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Foods for a healthy gut

What are probiotics and what do they do?

Discover the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics, the best foods, drinks and supplements, and how to boost good gut bacteria for a healthy digestive system.

Berry bircher in glass

Why eat 30 plant foods a week?

Is 30 plant-based foods a week the new five-a-day? We hear from lead scientist Tim Spector about this new way of healthy eating.

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Roast asparagus bowl with tahini lemon dressing

What to eat for better digestion

The health of your digestive system is fundamentally linked to your wellbeing. Learn how to give your body a helping hand with the right nutrition.

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Our gut-friendly recipes

Boost your digestion with our specially selected recipes. Unless you follow a specific diet for health reasons, these ingredients will promote the health and function of your digestive system. Enjoy kimchi fried rice, miso soup and easy bircher muesli.

Homemade kimchi in a bowl

Top 15 probiotic foods to support gut health

Want to know the best foods for gut health? Registered nutritionist Tracey Randell explores the benefits of probiotic foods like kimchi, kefir and sauerkraut.

Roast aubergines with yogurt & harissa topped with herbs

The health benefits of kefir

What is kefir, how is it made and is it healthy? Jo Lewin explains the benefits of this fermented drink and why it's a good source of probiotics and calcium.

Kefir in a bowl with a spoon

The health benefits of miso

This protein-rich paste made from fermented soybeans is a staple of Asian cuisine. Nutritionist Jo Lewin explains what makes miso a healthy ingredient and how to use it in cooking.

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Top 5 health benefits of kombucha

Is kombucha really good for you, or does it fall short of the media hype? Registered nutritionist, Jo Lewin, takes a closer look at the potential benefits and side effects of this popular beverage.

Glasses of kombucha with lemon

Top 5 health benefits of prunes

It's no secret that prunes are a source of goodness. We asked Registered Nutritionist, Nicola Shubrook, to explain why prunes are good for you and how they ease digestive problems.

A bowl of prunes

The health benefits of fermenting

Popular across cultures for centuries, fermenting has made a fashionable comeback as a provider of 'good' bacteria that contributes to a healthy digestive system. Want to know what the fuss is all about? Nutritionist Jo Lewin gives us the lowdown.

Homemade kombucha

Digestive complaints

How to avoid indigestion

Rich food, late nights and stress all play havoc with our digestive systems. Nutritionist Kerry Torrens advises on how to be good to your gut.

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Eating for IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common digestive complaint. Nutritionist Kerry Torrens explains how a few key ingredients can help and suggests a soothing recipe.

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What is a low FODMAP diet?

Have you ever suffered with bloating or abdominal pain? Did you know certain carbs could be contributing towards your discomfort? Dietitian Emer Delaney explains the low FODMAP diet and how it can help.

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Our low FODMAP recipes

Curb your hunger without aggravating your gut with these inspiring low FODMAP recipes for IBS sufferers. Try baked seabass, roasted aubergine and herby omelette.

Baked sea bass with lemon caper dressing on a white plate

Why is a healthy gut important?

Gut health: what does it really mean?

Registered nutritionist and gut health expert Tracey Randell explains what it really means to have a healthy gut and suggests seven ways to improve the health of your gut.

Colourful fruits and vegetables

How does diet affect gut health?

Learn how healthy gut bacteria affects your overall wellbeing, the best foods for digestive health and how antibiotics, sugar and stress can affect the microbiome.

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Spotlight on high fibre diets

Why is fibre important? Nutritionist Jo Lewin explains how upping your intake can have a positive impact on health and offers up invaluable tips and the best high-fibre recipes to ensure you're getting your daily dose.

Homemade vegetarian curry

Does gut health affect weight?

How does your unique 'microbiome' – the trillions of tiny bacteria in your gut – affect your weight, and do home testing kits work? We asked a dietitian to explain.

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