DIY series: When to make, when to buy

Is it always worth making your favourites from scratch? Our DIY series puts shop-bought and homemade to the test.

DIY custard – to make or to buy?


Whisks at the ready- can you make a fresh custard from eggs milk and cream to rival one from a tin? 

DIY hummus – to make or to buy?

This chickpea dip can be whipped up at home in minutes- but does it pass the taste test? 

DIY passata – to make or to buy?

It sieving dozens of tomatoes really worth the hassle, or does it make a world of difference on the flavour front?

DIY pastry – to make or to buy?

We tackle shortcrust pastry to see whether a manual approach beats rolling out a ready-made supermarket block.

DIY pesto – to make or to buy?

This basil sauce requires luxury ingredients but poured over pasta makes for a meal in minutes.

DIY salsa – to make or to buy?


Our tester tries out a smoky tomato chipotle chilli to see whether it beats shop-bought dips.