Raise a glass to someone you care about with a homemade bottle of their favourite tipple – perhaps a boldly flavoured strawberry & rhubarb vodka or a delicate elderflower gin. This grown-up gift is a simple but thoughtful way to wow your loved one.


Before you get brewing, learn how to sterilise bottles in three easy steps.

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Transport your loved one to Italy, if not with a flight then a bottle of zesty limoncello. With just four ingredients (including water) you can bottle the taste of summer. An ice-cold shot makes a delightful after-dinner treat, or poured over ice cream for a decadent dessert. Just a drizzle of it can take classic recipes to the next level like our raspberry semi-freddo.

Try making spiced arancello for an orangey twist on the classic lemon liqueur.

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Turkish delight vodka


Bottle up the flavour of an exotic sweet-shop treat with our Turkish delight vodka. After making a batch, sieve out the chopped pieces of Turkish delight and drop in fresh, full cubes for a quirky drink that money can't buy. Enjoy mixed with water and ice, or poured over vanilla ice cream for a dreamy dessert.

Strawberry gin


Capture a spirit of romance with our simple strawberry gin and put a pop of colour in someone's drinks cabinet. This makes a stunner of a G&T, or a great base for fruity cocktails – and make sure you keep a batch for yourself to avoid gifter's regret.

Raspberry vodka


Add to your repertoire of brilliant berry-flavoured spirits with our homemade raspberry vodka. Nothing beats the vibrant sweetness of fresh raspberries mixed with mellow vanilla.

Be the host with the most at your next cocktail party with 10 vodka cocktails you can make in minutes.

Rhubarb & strawberry vodka


Showcase seasonal ingredients in rhubarb & strawberry vodka. For a more intense flavour, leave your mix to infuse for up to a month until the liquid turns a rich pink colour. It's fabulous served as a long drink topped with soda or your choice of fizz.

Compound gin


Make a bespoke blend using our easy compound gin recipe. With a good quality bottle of vodka and a few classic gin botanicals, like juniper berries and cardamom, you can create a gorgeous gin. Mix up the usual G&T, or stir a classic martini.

Sloe gin


Make sloe gin well in advance for a mature, richly rounded fruity flavour. This drink improves over time and makes fantastic cocktails. Use the leftover sloes to make an indulgent trifle or a pork or venison casserole.

Watch our video for more tips on making sloe gin and get ideas for sloe gin cocktails.

Chilli vodka


Our chilli vodka is great for adding a kick to a Bloody Mary or served straight over ice. Add a whole chilli to each bottle that you give away for an impressive looking gift that packs some heat.

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