A high-energy lunch that's balanced is key to keeping your energy levels up throughout the afternoon and avoid the dreaded energy crash. It’s important that your meal provides a variety of macro and micronutrients for energy, but isn't so heavy that it weighs you down for the rest of the day.


Choosing foods with a healthy serving of protein, nourishing fats and fibre-rich grains and vegetables are usually a winning combination. See our top 10 picks to inspire your next lunchtime below...

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1. Turkey & clementine lunch bowl

Lunchbox filled with turkey, clementine and lentils

This protein-packed bowl (48g per serving) is the perfect post-workout option. With nuts, lentils, fruits and veggies, it packs a nutritious punch. Plus, it copes well in a lunchbox so you're guaranteed a tasty lunch.

Turkey & clementine lunch bowl

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2. Broccoli pasta salad with eggs & sunflower seeds

Pasta and broccoli salad with soft-boiled eggs on top

Complex carbohydrates, found in this wholewheat pasta, provide a high-fibre energy source that'll sustain you through to dinner. A light miso and ginger dressing add flavour without any stodginess.

Broccoli pasta salad with eggs & sunflower seeds

3. Hummus flatbread pizzas with roasted veg

One hummus flatbread pizza with a roasted veg topping

Rustle up these pizzas using quick-to-make flatbreads – or use shop-bought to make lunchtime even simpler. Top with protein-rich hummus, plus olives and char-roasted veg for a healthy, filling lunch choice.

Hummus flatbread pizzas with roasted veg

4.Puy lentils with seared salmon

A serving of puy lentils with seared salmon

Enjoy all the health benefits of salmon in this flavour-packed dish, including omega-3. Make it for dinner and save the leftover lentils for a quick lunch later in the week. The lentils are a great source of plant-based protein to help power you through the afternoon.

Puy lentils with seared salmon

5. Green masala eggs

Masala curry and rice in a white bowl topped with boiled eggs

This fragrant dish uses coconut milk instead of cream, and eggs as the main protein, to provide a light yet nourishing lunchtime meal.

Green masala eggs

6. Spice-crusted tofu with kumquat radish salad

Broccoli and snap peas topped with crispy tofu

This vegan salad packs a whopping 27g of protein per portion, plus and an array of crunchy, fresh veg for texture. However, the sweet yuzu dressing is the star of the show, providing light, zingy perfection.

Spice-crusted tofu with kumquat radish salad

7. Moroccan harira & chicken soup

Blue bowl filled with harira and chicken soup

If you're a soup-for-lunch kind of person, try this North African-inspired recipe. It's nourishing and balanced with a bold tomato and harissa base, vegetables and protein. It also freezes well, so you can make a batch and have it waiting reassuringly in the freezer for a quick lunch.

Moroccan harira & chicken soup

8. Stir-fry chilli beef with sweet potato jackets

Baked sweet potato and stir fried beef

If you're looking for a filling post-workout meal or have a large lunchtime appetite, try this stir-fry chilli beef with sweet potato jackets. It's packed with fibre, protein and healthy fats. It also offers a generous serving of iron, an important energy supporting mineral.

9. Baked falafel & cauliflower tabbouleh, green tahini sauce & charred spring onions

Baked falafel on a bed of cauliflower rice and topped with green tahini sauce

If you've never tried cauliflower tabbouleh, this dish is a fine introduction. It's a great grain-free alternative to rice, couscous or bulgur wheat, and compliments the falafel and tahini perfectly.

Baked falafel & cauliflower tabbouleh, green tahini sauce & charred spring onions

10. Black bean burritos

Tortilla wraps with rice, beans and salsa

Providing a range of healthy carbohydrate sources from the wholewheat wraps, beans and vegetables, this recipe is a great replenishing lunch for runners.

Black bean burritos

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