Summer Diet Plan - Days 7-9

The last three days of our Summer Diet Plan are designed to leave you feeling refreshed, energetic and body-aware...

Summer diet plan Days 7-9

To help you carry on eating well all summer the end of the plan focuses on stabilising blood sugar levels and packs in plenty of energy-giving ingredients.


Day 7

Pistachio nut & spiced apple bircher muesliBreakfast
Pistachio nut & spiced apple bircher muesli
Why this works...
Sometimes food can struggle to move smoothly along the digestive tract, which can lead to feeling sluggish. Getting good sources of soluble fibre in the form of apple and oats may help restore energy levels.

Open rye sandwich with chicken & avocado Lunch
Open rye sandwich with chicken & avocado
Why this works...
Rye contains substantial amounts of insoluble fibre, plus B vitamins, which are essential in the energy production pathway in the body.

Chana masala with SpinachDinner
Chana masala with spinach
Why this works...
Spinach contains the mineral magnesium, which plays an important role in a variety of biological functions involved in the conversion of food into energy and the use of that energy.

Turmeric is a popular spice used in Indian, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


Day 8

Poached eggs with smoked salmon and bubble & squeakBreakfast
Poached eggs with smoked salmon and bubble & squeak
Why this works...
Salmon contains the anti-inflammatory and membrane forming omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega-3 is also known to assist the transfer of information between nerve cells, helping to support brain function.

Crunchy mozzarella saladLunch
Crunchy mozzarella salad
Why this works...
Brightly coloured vegetables contain potent antioxidants, responsible for reducing the effects of oxidative stress.

Lemony chicken skewers, herbed new potatoes & apple coleslawDinner
Lemony chicken skewers, herbed new potatoes & apple coleslaw
Why this works...
Cabbage is best prepared close to raw to preserve its numerous nutrients, which include B vitamins, manganese, magnesium, iron and calcium.


Day 9

Eggy spelt bread with orange cheese & raspberriesBreakfast
Eggy spelt bread with orange cheese & raspberries
Why this works...
Cottage cheese contains the amino acid tryptophan, a precursor to the feel-good hormone serotonin and sleep promoting hormone melatonin. 

Smoked mackerel pâté platterLunch
Smoked mackerel pâté platter
Why this works...
Mackerel is packed full of energy producing omega-3 fatty acids.


Marinated grilled lamb cutlets with creamed corn Dinner
Marinated grilled lamb cutlets with creamed corn
Why this works...
Lamb contains substantial amounts of iron, essential for transporting oxygen around the body through its role in red blood cell production. 

Suggested snacks

Jennifer Irvine, author of our diet plan says:
''Snacks are an essential part of this plan. When I’m asked to recommend my one top tip, I don’t hesitate: eat regularly, including snacking – just make sure your snacks are healthy and protein-rich. Have one mid-morning and one in the afternoon. Think of them as a pit stop for your body and brain, which helps stabilise flagging blood sugar and glucose levels, allowing you to maintain concentration and energy levels. They also play a crucial role in weight loss, as healthy snacking stops you craving sugary top-ups.''

To support this stage of the plan try snacking on:

  • A piece of fruit (plum, orange or cup of berries) with a handful of nuts or seeds
  • One cup of edemame beans
  • Small pot of houmous with carrot sticks
  • Diced fresh coconut 

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Comments, questions and tips

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31st Jul, 2014
Hi, is there a non-fish salmon substitute? I can't eat fish...but am ok with meat...though my daughter would need a veggie substitute... Also, is there an egg substitute for my veggie daughter? We are starting the plan let but want to get the nutritional balance right. Thank you.
23rd Jun, 2014
So the 9 days is over and I've lost 1 3/4 pounds but what do I do now. I want to continue but don't fancy having the same food over and over again.
22nd Jun, 2014
I'm extending the diet a little by adding some of the veggie meals in too. I have also found some raw food energy bar recipes which I'm using as snacks to keep me going. Will definitely be using some of these recipes again. Are there anymore in the same vein that you can point us in the I reaction of please?
21st Jun, 2014
Thoroughly enjoying this and I've lost a pound which is at least in the right direction.
21st Jun, 2014
I'm thoroughly enjoying this, although I did feel that butternut squash and sweet potatoes belong in the winter season so will go back to them then. I live in south west France in a tiny hamlet away from local shops so not able to buy some of the ingredients (some I admit I have never heard of!) so have substituted other things. The bonus so far has been no indigestion, no bloating and a loss of 1.2kgs so it's all good! Day 6, bring it on!
Watts that
18th Jun, 2014
Hi, I am unable to download the shopping list . I have managed to download the vegetarian one but the link for the other one does not appear to be working, please can you look into it. Many thanks.
24th Jun, 2014
I am keen to follow the plan further, but we don't eat vegetarian food very much. How can I extend the diet plan? For instance, are the alternative recipes in the box to the right of the diet plan recipes suitable or not? I've asked several times, but haven't had any answer (or to my other questions either!)
13th Jun, 2014
How much will the diet cost to buy all the shopping on the list?
12th Jun, 2014
1. Is this suitable for men or should they eat a little more? 2. Can you interchange meals? My husband has a nut allergy so would not be able to use any of the recipes containing nuts. 3. Could you do 5 days then break for 2 then do 4 or would all benefits go by the board?
goodfoodteam's picture
17th Jun, 2014
Hi there,This is indeed suitbale for men but if you feel hungry or that you want to increase the calories simply include more whole food snacks throughout the day. You can interchange meals, the vegetarian plan might have some good alternatives where you can't eat nuts. You can certainly break inbetween, the main focus of the plan is to promote healthy eating habits and you should find you notice the difference quite early on.Many thanks,The Good Food team 
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