Summer Diet Plan - Days 1-3

The first three days of our Summer Diet Plan focus on helping you to de-bloat and preparing the body for an overall cleanse...

Summer diet plan Days 1-3

Bloating is a common side effect of an unhealthy diet, usually triggered by refined carbohydrates and sugar. Eliminating these foods will help tackle bloating. Where a naturally high-salt ingredient like fish or halloumi (useful protein sources) are used, we’ve made sure the rest of the day is low in salt.

Day 1:

Cinnamon crêpes with nut butter, sliced banana & raspberriesBreakfast
Cinnamon crêpes with nut butter, sliced banana & raspberries
Why it works...
Berries are classified as low glycaemic fruits, which mean they are broken down more slowly by the body, causing less of an effect on blood sugar levels.

Asparagus salad with a runny poached eggLunch
Asparagus salad with a runny poached egg
Why it works...
Eggs are complete proteins, which means they contain all 9 essential amino acids - vital for tissue repair.


Prawn, butternut & mango curryDinner
Prawn, butternut & mango curry
Why it works...
The thyroid gland plays an important role in regulating the body’s metabolism. Prawns are rich in iodine, a trace element crucial for optimal thyroid function.


Day 2:

Mushroom & basil omelette with smashed tomatoBreakfast
Mushroom & basil omelette with smashed tomato
Why it works...
This recipe is grain free and teaming with protein to help keep blood sugar levels balanced.


Tuna, sweetcorn & pea salad in Baby Gem lettuce wrapsLunch
Tuna, avocado & pea salad in Baby Gem lettuce wraps
Why it works...
Lettuce wraps, are a great alternative to bread or pitta as a way to save on calories and bring a juicy crunch to your lunch. 


Lemon & garlic roast chicken with charred broccoli & sweet potato mashDinner
Lemon & garlic roast chicken with charred broccoli & sweet potato mash
Why it works...
Garlic contains antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties, helping to protect the body from infections.


Day 3:

Avocado & strawberry smoothieBreakfast
Avocado & strawberry smoothie
Why it works...
We naturally have bacteria in our intestines, the key is to increase the health-promoting, ‘friendly’ bacteria as much as possible. Probiotics are bacteria, found in natural yogurt and have been found to support digestion.

Chicken wrap with sticky sweet potato, salad leaves & tomatoesLunch
Chicken wrap with sticky sweet potato, salad leaves & tomatoes 
Why it works...
Whole grains contain the entire grain seed, including the bran, germ and the endosperm. The bran and germ are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as fibre and healthy fats to promote satiety.

Falafels with houmous & tabboulehDinner
Falafels with houmous & tabbouleh
Why it works...
This tabbouleh is packed with herbs, containing concentrated amounts of flavour and antioxidants. Mint has also been applauded for its role in helping to calm digestive discomfort.


Suggested snacks

Jennifer Irvine, author of our plan, says:
''Snacks are an essential part of this plan. When I’m asked to recommend my one top tip, I don’t hesitate: eat regularly, including snacking – just make sure your snacks are healthy and protein-rich. Have one mid-morning and one in the afternoon. Think of them as a pit stop for your body and brain, which helps stabilise flagging blood sugar and glucose levels, allowing you to maintain concentration and energy levels. They also play a crucial role in weight loss, as healthy snacking stops you craving sugary top-ups.''

To support this stage of the plan try snacking on:

  • A piece of fruit (such as an apple,cup of berries or tangerine) with a handful of nuts or seeds.
  • Guacamole with red pepper sticks.
  • Small yogurt pot
  • Sugar-free peanut butter with two wheat-free oatcakes

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Comments, questions and tips

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21st Aug, 2014
Breakfasts look lovely but we need more choices in the lunches and dinners because I don't like curries and can't eat prawns because they upset me. there must be a wider choice for those who don't find Asian or middle eastern food all that exciting
21st Jun, 2014
Some great recipes but some are much more time/labour intensive than implied by the timings!! Falafels recipe took me around 90 mins start to finish what with 'resting' the falafels, washing up the food processor needed for 2 processes and prepping all the many different ingredients! Have had to substitute a few ingredients as hard to find - no Chia or Linseeds for example - also waiting to see when I might use up some of the many ingredients bought and half used - mango and butternut squash for on day 4 used up the spinach rather than buy pak choi.
17th Jun, 2014
I have a really busy life and big busy family, but I'm managing to do the plan with a little change. I can't fit in all those complicated breakfasts so I'm still having porridge and fruit for breakfast, but am using honey instead of my usual sugar. Am really loving the recipes and feel kick more positive already :)
15th Jun, 2014
like the last healthy eating plan it gets me trying new recipes, the crepes are a definite must for future breakfasts. It's good that the weekday lunches are suitable to take to work.
15th Jun, 2014
So far, so good. I didn't find it expensive to set up as its a of of the type of food I eat anyway. It is a bit faffy to prepare but my eating habits were in a rut so maybe that's okay for a week. Loved the curry last night.
marshc44's picture
14th Jun, 2014
Started the plan today. Creeps were yummy and very filling so missed the lunch and went straight for the curry which was also delicious and very filling so didn't feel the need for pudding. However had a beer and glass of wine so probably failed on the de-bloating front!
14th Jun, 2014
It would be great to have some clarification on what yoghurt pots we're allowed? Is it just natural yoghurt?
goodfoodteam's picture
17th Jun, 2014
Hi there,Yes for the purpose of this plan we recommend low-fat natural or Greek yogurt.Many thanks,The Good Food team
hollowl's picture
14th Jun, 2014
just had the pancake breakfast and it was delicious! don't understand why people are complining when this is service is free! this is a well thought out and well structured diet plan giving you all the nutrients you need with easy and delicious recipes. stop complaining and enjoy.
MarSar's picture
14th Jun, 2014
Could not agree more with hollows, well said


23rd Jun, 2014
is the shopping list quantities for one or two people?
21st Jun, 2014
I live alone. Can I have the same meals two days running to avoid waste?
16th Jun, 2014
I would be grateful for advice on drinks during the day. Could I still have tea and coffee as usually or is it going to ruin the results? Many thanks in advance and many thanks for the diet plan!!!!
goodfoodteam's picture
17th Jun, 2014
Hi there,We recommend cutting back on the caffeine, however if you feel like you're making enough changes during these 9 days try to drink them with meals.Many thanks,The Good Food team
12th Jun, 2014
I am allergic to prawns, what can I substitute? I have checked the veg.option and am unable to get tofu, I live in France and haven't ever seen it for sale here.
12th Jun, 2014
Any suggestions for gluten free replacements - I can't do the wraps, crepes etc. I usually use vegetable leaves - i.e. cabbage, lettuce etc., but as it's the first three days, then I don't want to aggravate any bloating that these uncooked replacements might cause?
12th Jun, 2014
I can't find the recipe for almond nut butter.
goodfoodteam's picture
13th Jun, 2014
Hi, sorry you couldn't find it - here's the link:,The Good Food team
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