everyone in the spirit for the holidays and a great way to welcome the first days of spring. Create your circle structure using thin twigs and sticks, and decorate them with collected moss and flowers. By hanging this on the door, you show your neighbours and friends that you are taking part in Easter festivities, so it acts as an invitation. For a less traditional style of a wreath, try baking our pull-apart mini cupcake Easter wreath or our Easter tiffin wreath; they make great centrepieces.

2. Festive Easter baking

Iced biscuits shaped like Easter eggs

Show your kids the fun of baking this Easter. It’s a great way to let their creativity thrive and show them that gifts that are personalised and come from the heart are just as good as expensive presents. Try baking our Easter biscuits and personalising them with your guests’ names. If you want to give your children the freedom to lead the baking this Easter, why not try our chocolate chip hot cross buns recipe? The instructions in bold are for the kids, and there are steps for them to follow throughout the method. Our easy Easter nests recipe is perfect for starting young bakers in the kitchen as they only use three ingredients and have two simple-to-follow steps. Baking at Easter is also a great way to convince your children to hand over some of their excess chocolate. Try our cheesecake-filled Easter eggs as a great way to put your leftover chocolate to use. For more brilliant ways to use up leftover chocolate, check out our leftover Easter egg recipes and leftover chocolate recipes. We also have many more brilliant recipes to try, so check out our Easter biscuit recipes , Easter brownie recipes, and Easter cake recipes for inspiration.

3. Make salt dough Easter decorations

Salt dough with love heart cutters

Learn how to make salt dough Easter eggs by mixing flour, salt and water, then stamping out the shapes with a biscuit cutter. Once baked, paint them with acrylic paints or try acrylic paint pouring. It’s easy to do and the patterns will be different every time – just be sure to protect your surfaces first! For a full in-depth tutorial, head over to Gathered and learn how to do acrylic pouring.

4. Make egg based crafts

Egg box filled with decorated eggs surrounded by feathers

A great activity to perform at Easter is decorating eggs. These can act as table decorations, part of the Easter egg hunt or personalised gifts that guests can bring home. Read our helpful guide on how to make decorated eggs for Easter for tips and tricks on how to blow your eggs successfully. Of course, with all these egg decorations comes many empty egg cartons. You don’t want to put these to waste, not when they can make exciting crafts such as egg carton caterpillars, egg carton flowers and egg carton sharks. Read our fun guide of the top 10 egg carton crafts for kids.

More like this

5. Participate in egg races

Kids in an egg and spoon race

Most people would have heard of an egg and spoon race; it’s a great competitive sport in which people of all ages can participate. However, have you ever heard of egg rolling? For this more extreme sport, you need a painted boiled egg (so you can spot your racer) and a ramp/ hill. After letting your boiled eggs cool, paint them with any design your heart desires (though we recommend getting the coats of paint in for extra protection), and take them to the starting point for the race. The aim of this ‘race’ is not what you’d expect. You are not looking for the fastest egg but the sturdiest. After releasing your boiled eggs to roll down the hill, some will not even make it to the finish line. There will be many casualties, and only those who can roll again will continue. This will continue until you have your winning egg.

6. Throw an Easter egg hunt

Kids in a flower meadow with baskets full of Easter eggs

It might be an oldie, but it’s a goldie. Easter wouldn’t be the same without an Easter egg hunt. We have created a helpful guide on how to throw an Easter egg hunt, which comes with ready-made clues which you can print out to save time.

7. Have an Easter quiz

Egg with a question mark on it next to a chick

Keep up the competitive streak with our fun Easter quiz. Kids will love answering fun questions about history, food and Easter traditions. Ensure everyone stays happy by giving all competitors a participation award; our Easter brownie bites are great as they’re bite-size and easy to transport. The winner should get a more decadent award; our chocolate fudge Easter cakes or chocolate Easter cupcakes are perfect.

8. Easter afternoon tea

Father and daughter having tea

Show kids the fun of throwing a quintessentially British afternoon tea by following our guide of Easter afternoon tea for kids. We have prepared an afternoon tea menu perfect for celebrating Easter as its packed full of chocolate treats. Kids will love taking the reins not only in the kitchen but also in helping to host, greeting guests and showing them to their seats and giving them their personalised crafts.

For more inspiration on how to throw the best afternoon tea, check out our guide on how to throw an afternoon tea party, afternoon tea recipes with a twist and our budget afternoon tea ideas.

9. Yoga for kids

Little girl meditating

With all the excitement and sugar of the afternoon, it might be worth having an activity that brings children back down from cloud nine. Yoga is a great way to encourage children to exercise. It boosts flexibility and tranquility, and improves their listening skills. Our yoga expert Charlene Lim has created a fun yoga for kids sequence. Read it aloud to the little ones and play along with each character you meet – throw yourself into the sound effects, and you'll get as much enjoyment from it as the kids.

10. Help with Easter lunch

Roast lamb leg on a board next to a bowl of salad and a bowl of sauce

Getting kids involved with cooking the Easter spread is an excellent way of bonding, and means the workload won’t be as much to bear. Suppose your kids are passionate about cooking and want to develop their skills further – our Kids’ Kitchen series is perfect for guiding you and your children through six essential cookery skills to create a variety of delicious dishes from scratch. We have loads of fantastic inspiration for your Easter menu. Check out our top 10 Easter lunch ideas, our easiest ever Easter lunch menu and our healthy Easter lunch menu for good places to start.


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