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Top 5 flourless Easter dessert recipes

No flour? No problem! Try one of our delicious flourless baking recipes for an Easter treat. Make a classic rocky road, mini meringues or rich cheesecake.

Want to make something sweet but don’t have any flour? Never fear, our flourless Easter treats are simple to make but special enough for the bank holiday weekend. Add a pop of colour and a sprinkling of seasonal flavours to your plate with a slab of rocky road, spiced cheesecake or delicate meringues.  


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1. Easter egg rocky road

Use up leftover Easter chocolate or, if that’s unheard of in your house, slabs of dark chocolate, to make our Easter egg rocky road. Kids will love mixing up this no-cook chocolatey delight with marshmallows, fruit and crunchy biscuits. Throw in some cereal too and try our crispy chocolate fridge cake. These versatile recipes are great for chucking in tasty cupboard treats.

2. Lemony easter chicks

Our lemony Easter chicks are the perfect way to end your meal. Let the kids have fun decorating these mini meringues with icing pens. Looking for another super simple cooking craft for children? Try our easiest ever Easter chicks, they need just two main ingredients and some imagination. 

3. Meringue nest cheesecake with mini eggs 

Whip up a meringue nest cheesecake with mini eggs in just three easy steps, complete with fluffy chenille chicks. Buttery biscuit is topped with a zesty condensed milk and soft cheese mixture, then decorated with meringue nests, sprinkles and mini eggs – all in ten minutes.

4. Hot cross bun cheesecakes

Combine two classics in our hot cross bun cheesecakes. Warming cinnamon, mixed peel and juicy sultanas make a marvellous mouthful with the ginger biscuit base. Decorate with citrus zest and the characteristic cross in icing for effect.

5. Sweet shop bark

Serving confirmed cocoa afficionados? Break off a slab of our sweet shop bark, topped with all manner of Easter goodies. Add as many colourful treats as you like to create a delectable snack or a fun homemade gift.

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