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How to make next level turkey & ham pie


It doesn't get much more comforting than the British pie, and this version is king-sized and stuffed full of turkey and ham – perfect for Christmas feasting. 

A proper pie, completely encased in pastry, has to be one of the most noble and comforting British dishes there is. Here, we’ve filled it with Christmas meats to create a pie that makes a whole new celebratory dish out of potential leftovers. We’ve combined two types of pie to create one deep-filled tall version that can be eaten hot or cold. Plus, we’ve made a pastry that’s crumbly but still easy to work with, and added some simple seasonings and given the option to use Christmas leftovers, if you have them.


10 tips for the perfect turkey & ham pie

1. Homemade pastry
2. Two fats are better than one
3. Be sage
4. Love leeks
5. Mustard is a must
6. Using leftovers
7. Deep-filled
8. Proper pie
9. Get creative
10. Hot or cold

1. Homemade pastry

Ball of pastry

Shop-bought pastry is convenient, but nothing beats the crumbly and short texture of homemade. This pastry is made with some special added ingredients that you can’t find in ready-made versions.

2. Two fats are better than one

Block of butter and suet pieces

Butter adds flavour and crispness to pastry and suet makes it crumbly and rich, so we’ve added them both in different proportions. This makes a delicious pastry that’s really easy to work.

3. Add some sage

Bowl of dried sage

The pastry is cleverly and easily peppered with dried sage as a nod to the classic turkey stuffing flavour. Dried thyme or some nigella seeds for an onion flavour would also work well with this herb.

4. Throw in some leeks

Two leek chunks and a pile of sliced leeks

Leeks are in season and add a mild onion flavour to the filling. It's a classic pairing with both turkey and ham. The key is to cook them very gently and slowly at the beginning so they soften into the filling.

5. Mustard is a must

Jar of wholegrain mustard from above

To give the sauce some body and texture but not too much heat, we’ve gone with a large spoonful of wholegrain mustard, which pairs well with ham.

6. Choose the right tin

Round spring-form cake tin

Rather than a specialist pie tin, we’ve used a 20cm spring-form cake tin, which is a lot easier to find, works well for optimum pie release which in turn gives you a much more majestic, free-standing, finished centrepiece pie.

7. Using leftovers

Thin slices of turkey on a plate

This pie which takes a considerable amount of leftover ham and turkey. Tweak the size to suit the amount of leftover meats you have and if you haven’t cooked both ham and turkey then either meat would work just as well on its own.

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8. Proper pie

Layered turkey and ham pie slice on a plate

There’s nothing wrong with a pastry topped ‘pie’ but for this we’ve gone with a fully encased in pastry version that can be easily portioned for serving.

9. Get creative

Pastry leaf decoration

The pastry is malleable so feel free to get creative with the decoration. We’ve crowned our pie with festive leaves and pastry rope.

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10. Hot or cold

Full turkey & ham pie and a slice of pie on a plate

Different types of pie are eaten either hot or cold but here we’ve created one for all occasions that would eat as happily as a hot main as it would at room temperature as part help-yourself festive spread.

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