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10 rainbow recipes for Pride month

Celebrate diversity and Pride month with our best ever rainbow recipes. Make a stunning cheesecake, colourful cupcakes or cooling ice lollies

Fly the iconic Pride flag from your table with our ultra-colourful rainbow recipes. If you’re celebrating at home this year, make sure everything from your decor to your clothes and even your cupcakes are loud and proud.


Once you’ve served up a riotous rainbow spread, check out our guide to on how to throw a Pride party for even more themed party ideas.

10 rainbow recipes to celebrate Pride

1. Rainbow cheesecake

Put together a classic chocolate biscuit base, then top with layers of multicoloured vanilla filling for an eye-catching Pride-themed dessert. Enjoy a slice of the rainbow with this easy and colourful sweet treat. Use gel food colourings to ensure the layers are as bright as possible.

2. Rainbow cupcakes

Bring a smile to everyone’s face with a bite of stripy sponge topped with thick buttercream icing. Ideal for sharing easily with a crowd, a batch of our rainbow cupcakes are sure to disappear in no time. Make yours at home and watch our handy video tutorial on how to make a piping bag.

3. Unicorn cookies

These swirly unicorn biscuits look the part on the plate and are surprisingly easy to make. Choose any colour for the swirl and dip the edges of your finished biscuits into coloured sprinkles to make them pop.

4. Rainbow fruit skewers

Our fruity skewers are a simple way to give a nod to the rainbow theme. Get a taste of the tropical and refresh everyone’s palate with fresh strawberries, juicy mango and pineapple chunks. Arrange on a serving board and let guests help themselves.

5. Rainbow rippled meringues

If you’re looking to stretch your culinary skills and make something extra-special, try rainbow rippled meringues. Use fun food colourings and flavours like orange zest, chopped pistachios and dried lavender. Serve with a spoonful of whipped cream and your choice of seasonal fruit for a festive dessert option.

6. Rainbow cake

We wanted to share our love, appreciation and support for the LGBTQ+ community by designing this beautiful and bright cake, which is perfect for the Pride festivities happening throughout the year. Its colourful, intricate frosting technique makes this truly a celebratory cake, and one that will be a showstopper for every event.

7. Rainbow pancakes

Host a brunch with friends or start your day off with a decadent rainbow stack. Perfect for a celebratory breakfast, layer up these delicate American-style pancakes with maple syrup, cream and fresh fruit.

8. White chocolate unicorn bark

Chocolate barks are a simple way to make creative treats and gifts while using up any extra sweets you might have. Our pretty pastel white chocolate version is completely customisable: play around with colours, toppings, sweets and patterns. Just leave your creation to cool until hard, break into pieces and let everyone dive in.

9. Rainbow pizza

Pizzas are the perfect blank canvas for savoury rainbow slices. Try using a mixture of colourful vegetables and sauces, then serve a bubbling, cheesy masterpiece. If you’re catering for a crowd, tip the toppings into bowls and let guests choose their favourite flavours.

10. Rainbow lollies

Cool down with our rainbow fruit lollies packed with vivid colours and tropical flavours. Freeze each layer before adding the next to make these lollies. Make a batch the night before your party and enjoy in the sunshine.

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