Serve up the ultimate Christmas dinner roast with minimal effort. Our spectacular turkey crowns cook quicker than a whole turkey, are great if you have fewer people, and don't require expert carving knowledge. Whether you want to brine it, stuff it or wrap it in bacon, these splendid festive recipes are all stunners. Embrace the idea of an easy Christmas and adorn your festive table with one of these brilliant birds.


Get all the tips you need on how to cook a turkey crown with our easy-to-follow guide as well as our expert turkey glossary with everything you need to know, from buying to preparing.

1. Herb-buttered turkey, roasties & cranberry sauce gravy

Herb-buttered turkey, roasties & cranberry sauce gravy

To save on washing up and add lots of flavour, cook roast potatoes in the same dish as the turkey. There's no need to baste either – this recipe is a stress-free winner. If you prefer chicken, we have another one-pan wonder.

2. Garlic & herb stuffed tender turkey crown

One garlic and herb stuffed tender turkey crown

The garlic and herb soft cheese filling helps keep the turkey succulent in this recipe. It's also an easy option if you're hosting a crowd as it serves six – find the full recipe here.

3. Easy turkey crown


Our easiest ever turkey crown is inspired by another Christmas classic, using the same sticky honey-mustard glaze normally reserved for ham. It adds flavour and colour to your turkey as well as being lightly spiced. The caramelised glaze also keeps your turkey golden brown and juicy, and delivers a great balance of sweet and savoury. Serving four to six people, this is ideal for a cosy family dinner.

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4. Turkey crown kiev


This succulent turkey crown kiev is filled with rich garlic butter sauce for an extra special Christmas treat. Make two pockets between the skin and meat and use a piping bag to fill with garlic butter. Serve with crunchy breadcrumbs made from a crusty ciabatta loaf, baguette or sourdough.

5. Turkey crown with roast garlic & pancetta


We'll make no bones about it – our turkey crown with roasted garlic & pancetta is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. If you're prepared to go the extra mile, try making your gravy from the juices in your roasting tin. This will give it great depth of flavour and a richness you can only get by making gravy from scratch.

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6. Easy smoked turkey crown


Give Christmas dinner a special twist by smoking your turkey crown using dry-fried wood chips. Simply roast the turkey in paprika and herbs, then cover with woodchips and allow those smoky flavours to infuse. Even if you miss out the smoking step, this will still yield a moist, succulent roast.

7. Thyme & garlic turkey crown


Despite using only five ingredients, this turkey crown is bursting with lots of meaty, herby, citrus flavour. Season the bird with a Mediterranean-style blend of lemon, garlic and thyme, then ideally leave it overnight to marinate. Cooked in rich buttery juices, this super simple turkey will come out of the oven beautifully golden and moist.

8. Healthy roast turkey crown


If you're trying to avoid overindulging on the big day, our healthy roast turkey crown is the perfect lighter option. Flavoured with orange juice, thyme, soy sauce and a hint of honey, this dish still delivers on big flavours without being too rich. Roast your parsnips and carrots along with the turkey so they soak up some of the sweet glaze.

9. Turkey crown with chestnut truffle stuffing


Our turkey crown with chestnut truffle stuffing uses all the tricks of the trade to create a mouth-watering Christmas main with minimal effort. Along with the delicious stuffing, the brine keeps the meat from drying out. Try pairing with our garlic roast potatoes for a plate packed with flavour. It also makes delicious sandwiches on Boxing Day, if there are any leftovers.

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10. Brined roast turkey crown


The method for our brined roast turkey crown with tender confit legs is a surefire way to achieve juicy meat. The mix of traditional herbs with a zesty citrus kick in the dry brine is irresistible.

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