Long weekends means more time to spend with friends and family, so why not treat everyone to a specially prepared bank holiday brunch? You can get as creative as you like with our range of brunch ideas at home, from easy pancakes to an impressive Yorkshire pudding.


To make life easier, you can always prep some components ahead of time, so you're ready to get up and have a stress-free start to your bank holiday. And if you're looking for more brunch inspiration, check out our healthy brunch recipes or bank holiday baking ideas for more projects you can get stuck into over the long weekends.

Our top bank holiday brunches

1. Best ever fluffy American pancakes with cherry berry syrup

plate of Fluffy American pancakes with cherry-berry syrup

Take the classic American pancake and elevate it with a tangy cherry berry syrup, mascarpone and crispy bacon. These pancakes make a perfect breakfast indulgence before a fun-filled day.

Make our fluffy American pancakes.

2. Full English shakshuka

Full English shakshuka

This traditional North African dish of eggs in a spicy tomato sauce gets an English twist with bacon, bangers and beans. For an extra kick, sprinkle with a little chilli for a fiery start to the day.

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Have a go at making our English breakfast shakshuka.

3. Brioche breakfast bake with crispy bacon

Brioche breakfast bake with crispy bacon

This make-ahead breakfast is inspired by two classics – French toast and the perfect pairing of bacon and maple syrup. Put this on the table and let everyone dig in, making sure to drizzle over plenty of extra syrup.

Try our brioche breakfast bake with crispy bacon.

4. Vegan fry-up

two plates of vegan fry up

If you're looking for vegan brunch ideas, swap out the meat and eggs for vegan sausages and scrambled tofu to make a plant-based version of a classic. This hearty fry-up will keep you going until lunchtime. Discover more vegan breakfast ideas.

Make our vegan fry-up.

5. The big brunch mushroom Yorkshire pudding

mushroom Yorkshire pudding brunch in a pan

Who says a Yorkshire pudding is just for roast dinners? Make one big version of this dinnertime favourite and fill with mushroom and poached eggs for a comforting vegetarian brunch. To make this vegan, make our vegan Yorkshire pudding and swap the eggs for scrambled tofu.

Try this brunch mushroom Yorkshire pudding.

6. French toast

Two slices of French toast on a plate with blueberries and strawberries

Whip up a batch of French toast and serve with it a variety of toppings. It's a great brunch option when you've got multiple mouths to feed and different tastes to cater for. We served this version with maple syrup and berries, but why not add chocolate spread or go savoury with some cheese? Take a look at our top French toast ideas for more inspiration.

Give our French toast recipe a try.

7. Brunch pancake sharing board

pancake grazing board with berries, jam, American pancakes, streaky bacon, chocolate sauce and banana

This sharing board is a great way to get the kids involved in building their own breakfast. Make the pancakes and bacon first and keep them warm while you assemble the rest of the board. Make it your own by experimenting with different toppings, spreads and sauces. Also, discover our how to cook bacon guide.

Create our pancake sharing board.

8. Halloumi hash

halloumi hash in a bowl with a fork

You only need a few ingredients and a frying pan to make this vegetarian hash. It's an easy recipe to double if you've got extra mouths to feed and will set you up nicely for the rest of the day. Discover more of our vegetarian breakfast recipes.

Make our halloumi hash recipe.

9. Homemade crumpets with ricotta, berries & honey

Delicious served with a light topping of summer fruits, fresh ricotta and honey

Why not use the extra time in the morning to make a batch of your own crumpets? Delicious with a topping of summer fruits, fresh ricotta and honey, they're best served when they're fresh from the pan.

Have a go at making our homemade crumpets with ricotta, berries & honey.

10. Easy vegan pancakes

Stack of 3 vegan pancakes served on a plate with a cup of coffee

Start with a base recipe for vegan pancakes, then go wild with fruits, vegan chocolate or vegan bacon for your perfect plant-based brunch.

Make our vegan pancakes.

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