Is there a better gift for a food lover with a sweet tooth than a batch of freshly baked chocolate brownies, cookies or cakes? We’ve put plenty of brownie, cookie, cupcake and other baked goods deliveries to the test, so read on to discover some of our favourites.


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The best brownies by post

Letterbox Gifts

Letterbox Brownies

Best for gifting

The clue is in the name with this brownie delivery from Letterbox Gifts. Specialising in easy treats to post, from gin-tasting sets and wine, to flowers and pampering boxes, this set of eight brownies fits straight through a letterbox in a sleek cardboard box.

On arrival, our eight brownies were incredibly rich and soft – almost molten. They’re perfect for someone who loves gooey brownies, but we also liked them after chilling – they firm up and become dense and fudgy, almost like a chocolate truffle. The flavours are classic indulgent crowd-pleasers: two each of Oreo, Biscoff, raspberry and sea salt. Our favourite was the Biscoff, with a thick swirl of creamy Biscoff spread under crunchy Biscoff biscuits for extra indulgence. The brownies lasted well for couple of days in the fridge, so they could be spread out and enjoyed for longer.

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Available from:
Letterbox Brownies (£27, box of 8)

Cake or Death vegan brownies

Cake or Death Biscoff brownies

Best for vegan brownies

East London’s Cake or Death takes bakes very seriously – the clue’s in the name! These super-squidgy, rich chocolate brownies are all vegan, but you’d never guess. We love the Lotus Biscoff flavour (pictured) topped with gooey Biscoff spread and a Lotus biscuit, and the new salted caramel, drizzled with vegan caramel and sprinkled with sea salt flakes. Love festive flavours? Go for the mixed Christmas box, which includes two stem ginger, two mince pie and two salted caramel brownies.

Available from:
Cake or Death (from £18 for 6)

Konditor Curly Whirly brownies

Konditor bestsellers brownies

Best for fudgy cheesecake brownies

We can see why Konditor’s Curly Whirly brownies are their most popular. These seriously dense, fudgy brownies are packed full of dark chocolate chips, the richness of which is nicely counteracted by the slight tang of the creamy cheesecake swirls. Order a box of four or opt for the best-seller brownie box (pictured) which contains two curly whirly and two chocolate chip.

Available from:
Konditor (£16, box of 4)

Bear's Brownies

Box of three different brownie flavours

Best for luxury brownies

Looking to treat a friend or yourself for a special occasion? These delightfully decadent bakes from Bear's Brownies are sure to impress and come wrapped in the most beautiful packaging. From the satisfyingly crunchy Salted Caramel & Pretzel flavour and opulent Billionaires Gold Leaf brownies to fruity Jammy Dodger blondies and several free-from options, they ofter a mouthwatering selection of goodies which you can customise in a box. Pick up to 3 flavours for a box of 12 or 6 flavours for a box of 24, both of which can be personalised with a name and message. Lost for choice? Opt for the lucky dip and you'll be treated to a selection of popular flavours which complement each other. All brownie boxes are available for delivery nationwide and can be ordered to arrive by post the very next day, making them ideal for a spontaneous gift!

Available from:
Bear's Brownies (from £25 for a box of 12, £33 for a box of 6)

Gower Cottage Brownies

Gower Cottage brownies

Best for crowd-pleasing brownies

Ever bitten into a brownie and exclaimed in delight? That’s what happened when we tried these. Homemade in Wales by Kate Jenkins and her small team of locals, the recipe is simple but highly effective – including British butter, free-range eggs, sugar, flour and high-quality dark Belgian chocolate. Deliciously soft and moist on the inside, with a nice crust on top, these are chocolatey but without being too rich, too dense nor too sickly, all of which makes them dangerously addictive!

Available from:
Gower Cottage Brownies (£18.99 for box of 12)

B is for Brownie dark chocolate brownies

B is for Brownie

Best for rich dark chocolate brownies

If you like your brownies super-rich and really chocolatey then these are for you. Lou Cox, founder of B is for Brownie, bakes her brownies using high-quality single origin Columbian or Madagascan dark chocolate for an intense chocolate flavour. The best-selling Madagascan Collection combines Lou’s award-winning Madagascan chocolate brownie base with flavours including sea-salted butterscotch, Seville orange, baked fudge, raspberry & hazelnut Gianduja.

Available from:
B is for Brownie (from £13 for half-slab)

Chococo gold, cocoa nib & sea salt chocolate brownies

Gold Caramel Chocolate Postal Brownie Square Plate

Best for melt-in-the-mouth chocolate brownies

Dorset-based chocolatier Chococo has been serving its squidgy chocolate brownies at its chocolate houses for several years, but now anyone can order them by post to enjoy at home. Made with Chococo’s 67% Madagascan chocolate, they’re super chocolatey without being too dark or sweet, and the texture is meltingly soft and fudgy, like a good-quality flourless chocolate cake. Available in several different flavours, we particularly love the gold, cocoa nib & sea salt. Studded with satisfying, chunky buttons of sweet, caramelised white chocolate and topped with crunchy cocoa nibs and Dorset sea salt, it's an excellent mix of soft and crunchy, sweet and salty.

Boxed and wrapped up in completely plastic-free packaging, the brownie comes as one large slab, meaning it can be cut into as many as you like. In the unlikely event that you can’t finish them (trust us, you’ll want to), they’re freezable for up to three months.

Available from:
Chococo (£15.50, box of 8)

Exploding Bakery letterbox brownies

Exploding Bakery peanut butter brownies

Best for exciting flavours

Exeter-based Exploding Bakery’s brownies come in satisfying slabs of single flavours (although mixed selection boxes are also available), to be cut at home. Each square of dense, fudgy chocolate brownie is topped with something both eye-catching and delicious, whether it's salty swirls of peanut butter, generous drizzles of salted caramel, nuts, halva or white chocolate and freeze-dried raspberries. Choose between these, as well as other exciting flavours like sour cherry or blood orange. There are plenty of gluten-free and vegan options, too.

Available from:
Exploding Bakery (from £15.95)

Good Cake Day brownies

Good Cake Day brownies

Best for a glamorous gift

Looking for an extra special edible gift for a wedding, birthday or other celebration? Chinelo Awa founded Good Cake Day for exactly that reason: to make people feel special. Not only are her chocolate brownies super-squidgy, rich and packed full of tempting flavours, she's also carefully considered the whole gifting experience – the brownies come beautifully wrapped and packed in a reusable airtight tin, along with a recipe card for a cake which will fit perfectly in said tin, plus a handwritten note, if you like. If that wasn’t special enough, all the brownies are finished with edible gold lustre dust for an extra opulent look.

Available from:
Good Cake Day (from £30)

Best cookies by post…

Cake or Death Bake at Home cookies

Cake or Death

Best for vegan cookie dough

It’s not just the epic vegan brownies above offered by Cake or Death - they now deliver vegan cookie dough too. Arriving in the same signature cheerful pink leopard print box, the 500g blocks of cookie dough come in two flavours - double chocolate or chocolate peanut, or you can choose a mixture of both. Handily, the dough can be kept in the fridge for up to 5 days if you’re not ready to bake yet. The box includes a clearly laid out method card with step-by-step photos: all you need to do is divide up the dough and shape into balls before baking. Another handy touch is the dough coming wrapped in branded baking paper for lining your tins. We tried the double chocolate cookies and the 10 resulting cookies were dense and fudgy, with just-crisp edges and brownie-like centres. Plus our testers would never have known they were vegan. A great gift for vegan friends or family!

Available from:
Cake or Death (£18 for 500g dough)

Crumbs & Doilies New York cookies

Crumbs +Doilies New York Cookies

Best for NY style cookies

Buying a gift for the cookie monster in your life? We love these chunky New-York-style cookies from London bakery Crumbs & Doilies. Freshly baked on the day they’re delivered, they come in a fun range of flavours, spanning everything from classic choc chip, to red velvet, raspberry & white chocolate and oatmeal raisin, so there’s something for everyone.

Despite being extra thick, the cookies are perfectly baked, with a great balance of crunchy to soft, as well as sweet to salty. They’re also generously loaded when it comes to flavourings, whether that’s with chocolate chips, sprinkles or otherwise. If you fancy taking them up a notch, it’s recommended to slightly warm them before eating.

Available from:
Crumbs & Doilies (£22 for 6)

Floozie vegan stuffed cookies

Floozie cookies

Best for variety of flavours

If you're someone who likes to think outside the box when it comes to cookie flavours, try Floozie. It delivers crisp-round-the-edges, gooey, stuffed cookies straight to your door in enticing combinations, such as black forest, pecan pie, cherry bakewell, and peanut butter and jam. There are classic flavours, like chocolate chunk and triple chocolate, too. Order a box for vegan or non-vegan friends – it's hard to tell that they're totally dairy-free.

Available from:
Floozie (£17.50 for 6)

Blondies Kitchen Bake at Home Hot Cookie Dough

Best for all kinds of cookie products

When Chelsie Collins and Kristelle Sacha founded Blondies’ Kitchen back in 2016, they quickly gained popularity for their chewy, American-style cookies, studded with a range of tempting toppings from classic choc chip to Kinder bars and Oreo cookies. Since then, the pair have continued to branch out into just about every cookie-related treat you can think of. So, if thin, chewy cookies aren’t your thing, try the thick, NY-style ones (which are even better when slightly warmed in the oven or microwave), or, for an extra-indulgent warming winter pud, we love the bake-at-home hot cookie dough, especially when served with a scoop of ice-cream on top.

Available from:
Blondies Kitchen (from £13.50)

Best of the rest...

Not a fan of brownies or cookies? Maybe cupcakes, doughnuts or meringues might be more up your street.

Lola's Cupcakes

Lola's cupcakes

Best for cupcakes

The thought of sending cupcakes in the post might conjure up images of smushed icing and squashed cake, but fear not, Lola's Cupcakes have you covered with no such problems. The newly launched nationwide delivery service means everyone can enjoy freshly baked cupcakes that arrive in impeccable condition.

There are a range of cupcake boxes to choose from to send by post: go all chocolate or red velvet, or try a mixture of fruity or even vegan cupcakes. We tested out the 'Classic Cupcakes' selection - eight of their most popular flavours including Carrot, Chocolate Heaven and Salted Caramel. A lot of effort has gone into the packaging to ensure it is both secure and not wasteful - there is a detailed guide to how to recycle the packaging and even a post label to return the packaging to Lola's for free so it can be reused. The cupcakes are baked fresh every day and are perfectly indulgent: the red velvet was our favourite, with generous tangy cream cheese icing and super soft cake. The Banoffee was another highlight - fluffy banana cake was topped with smooth mascarpone icing and hid a soft caramel centre. A treat for yourself, for a special occasion or for someone special.

Available from:
Lola's Cupcakes (from £21.30 for 6)


Cake Head millionaire's shortbread

Best for millionaire's shortbread

One of Cakehead's key values is delivering joy, and we can confirm it meets this promise. It makes plenty of different brownies (we're big fans of the chocolate orange brownies at Christmas, and love the sound of the fruity blackcurrant blondies), but it's the millionaire's shortbread that emerged as our absolute top pick. A box of 18 generous slices of thick, buttery shortbread with rich, creamy caramel and smooth milk chocolate – they taste homemade in the best way possible, and are impossible to resist. We're not surprised that these won a Great Taste Award. Plus, 18 slices for £22.50 feels great value, and next-day delivery is free when ordered before 1pm. If ordering as a gift, you can also pre-order and select an exact delivery date up to 30 days ahead.

Available from:
Cakehead (£23.50)

Hummingbird Bakery

Hummingbird Bakery delivery

Best for DIY cupcakes

A cupcake delivery and DIY activity in one go, this is the perfect rainy afternoon activity. Hummingbird Bakery's new decorating kits deliver 6 of their classic cupcakes (choose all chocolate or a combination of 3 vanilla, 3 chocolate) along with two tubs of icing and a pot of sprinkles for decorating.

We were impressed by how light and fluffy the cupcakes were after posting, and all arrived unscathed. There is a very generous quantity of (delicious) icing and sprinkles, plus a helpful leaflet to teach you how to do the signature Hummingbird icing swoosh. For an extra £4.50, you can get a kit complete with palette knife to help you. Whilst we can't say ours looked as professional as Hummingbird, we had fun attempting it - and definitely fun enjoying the results. A great gift if you don't want to just deliver cupcakes alone to a keen baker!

Available from:
Hummingbird Bakery (£23)

Candy's Cupcakes

Candy's Cupcakes

Best for kids

Family-owned business Candy's Cupcakes makes a range of cupcakes, cakes, brownies and cookies, many of which can be personalised. We tried out the fun Pick & Mix cupcakes box, inspired by classic sweets. There's a huge range to choose from (think battenberg, flying saucer, s'mores and many more) which would be a guaranteed crowd-pleaser for a party. The cupcakes (a mixture of chocolate, vanilla and red velvet) were light and fluffy with creamy swirls of icing. If ordered before 3pm on a weekday, you can get next-day delivery too – making them a perfect last-minute gift.

Available from:
Candy's Cupcakes (£24.99 for Pick & Mix box of 6)

Doughnut Time

Doughnut Time delivery

Best for doughnuts

Doughnut Time doughnuts are the epitome of indulgence. There's glazes, fillings and decorations galore for a colourful box of treats that make a great decadent gift.

We tested out the 'Happy Hour' box, with six doughnuts inspired by classic cocktails and pun titles to match. Think 'Martini Kemp', 'Jamela Anderson' (a strawberry-shaped doughnut for an upgrade to the classic jam option) and 'Piña Turner'. Our favourite was the tangy 'Celime Dion', with a zesty lime glaze that was refreshingly less sweet compared to some of the others. The large doughnuts can be easily divided and shared - a solo one is quite the feat. As an unexpected bonus, all the doughnuts in this box are vegan, and our testers would never have been able to spot this.

Our doughnuts arrived safely in the post, intricate decorations still intact. We kept them in the fridge when it was hot and they lasted well for a couple of days. You can upgrade to a 12-pack of doughnuts (2 of each flavour) and add a gift card or personalised message if sending a box as a present.

Available from:
Doughnut Time (£26/6-pack)

The Good Egg babka

Good Egg babka

Best for babka

London-based Israeli-inspired restaurant The Good Egg makes a mean babka. Previously only available by the slice at their London restaurants (and often sold out), their beautiful babkas can now be ordered for delivery nationwide, either as a whole loaf or a selection of buns. We love the original chocolate babka loaf, featuring soft, brioche-like dough, interweaved with generous lashings of rich chocolate. A large loaf cuts into 8-10 fat slices (which can also be frozen!) while a small is about 4-5. Our advice? Cut yourself a fat slice and enjoy with a hot coffee for breakfast. Heaven.

If chocolate isn’t your thing, you can buy the loaves in cinnamon bun or pecan pie varieties, and their babka buns are available in even more flavours, too.

Available from:
The Good Egg (from £15, plus delivery)

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