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Best pulse substitutions

Looking for alternatives to chickpeas, beans or lentils? See our best pulse alternatives including swaps for cannellini, kidney and black beans.

If you’re in need of a substitution for beans, lentils or chickpeas, try one of the following pulse alternatives. These easy storecupboard solutions are perfect for last-minute swaps.


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Best pulse substitutions

Chickpeas, or beans such as cannellini, kidney and black beans can be used interchangeably in most dishes. Some have a softer texture but they will add the same heft and texture to dishes. For example, instead of traditional chickpeas, try making our pea hummus for an easy snack. 

All types of lentils can usually be used interchangeably, although they may not have quite the same texture or, of course, colour. Orangered and green lentils will turn mushier than puy lentils, which hold their shape and keep their texture well. Just make sure you don’t overcook the lentils you’ve opted for and the recipe should work out.

Mix and match pulses using our recipe collections:

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