From chocolate and hot cross buns to egg rolling and the Easter bunny, our big Easter quiz has 20 multiple-choice questions spanning centuries of history and delicious food. Gather your family for a fun afternoon of egg-cellent quizzing.


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Spoiler alert! Scroll to the bottom of the page for the answers to the quiz in smallprint.

1. On average, how many Easter Eggs do children eat each year?

Easter eggs

a) 8
b) 12
c) 5
d) 1

2. Why are there 11 balls of marzipan on a traditional simnel cake?

Simnel cake

a) They represent a baker’s dozen
b) They represent Jesus and the apostles (minus Judas)
c) Good Friday originally fell on 11th March
d) Easter lunches were originally for 10 people and the 11th slice is considered to be a holy offering

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3. Which of these ingredients is not traditionally in hot cross buns?

Hot cross buns

a) Ginger
b) Saffron
c) Coriander
d) Nutmeg

4. The Easter bunny was originally depicted as a hare, but from which European country does he originate?


a) Germany
b) Denmark
c) Italy
d) Wales

5. What does the rabbit in Alice In Wonderland always carry with him?


a) An Easter egg
b) A pocket watch
c) An umbrella
d) A mobile phone

6. Who presents Junior Bake Off?


a) Harry Hill
b) David Walliams
c) Ant and Dec
d) Little Mix

7. How long does it take for an egg to fully form before it is laid?


a) Three hours
b) 12 hours
c) 26 hours
d) A week and a half

8. The world’s largest chocolate Easter egg was created by an Italian chocolatier. It was 10.39 metres tall. How much did it weigh?

Easter eggs

a) Around the weight of a giraffe
b) Around the same weight as a car
c) Around the weight of a large African elephant
d) Around the weight of a double decker bus

9. Which Disney film does the rabbit Thumper appear in?


a) Bambi
b) Beauty and the Beast
c) Dumbo
d) Cinderella

10. Some countries have a different animal delivering eggs instead of the Easter bunny. What bird delivers eggs in Switzerland?

Swiss Alps

a) Penguin
b) Ostrich
c) Cuckoo
d) Puffin

11. England and Wales traditionally have a day off on Easter Monday. What do we call this?


a) Happy Monday
b) Bank Holiday
c) Fun Day
d) National Lie-in Day

12. What happens to the clocks in spring?


a) They go forward
b) They go back
c) They all stop
d) They’re all replaced with the sound of dogs barking

13. What part of the cocoa plant is chocolate made from?


a) Beans
b) Leaves
c) Berries
d) Flowers

14. Why do many Easter eggs have a crocodile or fish scale design on them?

Chocolate eggs

a) To represent the fish eaten on Good Friday
b) To cover up any imperfections in the chocolate
c) Just to look pretty
d) The design is inspired by a valuable Fabergé egg

15. Eggs have been the symbol of life for centuries. The act of giving eggs as gifts dates back to which civilisation?

Easter eggs

a) Romans
b) Egyptians
c) Persians
d) All of the above

16. Egg rolling – an Easter game of rolling decorated hard-boiled eggs down a hill – has been a tradition across Europe for centuries. It’s now an annual event at which famous landmark?

Easter eggs

a) The Leaning Tower of Pisa
b) The Eiffel Tower
c) The White House
d) Buckingham Palace

17. What meat is traditionally eaten on Easter Sunday?

Dinner plate

a) Chicken
b) Beef
c) Pork
d) Lamb

18. Who wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit?


a) Beatrix Potter
b) JK Rowling
c) Jacqueline Wilson
d) Roald Dahl

19. How many Creme Eggs do Cadbury make each day?

Chocolate Easter eggs

a) 100,000
b) 500,000
c) 1 million
d) 1.5 million

20. Darius, a Flemish Giant Rabbit who lives in the Midlands, is the world’s largest bunny rabbit. How big is he?


a) 60 centimetres
b) A little over 1 metre
c) 5 metres
d) 25 metres


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Answers: 1.a) 8 2.b) They represent Jesus and the apostles (minus Judas) 3. c) Coriander 4. a) Germany 5. b) A pocket watch 6. a) Harry Hill 7. c) 26 hours 8. c) Around the weight of a large African elephant 9. a) Bambi 10. c) Cuckoo 11. b) Bank Holiday 12. a) They go forward 13. a) Beans 14. b) To cover up any imperfections in the chocolate 15. d) All of the above 16. c) The White House 17. d) Lamb 18. a) Beatrix Potter 19. d) 1.5 million 20. b) A little over 1 metre

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