Bottle the flavour of plump strawberries at the height of the summer or zingy rhubarb at the start of spring with our easy flavoured gin recipes. If you like your drinks fruity and full of flavour, our selection of colourful spirits are sure to tickle your tastebuds. Bring some zing to your evening G&T, or mix up an impressively pink tipple with our creative cocktail suggestions.


Want to go the extra mile? Whip up our easy compound gin to create your own bespoke blend with plenty of aromatic spices, then be sure to check out our top tips for making flavoured gin.

Once your drinks cabinet is fully stocked, try your hand at making our best ever gin cocktails and our top 10 gin drinks you can make in minutes.

1. Rhubarb gin

Whether you're using forced rhubarb or seasonal produce, our rhubarb gin is 100% irresistible. Use just three ingredients to make a batch of this beautiful booze, then have it ready to go in a gin and tonic garnished with a slice of fresh ginger. Use caster sugar rather than golden – the latter will spoil the colour as the juice is drawn out of the rhubarb.

Try it topped up with soda water for a sensational thirst-quencher.

2. Strawberry gin

Our delicious strawberry gin tastes like summer sunshine in a glass. This simple infused spirit makes a great base for fruity cocktails or a fresh G&T. Line your shelves with bottles of this mouth-watering concoction – we guarantee that once you've tried it, it will be your pink gin of choice.

3. Sloe gin

One for the winter months. Our sumptuous sloe gin has a mature, richly rounded flavour and makes a thoughtful homemade gift. Get your Kilner jars at the ready and make a batch of this gorgeous gin ahead of time. Want to invest in a shop-bought bottle as well? Check out our reviews of the best sloe gin 2019. This versatile spirit can also be used in sweet and savoury cooking recipes, such as our pan-fried venison or sloe gin & fruit sponge puddings.

Mix up some easy sloe gin cocktail recipes for a festive gathering or an autumnal party tipple.

4. Raspberry gin

Bottle up our raspberry gin to add a pretty pink hue to your favourite cocktails for months to come. Feel free to experiment with flavours, we love the combination of raspberry and lemon, raspberry and vanilla or raspberry and almond for a Bakewell twist. For an added bonus, use the leftover booze-soaked raspberries in a cocktail, trifle or turn them into a granita.

5. Damson gin

Got a glut of damsons to use up? Make a batch of our decadent damson gin. Try our top tip of freezing your damsons before bashing them to release the juice, rather than pricking each one individually. This flavoured gin also makes an excellent addition to Christmas cakes and puddings. If you'd rather a 'cleaner' overall flavour, swap the gin for vodka.

6. Gooseberry gin

Gooseberry gin in bottle with fresh gooseberries

The perfect balance of sweet and sharp, ripe gooseberries are a summer bounty you'll want to make the most of. The season is relatively short, so getting picking and brew a bottle of our easy gooseberry gin. Drink neat, mix with tonic or try with sparkling water for a refreshing summer drink. Discover even more delectable desserts with our best ever gooseberry recipes.

7. Blackcurrant gin

blackcurrant gin in bottle and in glass

Keep a bottle of our blackcurrant gin on the shelf for a delicious addition to cocktails. Make the most of a glut of these beautiful currants. For something truly decadent, try a measure of this gin with a dash of champagne, or use in cocktails instead of crème de cassis. Get stuck into more puddings, pies, cordials and cocktails with our top blackcurrant recipes.

8. Cherry gin

Cherry gin in glass and in bottle

If your trees are laden with cherries come late summer, try our simple cherry gin recipe. Forget sickly sweet supermarket versions and craft your own homemade spirit. Add a splash to a gin fizz to make it extra special. Celebrate summer produce with our ultimate cherry recipes.

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