Cool down this summer with our best ever sorbet recipes. These icy treats are perfectly refreshing on a hot day or as an after-dinner dessert.


Learn how to make sorbet with our indulgent recipes including lemon, raspberry and pineapple. Sorbet is a great vegan ice cream alternative as it usually doesn’t contain dairy.

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How to make sorbet

This recipe will vary depending on the fruit or botanicals used, so it's best to refer to individual recipes in our sorbet collection.

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1. Dissolve sugar in water by gently heating and stirring, and then simmer for 5 mins to form a syrup.

2. Prepare fruit and blitz in a food processor until smooth, then strain through a fine sieve into a bowl.

3. Combine the fruit purée with the sugar syrup then pour into a freezer-proof container.

4. Freeze for 1 hr 30 mins, then whisk with a balloon whisk or a fork to break up any ice crystals and return to the freezer.

5. Keep mixing the sorbet once an hour for 4 hrs to break up the ice crystals. Stop mixing when firm but scoopable.

How long will homemade sorbet keep in the freezer?

Most sorbets should keep frozen for up to three months. To serve, remove from the freezer and leave to stand for 5 mins before scooping.

Our 10 best homemade sorbets

1) Mango sorbet

Tray of mango sorbet with a scoop

This simple mango sorbet only requires three ingredients – fresh mango, caster sugar and zingy lime juice. Blend in a food processor until the mango is very smooth and the sugar has dissolved. Freeze for a few hours, then blend again until smooth.

2) Lemon sorbet

Martini glass of lemon sorbet with lemon zest

For a classic, crowd-pleaser, try our lemon sorbet. It’s a simple recipe with only three ingredients – caster sugar, lemons and vodka. The vodka stops the sorbet from freezing solid to keep it smooth.

3) Rhubarb & star anise sorbet

Rhubarb and star anise sorbet with a scoop

Make the most of seasonal produce with this vibrant rhubarb & star anise sorbet. It’s packed with bold flavour from forced rhubarb, vanilla, star anise and lemon juice. Simmer the rhubarb until it’s reduced, then blend into a purée. Strain out the stringy bits, then chill and churn in an ice cream maker.

4) Gin & tonic sorbet

Three coupe glasses filled with gin and tonic sorbet topped with lime and lemon garnish

Channel the flavours of a classic cocktail with this gin & tonic sorbet. Four tablespoons of gin give it a boozy kick, the lemon and limes make it super-refreshing – serve with extra citrus slices for the full G&T experience.

5) Raspberry sorbet

Two bowls of raspberry sorbet with fresh raspberries

Embrace tart, summer berries with this cooling raspberry sorbet. This simple recipe doesn’t even need an ice cream maker – just freeze the mixture in a freezer-proof container and whisk every hour or so to break up any ice crystals.

6) Chocolate sorbet

Two martini glasses filled with chocolate sorbet

This indulgent chocolate sorbet is the perfect vegan alternative to ice cream. Cocoa powder and dark chocolate make it just as irresistible as the creamy version – an extra-special addition to your favourite dessert.

7) Cheat’s pineapple, Thai basil & ginger sorbet

three sundae glasses filled with pineapple, ginger and thai basil sorbet

Combine fresh, Thai-inspired flavours with this cheat's pineapple, Thai basil & ginger sorbet. Blend pineapple, lime juice, ginger, caster sugar and a few handfuls of Thai basil leaves until smooth, then freeze. A few hours before serving, blend again in a food processor and refreeze for one hour. Serve with a drizzle of white rum or vodka for a boozy kick.

8) Elderflower sorbet

Tray and a glass bowl of elderflower sorbet

This easy elderflower sorbet is perfect for when elderflower is in season. It’s a fat-free and refreshing summer dessert to enjoy in the heat or top with a shot of gin to serve as an aperitif.

9) Mango, lime & coconut sundaes

Multiple coupe glasses filled with coconut and mango sorbet

These mango, lime & coconut sundaes make a refreshing gluten-free pud and take only thirty minutes to prepare (plus 3 hours to freeze). They have a delicate balance of rich coconut and sharp mango.

10) Strawberry & rose sorbet

Two bowls of strawberry and rose sorbet garnished with rose petals

This beautiful ruby-red strawberry & rose sorbet is the perfect refreshing end to a spicy meal. Plus, it’s vegan and has zero salt content.

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