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Looking for quick, meat-free recipes to keep hungry kids and teens happy? Tackling homework, sports or just getting your child to talk about their day can feel a lot easier once they’ve eaten something filling and nourishing. We’ve picked out five family favourites…

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1. Spicy black bean tacos

Black bean tacos with veggies and lime

Fast, fresh and packed full of flavour – it’s hard to go wrong with these black bean tacos. It’s also a great way of getting some plant-based protein into your child’s diet, and the avocado is a good source of energy too. Pile the ingredients into the middle of the table and let them build their own…

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2. Vegan sesame stir-fry wraps

Veggie filled wraps

This vegan wrap takes just five minutes to make, and is warming, filling and packed full of iron. If your teen is looking for a bit of independence in the kitchen then this simple recipe is a great place to start. It makes a good lunch option too.

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3. Sautéed artichokes, potatoes & egg

Plate of sauteed artichokes with potatoes and a fried egg

Sometimes the simplest of dishes are the most satisfying. If you have some tinned artichokes in the cupboard then the rest is just basic ingredients. Eggs are also high in protein and contain iron, folate and vitamin A – all of which are important for growth, repair and development of cells.

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4. Cauli cheese macaroni

Macaroni cheese with cauliflower

A comforting cauli cheese that’s on the table in 25 minutes flat – we kid you not. Grill the breadcrumbs on top for extra crunch, and expect clean plates.

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5. Sweetcorn & courgette fritters

Sweetcorn and courgette fritters on a plate with greens topped with poached eggs

An easy, vegetarian fritter that's packed with Vitamin C. Top with a runny egg and drizzle of our chilli dressing for a serious kick. Proper comfort food without the fuss…

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