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Barbecue gifts for Father’s Day 2020

Treat your dad to one of these hot barbecue gifts for a unique present this Father’s Day. Our choices include barbecue cookbooks, gift sets and more.

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With Father’s Day fast approaching (that’s Sunday 21st June for all of you who may have forgotten), we’re optimistic that the British weather is set to be a scorcher. If you’re planning a get-together with your pops, why not upgrade his BBQ equipment and have a barbie while you’re at it? We’ve rounded up the best – and some slightly unusual gifts to hand over this Father’s Day.

1. The Sauce Shop craft BBQ sauces (£11.99)

Sauce box on white background

The perfect accompaniment to any barbecue, this trio from small start-up company Sauce Shop includes an exciting mix of smoky chipotle ketchup, South Carolina BBQ and our quirkiest favourite, Korean BBQ. They do loads of sauces – from ketchup to mayo – and you can mix and match with their gift sets. Well suited to the dad who adds sauce to everything.Buy from The Sauce Shop (£11.99)

2. Joseph Joseph complete carving set (£42)


This complete carving set includes an angled chopping board which holds onto your cooked meat while you cut and also collects the juices at the bottom (ideal for a delicious gravy). Great for large joints that may have been slow-cooked on the barbie. What’s more, it comes with a handy two-in-one carving knife and fork for impeccably precise meat carving.Buy from Amazon (£42)

3. Meat shredding claws (£11.95)


These neat meat shredders are ideal for pulling apart pork or chicken – perhaps at a barbecue or just generally in the kitchen. There’s nothing quite so therapeutic as putting these claws to use, and they’ll save the juices going all over your hands.

4. Portable toolbox barbecue (£65)

Perfect for people with smaller outdoor spaces, or those who like to grill in the great outdoors, portable barbecues occupy a convenient middle ground between hefty grills and disposable trays. This foldable barbie is shaped like a traditional toolbox. It even comes with a storage tray for all-important condiments.Buy from Amazon (£65)

5. Berber & Q barbecue cookbook (£25)

Barbecue cookbook
Good news, Dad can now become the ultimate barbecue master by putting the new Berber & Q cookbook through its paces. Popular Middle Eastern restaurant and grill Berber & Q is well known for combining Middle Eastern rotisserie food with slow-cooked meats, and has created over 120 tantalising recipes, from smoked beef brisket to buttermilk chicken shish kebab. A solid purchase for anyone who likes to experiment with their barbecue recipes.

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